Coke all set to start Wednesday at Texas

Just watched Phil Coke have a long tossing session on an otherwise empty field Saturday afternoon here at U.S. Cellular Field. He seemingly got through that fine, and the Tigers have him listed as their probable starter Wednesday at Texas.

Coke gave up three runs on eight hits in 5 1/3 innings of work in his rehab start Friday night for Triple-A Toledo at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Most of the damage happened in the sixth. It was his first game action since May 23, when he suffered a bone bruise on his right foot.

Unless something drastically changes, Andy Oliver is headed back to Toledo. He’s not listed among the other probables through next series.


Well what the heck, I’ll give my impression of Oliver so far. He appears to have tremendous potential with his 96 mph fastball from the left side and good breaking stuff at times. Overall however, I’ve been disappointed. He’s had a number of starts up here and is showing no improvement from last season to this one. In fact, and I’m working from memory here, he seems to be missing the zone by a greater degree than last season. I commented when he came up a couple weeks ago that he seemed in 2010 to have been in more 2-0 and 3-1 counts than anyone I could remember, and that trend has continued. I finally kept a tally for last night’s start and in the first three innings, he threw a total of 16 pitches that were either 2-0, 3-1, or 3-0 counts. That’s suicidal. If they even connect on half of those, you’ll have a very short evening. Nearly as bad, an umpire won’t give you the corners if you’re struggling like that. What bothered me most was his mental state. He seemed to be in a fog, even when Avila was trying to buck him up in the dugout after the first inning. Now I realize Porcello’s makeup at 20 years old was very rare, but I can’t get a line on where Andy’s coming from.
Probably nothing surprising in this assessment. Anyone agree? Disagree?

Agree. I commented yesterday on him and one of the words I used to describe him is “docile”. Does not seem to be amped up at all. You gotta have a little of that. Just seems to be mechanical and though it is nice to get hit or miss your pitches and be calm I would suggest that demeanor be more sutited for a 10 year vet than rookie with a ove arm.
Maybe all the glowing reports will eventuate, but for now, I just don’t think he knows how to be hungry enough.

Be good to see Dirks and Kelly in there tonight. I am not looking forward to watching Raburn hitting off Jackson.
I would be very surprised to see Santiago get a go at 2B.

Management must have had some major concerns about Oliver handling the big stage again making it perfectly clear he was only here for 1 or 2 starts. Even knowing he was going back regardless of performance didn’t ease the pressure he created on himself.
Andy said he was just locked in on getting the strike. Easily the worst case of stage fright seen for some time.
Amazing Rick is younger than Andy and 24 yo Avila born the same year. How far has he grown in stature the past 12 months.

Alex, yeah. Something to be said for growing up in a baseball family. He’s impressing the heck out of me.

Geez—Alex Avila doesn’t have a whole lot of luck with the ball after it leaves his bat.
Tigers have allowed Jackson way too many chances and should have pounded this guy with all the pitches and fat pitches he has thrown. Sure would like to see some sirt of concerted attack from this offense.

I like what I see from Kelly at 3rd. He ate that bunt up by Pierre. Even if it had been a good bunt he was ready for it.
I think it is relatively important that we get ourselves some runs this inning (4th).
Ordonez had an RBI double in his 1st AB today.

Advantage White Sox. Mission accomplished. They were in a tonne of trouble and got our 3 & 4 guys to have horrible ABs.
They gain the momentum now, they give Edwin a shot in the arm and they put pressure on Verlander to night make 1 single solitary mistake.
Very disappointing. Can’t take advantage of 2 leadoff hits by your weakest hitters and a great sac bunt by Kelly.

Well we almost got burned big. So important that your offense knows how to score. you control the flow of a gme if you can cosnistently and confidently put up good offense.
Kelly looks just fine over there. His arm is stronger than Inge’s.

JV rattles himself again. He’s pretty hard on himself but the truth is he pitches for a team ( and I know not so much this year) that often has him pitching in intensity. We have had a lot of base runners, a lot of chances and just don’t know how to stomp on pitchers’ throats like we should.

Gave Edwin life—now we’re payin’ for it.
JV has to deal with the middle of the lineup here. I hope he can recover from the frustration he suffered last inning.

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