Rained out. Again.

Once again, the Tigers have a rainout on their schedule. This time, they won’t lose an off-day for a makeup game, but they’ll have a long holiday weekend of baseball on their hands.

Saturday’s game against the Red Sox will be made up as part of a day-night doubleheader. The first game was begin as scheduled at 1:05pm ET. The makeup game will be a 7:05 start.

Unfortunately for those planning to watch at home, that Justin Verlander rematch opposite Josh Beckett is now going to go on without the cameras. Saturday’s scheduled starters, Andy Oliver and Clay Buchholz, will start Sunday’s afternoon tilt, which will be on FSN Detroit and TBS. Verlander and Beckett have been pushed back to the nightcap, which won’t be on television because it falls within ESPN’s exclusive window for its Sunday Night Baseball broadcast.


I’m furious. They could have at least honored the afternoon game with Justin pitching. Maybe they figure they’ll make more $$$ because he’s pitching at night and some folks will pay to attend the night game. Oh, well. Hope Andy has all his pitches working and the Tiger bats are on fire.

Terrible weather forecast for tomorrow.

One mistake after another……

Don’t agree. Start your stud tomorrow.

With last night’s game blacked out here, we traveled into Washington DC to see the full dress rehearsal of tonight’s Memorial Day concert which you can see on PBS. Always kind of cool to hang around the Capitol Building, but I was disappointed that BB King wasn’t there for the rehearsal. Didn’t know until the drive home that we’d been rained out.
This will make three games that are not televised at all, and there are, I believe, nine that are blacked out outside of the Michigan area. This is getting excessive. I know the Boston fans are up in arms about not seeing Verlander-Beckett and if Red Sox Nation can’t make enough noise about this TV idiocy, I don’t know who can, other than Yankee fans. This has to stop. It’s insane to keep people from watching baseball. What does that accomplish for MLB? On a side note, when do you ever hear the word “exclusivity” when it’s not in regard to sports blackouts?

Leyland has always opted to save Verlander for the nightcap when he’s had him in a doubleheader situation. I was trying to look up the reasoning and couldn’t, but I think it has something to do with the idea that he’d rather go to the bullpen in the day game if need be.

Nice try, Jason Beck. I haven’t heard of anyone who can figure out Leyland’s reasoning. If they come close and he hears about it, he’ll change something even if it goes against what he has already said.

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