Tigers-Jays rained out, Porcello gets skipped

The sight of Phil Coke leaving soon after the clubhouse opened this afternoon was a pretty good sign the Tigers anticipated a long night. They were sending him to Boston on a flight ahead of the team. As it turned out, the rain never allowed them to get going.

After waiting for nearly two hours, the Tigers finally called the game just after 9 p.m. They’ll make it up with a 7:05 p.m. ET game on Monday, June 27, which was a scheduled off-day for both Detroit and Toronto. Fans holding tickets for tonight’s game can use it for that night with no exchange necessary.

As for the rotation, Phil Coke and Justin Verlander will remain on turn for the upcoming two-game series at Boston. The Tigers are skipping tonight’s scheduled starter, Rick Porcello, who hasn’t pitched since his rain-shortened start last Tuesday at Minnesota. He’s expected to make his next scheduled turn Sunday at Pittsburgh. Again, that’s weather permitting, which given the forecast for Boston is far from a sure thing.

It’s the second time this season Porcello has been skipped. When the Tigers did it last month, though, it was planned well ahead of time, with two scheduled off-days in a five-day span. Porcello pitched April 20, then not again until April 30. The rest did nothing to cause rust, as Porcello kept rolling through what is now a five-game stretch with seven earned runs over 31 2/3 innings, good for a 1.99 ERA.


wish they would put coke back in the pen and bring up 1 of the kids

I agree. I don’t really think Coke should go back to the pen because he’s pitched poorly, though he’s probably the least consistant starter. I just think he’s more valuable right now out of the pen considering the struggles some of our relievers have been having. Bring up one of the kids from Toledo and let Coke be a leader in a very young bullpen. He would be my pick for an 8th inning setup man while Benoit is fixing his issues.

We have the personnel (i.e. the “arms’) in the bullpen but we need the character at this point. I think you are right in feeling that Coke would be more valuable there than in the rotation. Then again, this rotation has been one of the better ones in baseball to this point. Lots of quality starts.
Still, Coke seems bettr suited for the pen right now with no one able to solve the 8th inning riddle.
Benoit will come around, but it is important that too many games aren’t blown in the process.
I don’t like to see Porcello getting skipped all the time. I think this kid is not as delicate as JL seems to think.

Pretty sure Porcello hasn’t pitched in Boston since the Youkilis take down two years ago. That probably has more to do with him getting skipped there than anything else, not that they would say that in public.

For the record, Porcello took down Youkilis. The Kid made the grade that night

For the record, Coke’s lefthanded and Boston has a lot of lefties in their lineup. He’s also been good against lefties this season. I can understand why they chose to skip Porcello over Coke here.

I like this blog as it shares opinions from Tiger fans that do not just live in Michigan. Sunny and 63 in GR last night. Really want to watch my team play😦 Anyway, Jason, thanks for articles. This is one of my favorite sites. I do not agree with skipping Rick. Hey Youkilis, what is your BA this year? Would love to see Ricky give him some chin music ala Bob Gibson. Let’s give Phil a few more chances and let’s score some runs for him. C’mon Miggy! Get hot! –Dave

was wondering if they were going to push back our rotation, now I know. Hope this doesn’t affect him too much though sitting out for that long from real game situations. Thanks for the update.

I don’t get skipping Porcello, he has pitched very well. Skip Coke this turn, he could pitch in the bullpen in Boston if needed and then return for his next start.
I live in S Carolina and am going to see the MudHens in Charlotte this week. Couldn’t last night, but Furbush pitched 6 innings, 2 ER with 8 Ks. How long can we keep these guys in AAA?
Interesting development on the farm as well, we promoted 2 OF from Erie to Toledo (Schram and Guez). I contend we have a lot of OF depth. These guys have been hitting well since getting to Toledo. Does anyone have the scoop on either of these OFers.
Now I gotta figure out what day Oliver pitches.

Oliver pitches on Thursday, according to Hens notes

Thanks Jason.

I would suggest that Ryan Raburn start hitting the ball. They won’t be able (nor should they) to keep Dirks on the bench after they see what he can do.
Also be nice to seee Miggy start cranking the ball again too.

A lot of rumors floating around right now. Is this the 40-game mark that some say is time to re-evaluate the team?

Wondering that, Guess we’ll have to wait.

That’s what I get for trying to pet the dog and type. Wondering that myself re: rumors.

