Saturday: Tigers at Pirates


As expected, Alex Avila gets to catch tonight. Victor Martinez gets the day off. Meanwhile, Andy Dirks moves up to the third spot in the order, with Boesch filling in for Victor at the five spot.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Andy Dirks, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Max Scherzer, P


  1. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  2. Jose Tabata, LF
  3. Garrett Jones, RF
  4. Neil Walker, 2B
  5. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  6. Ryan Doumit, C
  7. Brandon Wood, 3B
  8. Ronny Cedeno, SS
  9. Kevin Correia, P


I see nothing wrong with ASKING Phil Coke whoat he would prefer to do at this time.

Answer: “Whatever you need me to do, Skip.” Not an answer at all, really.
So this game is supposedly on MLB.TV but no one is broadcasting it? I’m not clear on this.

Rich save youself from frustration be tigers free tonight!

Brennan is BlOESCHt.

I’m not sure if anyone on this team really can hit right now. Other than Ramon. Santiago seems to have earned a deeper look and perhaps he could be getting more reps at short, 3rd and 2nd–unfortunately all those guys are RHB.

I see that even the official team apologist, Lynn Hening, agrees that the Tigers need another hitter.
I was livid in the pre-season that DD tried to buffalo everyone into thinking that VMart was all that was necessary. It was crystal clear to me that we needed one more pure hitter that could man either an infield (3B) or an OF (corner) on an everyday basis.
Getting real tired of the schtick that our manager and GM foist on very knowledgeable Tiger fans. Someone (Rich?) said something earlier about the spineless media that allows JL to run unchecked and unaccountable by the sheer fact that he can be belligerent and antagonistic. Right on comment.
Tiger fans (generally) are acutely aware of what kind of baseball team represents our town.

When is the All Star Game? We should get to watch Max and JV.

BB hitting the gall better today–as is MCab.
Ramon has to be given more opportunity.
Max is throwing very well but our offense is still not supportive enough.

Well in my mind–your offense has to be capable of scoring 4.5 runs every game for your team to suceed.
Max threw well but the 6th is going to kill us before we are out of it

Omigosh—Jackson, why did you look at that ball for so long before you threw to 3rd? Wierd! Cost us a base and maybe a run as there now is a guy sitting on 3rd with only 1 out.

Listening on Gameday. Score is 3-2. Pirates.

Oh man–that play killed us. Max is struggling all of a sudden after K ing 3 last inning. Kudos to the Pirates for aggressive base-running. These guys are firing up their fans and rightly so. Nice 2nd baseman they got going for them eh?

My-O-My. This team just can’t square up on the ball at all. When this happens you rely on you manger to manufacture runs. Good luck on that count.
No way Max, JV or Coke deserve this crap.

Granderson leads MLB in HR against lefties

Visiting team dont bunt to tie. But with Inge is better to proffit on the automatic out

For anyone who wants to watch today’s game but is blacked out locally you can watch online here:

Pup, I’m watching and I wish I wasn’t. Am getting very annoyed with the lack of hitting. That’s any kind of hitting–not just the clutch variety that has ben so scarce lately.
Just watched Inge pathetically strike out on a hanging beaking ball right down the middle.

I’m shutting it off. It’s getting real ugly.

perry wals the leadoff man and a pitcher in his 1st ML at bat. Sorry dude–you’re gone in my books.
JL will stick with him and we ALL will pay.

This is not a bull-pen–this is a disaster area.
And FYI, GK, I hold Leyland responsible for the ineptitude of this pen. Both in game situations and in employment. When it comes to replacing his starter, JL is constantly expermimenting, forcing his ideals, and always failing miserably.
Schlereth in now and if he doesn’t walk the 1st guy I will be amazed.

Well, I guess a base on balls would have been preferred. Schlereth is showing he is another \Will Ledezma.
Dump him.
This is gross.
The only hope for this team is to injuect this bullpen with a dose of Coke.

