Thursday: Tigers vs. Red Sox

After a couple days to “get him away from it,” as Jim Leyland said, Brandon Inge is back in the starting lineup. So is Don Kelly, but he’s playing left field today and batting second. Look for more on Inge in the Tigers notes today on the site, but Leyland said it’s a matter of Inge taking what he has been working on in the cage and carrying it into games. Inge said he feels like he has been hitting the ball well when he has made contact, but hitting it at fielders.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, LF
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Scott Sizemore, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
  4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  5. David Ortiz, DH
  6. Carl Crawford, LF
  7. Drew Sutton, SS
  8. Josh Reddick, RF
  9. Jason Varitek, C

P: Alfredo Aceves


Going to be a fun game!

I honestly don’t know how Jim Leyland can look Ramon Santiao in the eye. He has publicly dininished his player’s value in the media over the last few years with statements like he would wear down, is not an everday player, can’t run (“burn”) fast enough, etc.
Now he talks about making sure he keeps evrybody sharp by giving them the playing time they need, everyone except Ramon that is.
JL has a history of rigidity in his handling of bench players. There was Infante (the guy went on to almost win a batting title), and Thames.
Ramon gives good ABs most of the time, he’s smart, he can bunt, he can field better than anyone on this team. Inge included.
Speaking of Inge, apparently he has a no-trade clause going on for him now. Pretty redundant I would say because I seriously dowbt andy team would trade FOR him. At least on his merits alone. Perhaps a package deal or a contract swallowing deal–but not a deal that would see him playing regularly for anyone else.
Inge is good guy to have on your team. Versatile, experienced, character. But he should be a utility player like Kelly is, not a regular 3Bman.

I know I’ve said this before, actually a few times, but can’t anyone work with Scherzer to improve his throw (can’t call it a pickoff move) to 1st?
It’s bloody ridiculous. He actually looks ridiculous throwing it. C’mon Knapp.

Dan, was just listening to the radio and they were discussing that exact thing. They said though runners have a hard time running on him because he does a good job of varying how long he holds the ball before pitching. I don’t know the stats of how many stolen bases he has given up but at least he has something going for him. I get a chuckle every time I see it.

Max sure isn’t sharp today.
Francona is smart–He runs with Varitek up to stay OUT of the DP. How often do we watch our manager do nothing in that situation?

All of a sudden it looks pretty bleak. Other teams have no trouble with the 3 run HR.
When Max is bad, he is very very bad. Down the pipe fastballs to Red Sox hitters? Not the best formula.

and after I type that, a runner steals.

Sox are kicking us around this inning, starting to look like their game against the Tribe yesterday. Yikes, stop the bleeding.

These last 2 games have cost Max a spot on the All Star Team.
Speaking of which, if AA can keep going he might get a nod.
This game might be out of reach already. Gotta look forward to Porcello-Youkilis I guess.

BTW, did anybody else see the stupidity in Leylands quote yesterday where he says he likes the idea of seeing Cabrera up in the 1st inning when men are on? DUH.
How many times have we seen the order go out 1-2-3 in the 1st this year only to have Cab leading off the 2nd with a pitcher brimming with confidence?

Woud not be surprised to see Wilk brough in very soon here.

Can’t comment much today. Having carpet installed, but my God, I can’t believe how bad this one started off.

Wow Max.
I guess he was due for a poor outing, but did it need to be this bad? This is a huge hill to climb. Pouring in Toledo, looks like Detroit could use some of what we have right now to change the mojo.

Bat Miggy third!

Pup, I’m pretty sure your carpet installation is far more exciting than the Tigers today.
Sizemore is struggling too much to justify him as an everday player. meanwhile, Ramon sits and watches.
So our 2 top dogs have looked awful and we are now getting excitied about call-ups from Toledo.

I have a feeling JL will play Cab until he comes up lame.

Boesch is not coming through when it counts.
Please somebody speak to him about that swing of his. It’s a loser’s swing. You will not become a bonafide hitter in the big leagues with that kind of swing. He has a very nice swing but he’s given it up for the uppercut.

That’s that, no rainout. Frustrating, because I was sure we’d win yesterday’s game but this one gets completed.
So many wanted Boesch to hit third, myself included, but it hasn’t panned out. I guess we need Magglio back if we’re not going to move Cabrera and Martinez up a spot. The strange thing with Sizemore was JL hitting him second when he came up. Couldn’t figure that one out. Scott’s not aggressive enough when he bats up here.
What Bobby Cox did with Infante was use him at a multitude of positions, but play him nearly everyday. But nobody’s accusing JL of being Bobby Cox. Heck, at this point we need Santiago in there for his OFFENSE. Never thought I’d say that.

It looks like the Men vs the Boys out there today.
When this team stinks—it stinks. let’s hpe this doesn’t kick off another losing streak.

The good news is that Wilk looked good. He has the potential to be the replacement for Thomas. He could be a solid reliever for sure.
Furbush and Oliver are starters. I get a sneaky feeling that Oliver might be getting showcased on Saturday. Although you can never have enough starters. They are our strength for sure, and very young.

I must say I would rather Mario and Rod talk about these guys than the drivel they digress to in blowouts.

Ok then bat Victor 3rd, SOC.

How JL can justify playing Sizemore everyday is beyond me. Ramon is better both offensively and defensively. At this point Sizemore doesn’t even look like he belongs in the bigs. I don’t know if that will ever change. And I still don’t see why they sent Rhymes down when he was starting to get it together offensively. And his defense is much, much better than Sizemore’s.

The same can be said of Inge. Is there any reason to have Inge in against a RHP when Kelly hits line drives?
Doesn’t make sense.

