Another rainout in May, another makeup game in June

This time, at least, the Tigers got a few innings in against the Rays Wednesday afternoon before the rains came. On the stats sheet, though, it’s as if there wasn’t a single pitch.

The rainout leaves the Tigers with an interesting scenario coming up in June. As recently as two weeks ago, they had four scheduled off-days to look forward to. Wednesday’s rainout, along with last week’s rainout of the Tigers-Jays series finale, means half of those are now game days, as well as another scheduled off-day Sept. 1. They’ve had three rainouts in the past 11 days.

The good news is that the Tigers have managed to reschedule all these games without doing anything ridiculous. There was talk of rescheduling Wednesday’s rainout for June 23, which would’ve forced the Tigers to come back from Los Angeles without an off-day and start a new homestand. It also would’ve put the Tigers on track to play almost four weeks straight without an off-day. That wasn’t going to happen. The June 13 makeup date works a lot better, being in the middle of a homestand. It’ll still mean 20 straight days with games, the limit under the collective bargaining agreement. Anything more than that requires a vote of approval from the players on the club.

Still, it puts some extra work into a month that has proven big for the Tigers over the years. They have two West Coast trips between now and the All-Star break, and some challenging series. But the way the weather has been lately, they don’t have much choice. As Rays center fielder B.J. Upton pointed out by his reaction to a fly ball just before the rainout, they couldn’t have played on.

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Leyland has to make sure he protects his players during these long runs of games due to rain outs so he doesn’t burn them out. Especially Miggy – I don’t care how terrific he is, the guy should sit once or twice to keep him healthy, especially if he has been having some back issues. It is hard to take his bat out of the lineup but it does have to happen, at least in my mind.

heaven forbid we get any rain outs during that stretch, we will be playing triple headers…

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