Thomas getting elbow checked out

For those who missed Jim Leyland’s postgame interview and were wondering why Leyland stuck with Brayan Villarreal against left-handed hitting Garrett Jones instead of using a lefty, word from the manager was that Thomas had some elbow problems and wasn’t available.

“Thomas’ elbow kind of locked up,” Leyland said. “We couldn’t pitch him, really, so we got into a little bit of a bind with some of their lefties. We didn’t want to go to [Daniel] Schlereth that early, so we kind of got into a little bit of a bind. That hurt a little bit.”

Would it have made a difference in the outcome of the game? Probably not, since the Tigers were down 3-1 at that point and still would’ve needed runs. It might have made a difference in the inning, considering Jones is 1-for-11 off left-handed pitching. But then, Thomas has given up a .400 (8-for-20) clip against lefties this year as part of his struggling start. Schlereth (4-for-24) has fared better for the year, but he also has struggled lately against lefty hitters.

Bullpen coach Jeff Jones said Thomas will be getting his elbow checked out. We’ll see where it leads. If it’s any sort of lengthy injury, it’ll be interesting to see how long the Tigers can fare with one lefty in the bullpen.


This was the proverbial silver lining today.

This could be the perfect opportunity to move Coke back to the pen and bring up one of the young guns. Coke has been pitching well, but we need his leadership and arm in the pen.

Saw the Mud Hens tonight. They have all kinds of leftys. Saw Wilk pitch, he is sneaky. Looks like he could be good in the bullpen in long relief if needed.
Stieby hit a 400+ ft homer. When he connects…..
Danny Worth can play 3B, nice hands, strong arm. Garth Iorg also looked good in the field. Still not hitting though.

I don’t think I’ve commented on this yet, but I don’t agree with moving Coke to the pen. This rotation is doing very well and I don’t want to see more Mud Hens up here right now. Oliver didn’t show that much last season so, unless we’re planning to pack it in for 2011, I’m not on board with that. We need to have Benoit back in form and to see what we can get from Perry. We also need to quit worrying about L-R matchups so much (Mr. Leyland) and just use some talented pitchers instead. This L-R matchup business only works if you have good pitchers and ours are in short supply.
And none of it matters if we can’t score even 4 runs in a game and play some good defense. I watch Santiago tonight and just shake my head in wonder. We let Polanco walk then try Rhymes, Sizemore, Raburn and Guillen at second while Santiago sits on the bench. It just doesn’t make sense. Nobody thinks Ramon can hit .220 like the rest of them have?

I agree Rich while something needs to be done with this pen, moving Coke who has been pretty darn good to me is also not the answer. I ditto everything you said regarding Ramon as well.
Oh Tigers!😦

This team is mired in mediocrity. It’s sad because we really do seem to have the starting pitching to keep us in games. But has been said, you can’t win if you can’t score. It drives me nuts to see us playing for big innings when we don’t have many guys in the lineup who can hit the 3 run homer. Case in point, the other night against Beckett. We had 1 run in and 2 on with nobody out. Leyland plays for the big inning and we don’t score again. With their ace against your ace, runs are at a premium. Chip away. With the way JV has been pitching, 2 or 3 runs is like 5 or 6 with most other pitchers. We’ll never win with Leyland and his buddies.

I’m sorry his elbow is sore, but I thank God.

Completely agree Rich. Well I’m heading down to Pittsburgh today to take in tonight’s game and maybe tomorrow’s. Haven’t seen the Tigers play since the last time they were in Pittsburgh. It’s about a 4.5 hour drive for me. I just hope they play better than they did last night against the mighty Pirates. Yar.

i noticed Cabrera smiling when the Tigers were behind last night, after dumping 2 in boston then last night, wake up. Leave starters alone n push your million dollar BABIES to perform.

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