Sunday: Tigers at White Sox

The Tigers history against Jake Peavy isn’t that extensive except for a few hitters, and it isn’t good. Brad Penny is 2-for-12 against him as a hitter, but that’s obviously not going to matter today. Problem is, he has as many hits as any Tigers hitter off Penny. That includes two hits in 22 at-bats for Miguel Cabrera, who has fanned 10 times against him.

Alex Avila, though, is 1-for-3 with a walk off Peavy. He’s also a left-handed hitter. So while he gets a day out from behind home plate, he still gets to step up to the plate as the designated hitter. He was a DH quite a bit in college at Alabama, so he said it isn’t a big adjustment for him.

Adam Wilk rolled into the Tigers clubhouse this morning after an early morning flight from Scranton. He got the heads-up that he was being called up before the Mud Hens game last night, but that was too late to catch a flight to Chicago.

On the White Sox side, Paul Konerko returns to the lineup after missing the first two games of the series to recover from surgery to remove loose fragments from his wrist. That slides Adam Dunn, 6-for-33 with 17 strikeouts off Penny, back to DH.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Alex Avila, DH
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

Brad Penny


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Carlos Quentin, RF
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  6. Brent Lillibridge, RF
  7. Adam Dunn, DH
  8. Gordon Beckham, 2B
  9. Brent Morel, 3B

P: Jake Peavy


As to Raburn–many of here have felt that he was possibly a power bat and a decent hitter a few years ago. we wondered what he would do if he were ever given the chance to play regularly.
Well, it is time for Ryan to start buckling down. He got a nice comfortable contract, the left field job, the 2B job. He is definitely being treated well. Even though JL does send mixed messages (i.e. “everyday LF means “most of the time”; ditto the everyday 2B job) along with these assignments much of the time, Ryan is being given chances.
I am hoping the best for him, as it would really help this team if we had another solid hitting infielder.

One reason I have patience with Raburn is because he has longball potential, and we don’t have a whole lot of that. We leave a ton of runners stranded, and somebody needs to clean that up from time to time with a big fly.

Casper Wells = you hit, you sit in spite of hitting only the 2nd 3-run homer for the Tigers this year. Oh, wait, the Sox are starting a RH pitcher. That explains everything.
Meanwhile Raburn is run out there no matter what. I think when Ordonez comes back, Dirks may be gone. He has not been hitting well lately. Of course they have that catcher Santos who may go, too..
Once again the Tigers starting pitcher Penny will be under pressure to be perfect if the Tiger hitters- er- I mean batters don’t come out pounding Peavy. They certainly died away Saturday after Boesch’s homer until Cabrera muscled one to the opposite field.

Well not a good start to the game at all. Our side strikes out rather easily and they bleed a bunch of hits through third, and get a gift run with another freaking wild pitch. I am going to my nephews open house today so I guess I wont be frustrated by watching this disaster.

Well, I feel a little embarassed with my statement yesterday that Kelly looked just fine at 3B. Don is struggling at the plate and maybe took that in the field with him. certainly did not look comfortable at all.
Even though Penny didn’t look good we might have been able to get out of that inning with a routine play being made.
I agree about Dirks. He seems to be not getting a good piece of the ball any more–or very god swings really.
Has potential though, that’s for sure. My guess is we will see Clete Thomas before too if he gets hot and Magglio can’t cut it.

I was wondering this during tha AB by Pierre—why on earth do they pitch him outside at all–ever?
The guy constantly slashes the ball to LF against us (HR the other night notwithstanding).

Before this game started, I half expected Peavey to pitch a no-hitter. I’m serious. Has anyone ever sent out an online no-hitter alert after three innings?

Raburn just made my day!

He sure put on a good swing on that one–if he could do that every 6 or 7 games that would really help us out.

BTW, Q was compared to Zumaya in press recently. I would think he is more difficult to hit against than Zumaya was. He throws about as hard as Zoom and that slider is a perfect complement–a hitter can’t dig in if they don’t have a good feeling they know what is coming.
You could wait Zumaya out for the fastball–you can’t do that right now with Q
What a play by Kelly. I could hardly believ he got off that kind of throw from his knees.

My advice to Q “Stay Humble young man”.
Hmmm-watching VMart makes me really marvel at how good Alex Avila really is behind the plate.

No sooner do I say that and Q whiffs AJ and walks off the mound with arms outstretced in triumph. Save that for the pennant clinching game dude. I like what I’m seeing but we do not need another head case out there.

I really liked the passion shown by the guys after giving the Sox the first game. They knew the games were huge and stepped up.
Loved the Tig fan reaction to the Raburn slam.

