Leyland apologizes, but stands by comments

Manager Jim Leyland either caught word of how his pregame remarks about second-guessing Sunday’s move with Porcello played out, or he had a chance to think about the tone he used. He apologized for some of the language he used, but he stood by his general sentiment.

It sounds less about being questioned, and more about repeating himself.

“I thought I clearly explained myself,” he said. “I did clearly explain myself. It doesn’t matter to me whether people agree or disagree. I’m always willing to explain why I did something, but I’m not going to sit there and keep getting badgered about it or argue about it. I’m not going to do that. I explained why I did it. If people still disagree, that’s their business. That’s [their] every right. That’s the fun part about it. I tried to explain that properly, but I’m not going to get into all that. I’m not going to defend every decision I make. I explained why I did it. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. Write it. Broadcast it. Do whatever you want. But it’s not going to change.

“I can’t worry about that. I tried to explain it like a man and get the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not going to get badgered about stuff like that. I don’t give a care about what some talk show people or what readers think. I can’t worry about that. I have to make decisions based on what I think is best for the team. It doesn’t offend me if someone disagrees. That’s their right. That’s what’s fun about me. But once I explain my reasoning, I’m not going to get into an argument about it.

Or as he eventually said, “I’m not going to defend my decisions day after day to nobody.”


It was a good call to put the Big Potato in the game on Sunday – I think. However, i would have tried to get someone else in the game Monday night…just because it wasn’t a save situation. Doesn’t matter – could have gone either way on both days. Glad we won! MORE IMPORTANT is that our bats seem to be coming out – It’d be nice to see it (bats are back) become official TONIGHT!!

The entire affair was a culmination of fan frustration with the ways things have gone the past few years. The Sunday game just ignited it. Some of us have complained about JL for years but this time it seemed that everyone joined in. Taken as an isolated occurence, it doesn’t blow up like that.

IDK about everyone joining in…..honestly, the only knuckleheads who were REALLY sore about it (and for that matter….constantly sore about jim’s decisions) were ppl on the internet. Nobody I personally talked to thought it was a bad call (and i talk tigers a lot). It wasn’t a bad call – it was just a decision. IDK if he only pitched 60 pitches – valverde is a closer, a specialist and we-won-the-game.

and on a side note, i blame the past few years of underachieving with the bat on Lloyd. I blamed the bad defense on DD’s choice (or lack their of) of personnel. I will admit I can be cross with his decisions with his bullpen from time to time. I’d say I disagree ~10% of the time and I THINK he is wrong ~5% of the time.

We’re all “nobodies” in his eyes. Well, I still feel the same way about you, Jim. I think your a bully. Hope we get a new manager very soon.

I feel JL should be be a little less high strung by a simple question on a radio show. Are the tiger’s flailings all resting on mr Leyland’s shoulders? No his coaching staff has done little to help matters. His resistance to field a somewhat static lineup hurts the team most of all. I don’t have the numbers but I have attended and or watched almost every game in the JL era and since 07 the lineup has gotten changed more and more year to year. Could I be a better manager than Jim, probably not. That being said I have lived ate and breathed Tiger baseball for the majority of my 36 years on this planet. I and many of the others that post here or call into radio shows are not big dummies that don’t know s#it about baseball. I do not like the current organization as it stands and how members of the club are utilized in general. Maybe we are the dumb ones after all because we keep showing up to the games and watching on the tv or Internet. Tigers are my one and only team and will be until the end, But I’m tired of just watching seasons being muddled through and being somewhat relevant. Do what it takes to make OUR tigers contenders and you be surprised at how much love your big dumb fans will give you.

I don’t think a more static lineup would help the tigers any. And i watched, listened or analyzed post-effect every game since ’02.

Have you seen the (last year’s champion) Giant’s lineup from day-to-day? It’s like a platoon lineup.

OK, I will defend him. Leyland has always said that Detroit is one of the best baseball cities, along with St. Louis. He has said that consistently. Also he often points out how much support the Tigers continue to receive by the fans, even in a recession. Do I question some moves? Of course. But it is a long season and Leyland is the one with his job on the line. I like Leyland more than most on this blog, but yeah, fans do have the right to question Leyland.
Why is there so much more “fiery debate” over pulling Porcello after 8 innings in a game we WON? The bigger question should be why have we skipped Porcello twice in the rotation (at the beginning of the year and last week) when he is clearly our 3rd best starter? That is a more ligitimate question, especially considering those skipped starts were during losing streaks/slow start.
Those are my $.02.