Hey SOC, why is “rayburnt” in the line up? Is Dirks on the current roster? I still like Coke, Phil that is……Looks foggy, –Dave

Coke sure looks good. Boesch doesn’t. Not getting good ABs in clutch situations. On top of not hitting much at all, I am worried about him. This guy has way too much potential and raw power to be scuffling like he is. We realy need him to start reaching the fences again.
Usually I complain when the Tigr hitters don’t hit starting pitchrs like this but Bucholz is really throwing the ball well and frankly, with what he is dealing today, I am surprised they can square the ball up at all.

Rugburn has got to start hitting.

I thought AJax held up. The NESN homers are awful, even worse than the Yankees broadcasters. Come on Tigers, let’s get some runs.

Well, Austin put up a good battle there—I would like to see the RF camera angle on the K though. i thought he held up.
Inge may have got hit to further the threat but the way he is hitting and the way he is swinging is brutal. i don’t know how long the Tigers can keep passing this off as being OK.
His defense is not that good that we can afford to have a .200 hitter at as what is often an offensive position.

They showed it. He went around.

Well, that was a darn shame we couldn’t eek a run out of a bases loaded situation. Ugh!

Oh–the replay does show he went too far. Too bad.

Rugburn is right, doesn’t feel good. AJ, you got Inge disease? Ball four. Good night!

Careful with Youkilis Phil. He knows how to beat us.

Look at the rain. Same weather here in MI. My furnace is still coming on in the evening. One of the worst springs in a long time. My God, couldn’t they get even 1 run for Coke. I guess not.

Nice catch Sizemore!

Kudos to Coke for the game he threw here under these conditions tonight. No it is time for Boesch to have a good AB this inning ahead of Miggy.
Great catch by Sizemore—that’s determination to catch up with that and to actually pull it down. Wow.

With his pitch count, Coke could have gone all night…..until it rained. Now it will probably go to our bullpen…….
I’ve got this game pegged as one of those “test” games. By that I mean you have to find ways to win these. Good teams win these. The jury remains out on this ballclub, but there will be some strong evidence under consideration tonight, one way or the other. These guys have to start getting away from predictable results if I’m going to believe in them.
That was indeed an excellent catch by Sizemore and, as so often happens, he leads off the next inning. That never fails to amaze me, how often that happens.

Getting a little worried here. They seem to be falling back into that lack-of-clutch hitting habit. Only 2 runs in the last 16 innings.

I’m curious as to wether Leland actually spoke to Benoit regarding his demotion or if it was just a media announcement. Maybe he has his pitching coach do his dirty work.

Just got home and didn’t see most of the game, it is the bottom of the 8th right now. It looks like a ball in the fog is what is going to win or lose this game? Stupid

I have been very dissatisfied with Ryan Perry this year—BUT—he was throwing very well in the 8th and JL is playing Mr. Genius Strategist bringing in Schlereth to pitch to Crawford. Crawford isn’t hitting anybody—he does not need to take Perry out here.
Totally disagree with this decision.

I had to change channels.

Brilliant Leyland—just brilliant.

Leyland is over-managing like crazy. I’d have stuck with Perry and now he’s playing Mr. Genius Mix & Match.

He’s on the phone with LaRussa too much.

He’s a wannabe. man. Perry was throwing strikes (which is often his problem), he was brimming with confidence, nobody hit the ball well off him. And JL brings in a guy who has had control issues at a time when Jimmy preaches throwing strikes. He is such a double talker he double talks to himself.

Leyland loses close games for us all the time. This guy is so over-rated as a manager it isn’t even funny. Who cares if he can keep Brandon Inge happy in the club house?

Well, THAT was certainly predictable. Way to go, Jimbo.

This game is over. We simply just on have a reliable pen. Nobody out here except Valverde can do anything. This is a real problem!

“not have”. That is

I hope JL has the class to accept this defeat in the post-game.

Batter after batter on this team swings at the bad pitches and let’s the hittable ones go by! As much as I like Alex his AB was awful, and Raburns was as expected. This team is cold again. Again a game of stranding runner after runner and you lose because of a walk and a 212 hitter coming through. We don’t have a 212 hitter that can come through in he clutch. Our 212 hitters only get hits when there are two outs and nobody on.

That 1st pitch to Alex Avila had SacFly written all over it. Straight right down the middle. He has been very good this year in those situations but he whould have been hacking at that one for sure.
Raburn shouldn’t even have been playing this game. It was clear he had no chance to do anything against Pap..
Dickerson says the inability of the Tigrs to hit with men on was the story of the game. The story of the game was Leyland.
I think Schlereth has a chance to be a decent lefty,,, but he isn’t in these situations. He has been wild all year and you bring him out there with 2 out and no one on in rainy weather?
Foolish move by Leyland and I bet the majority of Tiger fans would say the same thing even before we saw the results.