They also need to get rid of Ordonez, Guillen, and Zumaya. I think that would get my hopes up.🙂

Haha, as soon as Perry entered the game my family changed the channel to the news. After getting on the internet to see how he did, I do not blame them one bit. What will it take to send him down and keep him down? He is not worthy of the Major Leagues.

This ballgame has defined the Tigers. The ridiculous rundown to add another run only emphasizes how dysfunctional this team is. They are totally disconnected with teh term “well played baseball”
Everything revolves around how they attack the opposing starting pitcher. They usually come up real short in this regard. And when they don’t succeed they pretty much fold up like a cheap tent.

Man–when our starters leave the game everybody loses confidence. Hitters, fielders, relievers. Everybody.
What a brutally played rundown.

I knew that 7 game winning streak was a joke. Why not try for another 7 game losing streak. We are good and getting those.

What gets me is that the opposing manager was so confident in his team (ior confident that the Tgers wiil choke int the late innings), that he leaves an unproven reliever in to leadoff the inning rather than PH for him..
What an insult and what a brilliant move.

They need a new manager.

IThis is a very concerning time of the season. If Leyland keeps getting waway with putting an unmotivated, defeatist and incompetent team on the field for another year without DD or Illlitch doing something then we may as welljust give up as fans.
DD has not excelled as a GM. Leyland has been a bust. It is dishearteartning to see this trend be alloed to regrss to this point, once again.
Is Illitch to addled in his dream state ato understand? Id DD takaing advantage of an owner who doesn’t want the control and responibility of the product on the field?
We are Detroit Tiger fans. And shoul we accept what is happening with this team?
It’s bloody ridiculous.
Leyland is out of touch with everything. His staff, his players, the fans and his job.
Can this guy. |It’s not fair to just acquiesce and wait for next year for things to change. Ask the Cubs about that philosophy.
This has to stop.
Lynn Henning, if you have any integrity at all, write a decent article. One that challenges the management of this team to either produce or retire.

Something has to be done. This is not good enough for the devoted and good baseball fans of this team.
I will reinforce the criticism of the media in all of this. They should not buy into the gruff dismissiveness that we have accepted from our manager. The pretentious leadership of our GM and the foolish reliance of the owner on his staff.

I told my son that we would not score in the ninth, even with bases loaded and none out. What a sad commentary we have come to. Lose six, win seven, lose five. And lose ground to the Indians. What a travesty.


Sorry Bloggers. My Typos were atrocious. That seems almost acceptable given the current situation.

Dan, I completely understand your frustration. This team makes me not want to watch baseball, and I’ve been a Tiger fan since ’68. And I agree we deserve better. But just who do you want to see take over? Usually when a manager gets fired during the season the bench coach or someone else on the present staff takes over. I wouldn’t want Lamont, LLoyd, or Knapp right now. What’s everyone else think?

DD signings:
Inge (5.5), Benoit (5.5), Guillen (12.9), Ordoñez (10.0), Raburn (1.3). I suppose you could offset that with Max Scherzer making 600,000 but how fair is that?
We may as well forget about Dontrelle, Sheff, Renteria and Polanco. Oh, maybe not so fast—we’re probably still paying those guys.
A GM’s job is not easy but DD has slickly evaded scrutiny on his performance.

Polanco? he was the best signing ever in the history of baseball. a natural hitter in exchange for a convict. Philadelpia can sue him for fraud


What about Trammell?

How stable are things when you have four rookies in the bullpen?
Schlereth, “Q”, Villareal, Furbush.
Obviously this is indicative of a problem.

I peeked at the score a few times but didn’t see or follow the game, so I can’t comment on details or speak with much passion about it. Sounds like it was pretty bad. I’m VERY glad I didn’t make that trip to Pittsburgh.
Whether you like Leyland or not, the fact is that most ballclubs change managers at this point. It’s reached that point in his tenure and success rate. That’s just the way it is. It’s the only way to salvage this season, and not to do so is announcing that this season is a dud. That would be pretty unacceptable to Tiger fans, especially those of us in advancing age. We don’t have that many “next years” left.
Handing the job to Lamont or McClendon would be counter-productive, so that leaves Brookens. Tom would need a staff and I don’t know who’s out there. Is Trammell employed this season? I think Lance Parrish is available. I’m just tossing out names of guys who Brookens would be familiar with, because that’s the kind of people he’d want.
This is no longer complaining about Leyland, this is about baseball reality.