I’m not going to get into the “who’s seen more baseball” thing because I don’t want my real age to be revealed. 😉 It’s simple for me: I think Leyland is overrated and in actuality not a very good manager. I’ve thought this since 2006, and I know some others here have thought the same the entire time too. And after this many years of watching JL, I don’t see my opinion changing. The only thing strange this time around was the sheer number of people who jumped on this one decision. As I’ve said before, I’d love to have Jim for dinner but I don’t want him managing my ball team.

Rich, I am no spring chicken either. I appreciate your opinions, hence the reason I keep coming to this board. I was in Pittsburgh when Leyland was there. I thought he did an excellent job, with limited talent (name one starter from that team other than Doug Drabek). In Detroit from 2006 on I think he has done a good job, considiring his talent was very young to start (with the 2006 penant team) to a very young team in contention until July last year. The manager can only do so much… it comes down to the players. In fact, I believe it was you last week that said that some people get too excited about brining up kids from Toledo, and they are there for a reason (that is a loose paraphrase, and one I agree with).
This whole episode about bringing in the closer in the 9th inning on a game we won did one thing well – brought attention to Leyland and away from the players who had been scuffing. Isn’t that one of the things a manager should do?

Only when the players are losing and that’s all we’ve seen since 2008. Leland, leland, leland. The best baseball cities are the ones where the teams win and especially the ones where they have desposable income. Now that Pittsburge is winning again, they are a great baseball city, so is Philly, Boston, Chicago, NY, LA, Denver, etc., etc., etc. He always repeats himself.

Is Atlanta a great baseball city then? Plenty of disposable income, been in the playoffs more than any other team the last 15 years. I’ve been to games there…. I do not think it is a great baseball city. Miami – $$$$ and 2 World Series championships in recent memory. Lots of fans dressed as empty seats every night…..

disposable income. As usual, I can’t spell.

Evan, if you blame Lloyd then you blame Leyland silly. If you blame Gene “Mr McGoo” Lamont for using an every other system for waving or holding runners instead of using actual judgement, you blame Leyland. He is the boss. If his coaches suck, he sucks.

agree, the coaching staff is Leylands responsibility without question.

IDK, i mean as far as me judging Leyland’s ability to coach I keep it to Leyland and not Mac, Knapp, Gene or Tom. I mean, i do blame him for keeping Mac – but that’s not the same as: “he doesn’t use the same lineup each night – that’s why they don’t hit” or “Cabby bats 4th instead of 3rd….that’s why they don’t hit”. And honestly, I think Knapp and Gene are pretty solid. Idk what Tom’s responsibilities are (e.g. besides the 1st base coach), so it’s hard for me to judge him.

No Pup, when Leyland came to Detroit, it was not a winning team. Since then, he has 1 AL Championship and tied for a AL Central championship. Attendance is up. We aren’t to Memorial Day, don’t give up on this year, especially with our starters. GO TIGERS.

Attendance is up siince ’03. Down since ’08.

Geeeeeee i wonder if it’s JIM or the ECONOMY? hilarious.

Hopefully no one asks JL to explain his apology…

I’ve known Jimbo for more than 30 years and there are few that know the game any better than him. I can still remember him dropping by with Mark Fidrych one spring while heading down to Florida. For all you thirty-somethings that think you know as much about baseball and what to do in situations, I pity your chances. Jim has lived Detroit baseball for more years than not whether it be in Detroit or with the farm clubs. He knows far more about each player than any of us on the outside will ever know unless we are family members of a player…and even then he knows more about their playing issues. In every decision a manager makes he has to determine what is best for the team and future games. Past games are just that; they can not be changed. Anybody that thinks they can do better should go apply for the his job; make sure you bring your little league coaching resume.

I think Mr Leyland is frustrated that his decisions on when to use the bullpen are backfiring and we are finding out he is only lucky not brilliant as some/most have claimed. It’s Mr. Leyland’s economy “stupid”

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