You ARE kidding, Dan? I don’t know why he removed Coke in the first place. A 26-minute rain delay. A half inning can last that long. Then the business with Perry.

My thoughts exactly!

Dan, I meant you were kidding when you said JL would accept the defeat.

As soon as I heard the name “Schlereth” I changed channels.

I didn’t think the rain delay was so long that Coke couldn’t have come back out. Was it even 30 minutes? Most rain delays are a lot longer. Anywho, without looking up actual stats, I don’t think they have given Coke very much run support the whole season. Am I wrong?
With only Thomas and Schlereth as lefties in the pen and the set-up position in limbo without Benoit, maybe one of those rumors is about to become fact- Coke back to shore up the bullpen and Oliver or Furbush up from Toledo to be in the rotation. What do you think?

Leland is too mixed up thinking about interleague play. Oh, man, am I mad.

Well it is true the hitters were awful with RISP but you have to have better decisions from your skipper.
I knew he would take Coke out after the delay. I was sitting on the fence on that decision but the Perry take out was mind boggling. He was in abolutely no trouble at all.
Boesch and Cab are not intimidating in the middle of the order.
Raburn needs to get his old job back—the one where he rides the pine.
And start giving Inge some time off. His swing is so long, his elbows are locked and his head pulls off. It is inexcusable for a major leaguer to be swinging the bat like that unless he hits 40 or 50 homers.

Well, Leyland said he gave no thought to bringing Coke back out. The obvious followup question “why” was never asked and it was obvious from JL’s body language that it wouldn’t have been answered in a gentlemanly fashion anyway. He sure does buffalo the media during those post-gamers. Then he compounded it by removing Perry just when he was looking sharp. As is being pointed out by comments here, bringing in Schlereth at that point would and did provide the predictable result. It seems that JL has no feel for the game being played, as so many of us here do. I guess it’s time for another Lynn Henning Leyland love-fest article.
None of this matters, you know. This team is going nowhere. I don’t care if they won seven in a row when everyone got hot at the same time. It’s games like tonight’s that separate the men from the boys.

You really think it was such a horrible move to bring in a guy to face a lefty to face Crawford? Scherelth had a sub 2.5 era and Perry is pushing an 8 era? Why is that such a bad decision. I don’t always agree with Leyland on ever decision but players also have to do what they are paid to do! Again though this comes down to hitters not hitting when they had opportunities to in this game and just like that the hitters have gone cold.

This team is not on the same page, AGAIN. That’s on the manager. No complaints about this one, says Leland. Blames his players. Avila looking awful at the plate. You can see and feel this team will not win under these circumstances. Perry should have stayed. Hell, Coke should have continued. Leland is out of it. And, the team is a reflection of his non-leadership.

Perrys era against lefties is in the mid 13 range against righties 3.38. Still think it has such a horrendous decision!

ERA has nothing to do with it unless it’s a video game. Perry was throwing the ball well, very well, and already had two outs and none on. Why on earth would you lift a sharp pitcher and bring in one who you HOPE will be sharp against a hitter who’s struggling mightily? It was over-managing, the very definition of over-managing. JL couldn’t handle not having an 8th inning go-to guy and when he had to think, he blew it. Accept it. And this is only one of the very strange decisions he made tonight. There were several. Coke was ready to pitch after the rain delay, he said so himself. He’d thrown 78 pitches, but JL went to a bullpen he knew to be shaky. Why, for heaven’s sake?
And again, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know how anyone can feel that taking Perry out when he was throwing strikes makes any sense. That it Perry’s problem. When he is throwing strikes he is vry tough to deal with for hitters.
As has been stated, there was no trouble brewing whatsoever and to go to a lefty at that point was a waste of an arm.
I was thinking that this could be an extra inning game at the time and you need to conserve your bullpen in those conditons.
Inge and Leyland seem to polarize Tiger fans. Both of them know which side of the bread is buttered.
Has there ever been a newspaper poll on JL’s popularity?
There should be.

The SOC made it crystal clear he did not trust the pen for the 7th, let alone the 8th post Benoit.
You have to then go the way the tide is running, check Coke is OK and give him a short leash after 26 minutes and 78 pitches, then you have to back Perry, again on a short leash.
Perry’s career stats are .249/.340/.386 for RHB and .249/.352/.378 for LHB.
28 of the Tig’s 42 games have been in 3 or more game win or loss streaks. Lets hope this isn’t one beginning.

Well I just disagree on this one thing. While Perry has been good at times he has been more bad than good, while Schereleth has been mostly good. If Perry would of been allowed to stay in he may or may not of blown up against
What I do agree with is ghat maybe Coke shouldn’t have come out to begin with. But regardless that game in all reality wasn’t lost in that inning, it seems to me it was lost with the multiple times this team which is struggling mightily at the plate couldn’t manage a clutch hit or a measly sac fly AGAIN!