Isn’t Trammell in Arizona with Gibson?

Yeah, I just checked that, should have done it before posting. Tram’s still in AZ. At any rate, if they don’t name an interim (waste of time) from the current staff, the new manager would want his own pals…I mean coaching staff.

Well even though we are way ahead of ourselves, I do think that if Trammell were to be offerred a postion to manage a MLB team, he would accept and would do so with the blessings of the diamondbacks.

Rich is right about the timing of a managerial change. Enuff is enough. Upper management owes it to the fans and players to change direction.

DD makes a good President but an average GM given the liberal use of funds for more bad than good contracts, especially when you remove the Cabrera trade which was Mr I’s initiative.
DD would have to be innovative and take a gamble to sack the SOC.
It just aint going to happen within the family.

I was one of the many tiger fans that made the trip this weekend. I took in Friday and Saturday’s games ate some good food and enjoyed visiting a truly beautiful ballpark. The games themselves were nowhere near good. I have been a tiger fan since my birth in the early 70’s an I can honestly say, this team is the most listless and lifeless I have ever seen. I watched on Pnc’s big screen a feisty JL getting so amped up when he was the Bucs coach that he attacked Dodger pitcher Kevin Gross. Wow how the times have changed. No spark or direction from anyone on the coaching staff. This lazy coaching goes hand in hand with very poor decisions from upper management. Our good hitters hit in the wrong spots in the lineup. A career pinch hitter(Raburn) gets more playing time than most. Our defense is atrocious. The bullpen is an absolute train wreck. This team will not and cannot win with this current coaching and roster. Major changes are needed and there is still time to right the ship.

Miguel needs to be slid to 3rd base so we can get vmart and Avila in for interleague play at least. Cabs still plays first like he’s a third baseman and we definitely cannot afford to have either of our better hitters out of the lineup. They should be hitting in the heart of the lineup as well. Another rational lineup shift that will not come to fruition. Go tigers!

Busy on Friday and could not find the game on FSN Saturday so watched a movie. Thanks for all the comments. Can anyone tell me where in the line up that Albert and Votto bat? I thought so. Dan has said it best. Polite baseball and no fire. Did Raburn look at a 3rd strike with the bases loaded? If we get rid of the SOC before the All Star break maybe we can finish the season strong. It was Trammell’s team that won in 06. Do you think Gibby would light a fire? C’mon Tigers, there is still time! –Dave

It won’t get any better anytime soon, what with the next seven games being with Rays and Red Sox. We may not score ten runs the entire week. Those teams are truly tough, and we’ve dug a deep hole by not beating enough middling teams. I know we don’t have a ton of talent here, but the way they’re playing is very disturbing.
Meanwhile, Cleveland rides that famously non-existent chemistry and that famously non-existent momentum to a huge lead in the division. Even if they cool off, they’re going to be in first place for quite some time. Anyone think my suggestion of Manny Acta as manager was a good one? They’re having all kinds of fun down there while our guys look like they’re clocking in for a day of work in the coal mines.

Rich, don’t forget, Cleveland’s also riding that non-existent home field advantage. 17-4, I believe.

I forgot about that, Ed, because it’s non-existent. 🙂
If nothing else, ol’ Jim has left us with a big enough supply of quirky quotes to last a lifetime.

Its is not so easy. before hiring a manger the ought to interview minority candidates making it a long process. So it would be one of the current members of the staff who takes charge as interim. Everyone wold like Brookens but its not sure that McLendon wont be the pick. They fired Hernandez only after evey single starter in the Majors, but Verlander who was having a bad year anyway, and many of the Toledo staff and every single reliever was injured.
In Detroit you nedd a manager that like to run since in Comerica its hard to thrive on long balls. And also one that can handle a young arms. This team have 3 or 4 years to win. They are under control till 2014 and young enough to pay off.

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