Play catch for Diamonds and Dreams, earn a ball for Think Detroit PAL

Normally, I don’t tweet a lot of play-by-play or game updates during Tigers games, figuring the telecast is readily available enough that most people who are following tweets are watching anyway. It’s going to be a little different tonight, the first game this season — and one of two this year — that aren’t televised on any channels because to the FOX blackout. There will be a broadcast online at MLB.TV and radio, of course.

Whether folks watch online or not, hopefully it’ll be a night for some online buzz, which I’ll try to help with some updates for those of you out and about. In turn, hopefully we can turn that activity into a good cause by “playing catch” online.

It’s an idea from the Diamonds & Dreams program, which is sponsored by Chevrolet and MLB. While many have the privilege of watching and playing baseball on well-equipped fields, there are many children across America that never get that opportunity. Diamonds & Dreams provides prizes, which include field makeovers, clinics and equipment packages for youth baseball communities across America.

Anyone can enter for a chance to win the prizes as well as a trip for four to the MLB All-Star Game or a new Chevrolet. You can find out more and even play a mini baseball game here:

If you’re on Twitter today or tonight, you can help by either retweeting my #playcatch tweet, or by starting a game on your own that includes the #playcatch hashtag and a link to the Diamonds & Dreams Facebook tab:

Every unique “thrower” or retweet today earns a real baseball for Think Detroit PAL, which runs baseball programs in the city of Detroit from t-ball all the way up to high school or RBI level play. Hopefully we can hit the top contribution of 100 balls.

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