With Q’s development being closely guided by Benoit and VV, there is no telling how good he may be.

Again I criticized players and they came through. Should I keep that up? Dirks looked better today. Raburn’s grand slam won the game. Now we’ll see how they each do from here.

I think I jinxed Peavey’s no-hit bid. 🙂 That third strike called on Dunn is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. At this point, the Sox fans are mentally hoping for him to fail because it’s so much fun to boo him. They’d never admit that.
Okay, I’m impressed. Two of three in Chicago and I expected one win. It will be tough in Texas but we’re winning the divisional battle, 13-6.
I think there are lot of uses for Dirks even with Ordonez back. Pinch runner, pinch hitter, late defense, spot start. That was a huge two out hit he got today. I assume Santos goes down.

Only caught the highlights from the radio feed. When Dan screamed grand slam by Raburn, I was one happy Tiger fan. They are playing good right now. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Illini—Funny–I go through this all the time with my wife who puts up with me and with a modicum of interest does placate me when I watch these games. I’ll spout off what a player is not doing and she will tell me to be positive and very often the outcome is just that. As unsuperstitious as I am, I tend to keep the strategy going. It worked with Raburn today and has worked with Inge on occasion as well.
My main objectiv eis to get her hooked into watching but she finds the cosntant critique from me quite obnoxious.
I suppose there would be some that might totally agree with her.
We do go to Tiger games in Seattle (and NY) and she thoroughly enjoys herself. Them’s the cool times.

Unfortunately you are well in front on the Inge ledger.🙂

My wife will probably kill me for talking about her here, so if you don’t hear from me again, she did. Anyway, she’s always liked baseball pretty much but, since the Senators were long gone to Texas, she had been watching the Orioles. Then I show up with my long Tigers history, then MLB Extra Innings shows up with all the Tigers game on TV. First I got her interested by doing impressions of Rod and Mario, then I claimed that Chris Shelton was her secret son from her hidden past (redheads). So Big Red becomes her favorite player and she still follows him to this day. Her current favorite is Phil Coke, and it’s been her idea to go to spring training every March. Yes, I’m very lucky. I try hard to keep the critique to a minimum, sometimes without success, but do try to point out little game within the game things. I knew I was getting through one day when, thinking I was watching the game alone, I burst out “Oh, he plunked him in the ribs!” A voice comes from the kitchen “Was he crowding the plate?” That’s when I knew I had a fellow fan in the house. 🙂

Regarding Raburn, it is often a tough crowd here. So I’ll take my shot at you doubters every chance I get🙂 One swing and you knew (at least with the degree of certainty you can get in baseball) that that was the game.
Poor Ramon got beat up in his last AB didn’t he? Man……….

No doubt a sign I am getting on but throughout the series, various Chisox players showed total lack of class following poor AB’s, kicking seats, throwing helmets and smashing a drink stand all caught on camera, usually in the dugout.
The Tigs, even in there worst moments of adversity the past few seasons have always kept their demeanor, and not just because they may have gotten used to coming of second best.
This years Tigs definitely have more fire in their bellies yet all of the players still play the game with the utmost respect to others and particularly the fans watching.
Apart from the SOC’s interviews, the Tigs are always a class act.

I haven’t commented much at all this year. I really have enjoyed reading all the comments every day. I’m not hiding from the Inge stats. He hasn’t done his job, even his steady .235 job in the past. Perhaps the mono is part of the reason.
You just have to know his family, and know him, and you realize why us SW Va and Lynchburg fans will defend him to the end. Lord knows when he’s gone, Dan will have to find another whipping boy. This was supposed to be my last year of teaching, but I have to go back for one more.
I envy you folks whose wives are true baseball fans. Mine buys me the Extra Innings Baseball package every year for my birthday, and then wonders why I want to watch all of the games. This team this year is hidden somewhere between lots of potential and just mediocre. Should all of the “ifs” work out, we very well could make a run. The bullpen seems to be stabilizing, Rayburn may be ready to warm up, and maybe Maggs has one last run of magic in his bat. This season has been streak after streak, but when you look at the standings, you have3 back on the loss column. Not bad for June 6, and 13-6 in your division.
One more personal note if I may. Yesterday was my 36th. anniversary, and my wife and I were driving back from a weekend in Abingdon, Va. We passed the tornado damage right off the side of Interstate 81. I took some photos of the most devastating scenes I have witnessed in my 62 years. And this was minor compared to Joplin and Southeast Alabama. It made me realize how lucky we are every day, and to be able to be friends and talk about something as trivial as the games of baseball and the team we love so much. My thanks to all of you all for being my baseball friend.

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