Gosh I need to proof read before I post.
I think Coke should have come back out in the 8th.
And Perry may or may not have blown up against Crawford the lefty, but I think history shows he probably would have?? And if he had blown up we would have been saying this morning that he had the lefty warming up and why did he keep Perry in?
Bottom line for me is the hitters were bad, and Schereleth walked the one guy he should of been able to get. This was a one run game and even to the very end they had opportunity to get a lead off double around and they came up empty as they often do.
I also have realized that Phil s our tough luck pitcher (as Nate Robertson was in 06 and 07). He either has his games blown by the pen or doesn’t get the run support. I also wonder sometimes if the pen has been shaky lately because they just aren’t sharp? The starters have been sooooo good lately they aren’t really staying sharp? Maybe kinda a double edged sword.


On Avila taking the pitch, you get one per bat. Don’t take it, miss it, or foul it off. Who told him that when he went to the plate? AJ, you have to put the ball in play. Rich, I like your line about men and boys. We need to show America we are the better team. We did not do that and won’t with the SOC at the helm. –Dave

I wouldn’t have questioned Perry pitching to Crawford because it never occured to me that he wouldn’t. I just assumed Perry was the 8th inning guy on this night. I was surprised when JL came out to remove him. In fact, I thought it was somewhat out of character for the “future HOF” manager. With a game seemingly headed to extra innings, it made no sense to burn a pitcher with two out and no one on base. I think JL might have had Porcello prepared for extra frames, though. Or not.
Obviously the game was lost because we didn’t hit, but that doesn’t excuse Leyland from the moves that everyone has talked about all night and into this morning. The manager has to manage the situation at hand (a tie game) without regard to whether we’re hitting or not. I thought he did a poor job of that by playing L-R matchup at the wrong time. I think that strategy is overused and over emphasized. If I may paraphrase JL, I don’t believe in that L-R matchup thing, that’s just something for the fans and media to talk about.

Okay okay I give up!! I guess I won’t win any of you over with the fact that lefties batting average against Ryan is about .387 and under .100 against Danial Schlerleth? You are all saying that history and the numbers should be thrown out the window! Okay I give up. But I hope the next time when he leaves someone in there and it blows up we don’t hear why didn’t he bring in the lefty or the righty (whatever the case may be)
Thinking about going to Pittsburg on Sunday the weather looks iffy right now is anyone else making the trip?

First, we have lost 2 games since a 7 game winning strea. Second, those conditions were awful, that game should have been called early. Third, and most importantly, place that loss on the hitters, not the bullpen. We were 0-10 with RISP, that is the problem.

I had the Pittsburgh trip planned for months, Gk, but I’ve canceled it. Expense, job commitments, plus the fact that the Tigers don’t appear to be worth the trouble it would take to pull it off. Some other year, some other decade. Too bad, because I would have been one of the few Detroit fans to see Saturday night’s game live, since it’s blacked out by Fox.

The hitting is always the problem and will continue to be the problem. Very few homerun threats in the lineups, combined with a bullpen that doesn’t seem to be able to put any zeros on the board. We’re kind of sunk, you know? I still think we need to change the culture, since nothing else seems to work.

There are some changes that can be done. I do like Boesch batting 3rd. But, the kid is not hitting. His nice swing has been replaced by an uppercut. Probably feeling the pressure to contribute with homers. Keep the nice swing BB and the homers will come.
However, if BB continues to flail at 3rd then you gotta change things up. I still say get Miguel up in the 1st inning when most starters have their most critical inning and are yet to find the path to the “the groove”.
In that case you have to bat VMart cleanup (hey that’s not such a bad idea is it?) And then Boesch or Peralta. Peralta might really benefit from the ‘promotion”.
I’d like to get Dirks in the lineup to see if he can energize things. This guy can run, I’m not so sure management is really aware of how well he can. I don’t think it would be a good move to “Clete” him by batting him 3rd. But, that being said, it may be worth a gamble if BB continues to miss those gift pitches he’s been getting.
Give Ramon and Kelly some starts at 3rd. Raburn has to ride the pine till he gets hot. He is actually trade bait IMO. While he does some things well some times, he is a raw, unsophisticated ballplayer. Give him some starts against southpaws if you need to..
Let Sizemore figure it out. The guy has guts. He plays with a determination and belief that allows him to make great plays at crucial times. You can’t teach that.
Avila has to promoted in the lineup when he starts to hit again (and he will). If the cat starts having good ABs and displays some power he should be rewarded, not bat behind Inge. That’s ridiculous.
Cab has to get it going. I don’t care what ANYBODY says–he is not one of the best players in the game at this time. He can and should be, but he is struggling, not swinging well or at good pitches. Not fearsome. This team counts on that and has grown to need it in order to function well.
Coke was great last night. But I think he is needed in the pen right now. If I were Leyland (thank goodness I’m not) I would simply ask him if he would like to go there. If he says, “Yes, in a heartbeat”, then get him in there, dump Thomas and call up Furbush (or Oliver).
When the only thing going is your starting rotation you don’t want to muck with it, but if mucking with it improves another department then you better consider all options.
The worst thing for me as a lifelong Tiger fan (I used to 75 cents to go to games on Ladies Days–please no puns) would be to hear that the club has extended JL’s contract. I am harbouring deep aspirations to hear the exact opposite announcement.