Is Gonzalez on the roster? If he is he would likely throw the 9th.

Man, Kelly is raking. I don’t think that’s in his track record, is it Jim?
This club is capable of competing for the division this year, but it will take some trades. We’ve got too many minor leaguers up here. One trade chip that isn’t talked about is Ryan Perry. He’ll probably pitch well for somebody but it won’t happen here with our management. I’m sure another club would like to have a number one draft pick with Perry’s stuff.

Good point Rich—package him up with Raburn.

By the way, the lead ump should be drawn and quartered for not calling this game. Not because of how embarassing it is for us but because there is no point risking an injury to any of these players.
Perry is brutal.

Interesting camera shots the last couple of innings.
Kevin Rand has really been bending the ear of the SOC.
I’ll bet that discussion revolves around Mr Cabrera.

Must be little league day at Comerica Park. Ugh! This is ugly.

Not sure why the Tigers bother at all with Enrique Gonzalez.
They seem to hang on to guys like this and Brad Thomas.
Perry just does not seem to be able to figure it out. Highly touted and he now has little outability and virtually no confidence.

I meant to say he has outability inability.

“Outability inability” I’m keepin’ that one! Outstanding!
Would the Mets move Reyes for Perry/Raburn? I’m not even sure I want Reyes, just talkin’ in the rain.

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Throw in Inge!

I honestly think this team could be much better offensively (Inge, Raburn, etc. included) if they were to change hitting coaches. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind their at bats, just walking up to the plate and swinging. As much as I dislike the Yankees, at least they have a plan when they get up to the plate. They work counts and are able to get pitchers out of the game early. I see nothing remotely near that in Detroit.

I thought if the 8th inning wasn’t completed, the score would revert back to the end of the previous inning. Has that rule been changed?????

In the pregame show Brandon talked about his being benched because of his hitting. He said something to the effect that the ball is just jumping into someones glove. Not the exact words, but it was still an excuse like the one he used a couple years ago about being pitched to like he was Babe Ruth. He can’t stand not playing every day, but that is just too bad.

My cat got out of the house today while the carpet layers were here. Hope she comes home😦

Trouble with Inge is he keeps hitting it into the catchers mitt.

This is the worst I’ve seen a healthy Inge hit since he put up .138 or something like that while the paint on Comerica Park was still wet. He’s hitting SOME balls right at fielders, but it isn’t as many as he thinks. I’ve always thought that Brandon was blessed with outstanding athleticism and that he’s relied on that to get him by. He doesn’t seem to put much thought into his plate approaches and, now that those reflexes are slowing with age, he’s pretty much toast up there. Just how I see it, I could easily be wrong about it. In many ways, his interview today reminded me a lot of Jim Leyland. Two guys who don’t realize that age has robbed them of some things. From where I sit, that’s sad to watch.
I don’t want to go all negative here just because we had it handed to us by a very hot and very talented team. There’s still hope for this season, but we have to start making the right personnel decisions. Some of our vets are about done and we can’t replace all of them with our minor league position players. That just won’t work. And if we’re going to start talking 2012, we may as well talk 2015, you know?

i think leyland should bench any player that is hitting 200 .dosent matter who they are you must make adjustment when hitting if they pitch you away then go away with your swing .a hitter just standing there and striking out evertime means nothing .i think leyland should take a stand and do his job .he should not take any lip from any of his players .if they dont wont to hit then release them .and i hope dave will back him up .i watch hitters go up there hitting in the gaps .you got to know how to pull the ball in these spots.if you cant then you belong in the AAA team.hitting the ball to players evertime tells me you cant hit.

Leyland needs to come down a little more on some players .if a manager cant take a player out and bench them if they are not hitting then we have an issue and after being in the majors for how long do you know how to hit ? Leyland should do it more that is bench his players.

The Tigers have put a lot of faith into Inge. I remember when we got Aubrey Huff at the deadline and Inge pretty much told him “don’t think about playing 3B.” Well, he should have that year since Inge’s knees were both shot and everyone knew it. The comments yesterday are on par, a sense of entitlement for that position. This is when Leyland needs to lay down the law more….
Listen, I want Inge to start hitting, he is the best option we have at 3B. But his approach this year has been awful.
Speaking of awful, anyone see Gonzales pitch yesteday? If you think he should be on a major league roster, you are crazy. He needs to go. Wilk is a much better.
I am happy that Weinhart did not get claimed. I still think he has good potential…unlike Gonzales.

I doubt many people were still watching by the time Gonzalez came in. I think he’s there to do just what he did yesterday; pitch in blowout games. He won’t get much work and neither would any young pitcher who replaces him. At least, I hope that’s Leyland’s plan for Gonzalez.
I’ll ask this again: does anyone know what happened to the rule that dictated that a rained out inning reverts back to the end of the previous inning? I don’t want to dig through a rule book, so if anyone knows off the top of their head………..

Rich – that was my understanding as well in terms of the rainout.

Also, if we are going to have a roster spot for someone to mop up blowouts I suggest that they give me a contract to do it. I will do it for half as much a Gonzales.

Pup – hope your cat made it back –

She was in the house the whole time….hiding. She’s petrified of strangers and is extremely shy:)

Checked the official rules on rainouts. There is no longer verbiage that dictates runs will be erased. After 4 and a half innings the score at the time is the official score.

Hey thanks, Ttown, I appreciate that. I guess that actually makes sense. We still got jobbed out of our chance to score 13 runs in the 8th inning, though. 🙂

Interestingly, they did not promote Rhymes to play 2B. They brought up Danny Worth, who can play 2B, SS AND 3B. Start hitting Inge, another 3B is on the roster.

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