Rich it never even dawned on me that that game wouldn’t be on tv on Saturday night. Like anyone outside of NY give a crap about the mets and the Yankees. Just let us watch our game or play them at a different time so they don’t conflict! Geez that tees me off.

That’s good stuff, Dan. A lot of the current problems go right to Cabrera. Teams know he’s not hitting and it effects the guy in front of him, in this case Boesch. I think Cab is playing over physical problems, as I don’t recall him ever looking this bad for this long. Might have to rest him up since we’re not scoring many runs anyway. I thought Coke could successfully make the switch to starter and he has. I’d hate to have to put him in the pen but it may be for the good of the team and all that. He’s my wife’s favorite Tiger and she can’t stay up late enough to see the relief pitchers.
If this club scuffles along to the AS break but still appears to have a chance to make a run, that would be the time to change the culture. You all know what I mean by changing the culture. It’s may be the only way for Mr. I to see a division title here, not to mention the rest of us who remember getting into Briggs Stadium for 75 cents.

Schlereth offered Leyland the ball. he knew he had nothing on the ball and leyland left him there.
Release raburn

Hopefully Inge has a good birthday today. IMO, he being “gifted” just by being in the lineup.
Great guy, really like him. But not as an everyday player.

We have 3 guys in the lineup who have a hit off of Beckett in their careers. THREE!

I know a lot of u don’t believe in numbers, but as crazy as it sounds the only guys on our teams that have anything on beckett are inge santiago and peralta? Mind you I am not holding my breath

Sure wish we could get Boesch going. It’s becoming a concern. The drop-off is all too reminiscent of last year.

Yep, as miggy goes so does boesch it seems. Boy miggy is gdtting walked an aweful lot.

Now, that was a nice hustle by Cabby and Dirks come through with a hit.

Lamont/Victor—what are you guys thinking?
Even VMart could have scored on that as it was going to take 2 throws to get home.

I swear this ball club must be famous for letting pitchers “off the hook”. That is one area where we are regretably very consistent.
Just a few days ago with Drabek now again today.

JV had better have his A game and go at least 8. One run from that start……

Brandon Inge is the new Adam Everett

Why did he stay at third?

Good teams make their own breaks. Man oh man. 2 strikes on both those guys and they end up getting hits.

JV is now pitching like he knows that is all the support he is going to get.

Look there Martinez you can tag up on a fly ball to left and score. Geez u played there for gods sake. Unbelievable

The fly ball hit by Inge was deeper than Drew’s.
Lamont has to have better judgement on that–he knows AJ is up next with 2 out and how bad he looked his 1st AB.
Bad enough we get sub-par performances from the players and worse that the coaching/managing compounds things with addled in-game decisions.

All I got to say is: if Lamont held him back that shows he didn’t do his homework on CC in lf. He has a weak arm and there is no excuse not to get another run home.

I will bet you dollars to donuts that Tiger baserunners (the few that we get that far) are not confident that there 3rd base coach will protect them. He has waved guys home that had no chance and halted others that could have scored standing up.
Rats, another 2 strike hit!

Justin not missing.many bats so far. I swear if we lose this by one run I will have a huge headache

Oh victor has been around long and enough and played there, and against crawford he shouldt need help there. To me that’s on him

Your coach should be helping you out anyway. He can actually be the eyes on the ball and leave the runner to concentrate on getting a good jump off the bag-looking straight ahead. It may be that VMart felt he didn’t get a good push off and stopped on his own, but this is a play you at least have to try—-especially if runs are going to be at a premium and if you have had trouble scoring.

At least Martinez is back to stroking the ball again. Dirks too.

Well–JV’s arm must be still loose from last inning after that quick 1-2-3.

Quick 5 pitch inning for beckett, make it easy guys

Well JV with the way your team is hitting and the pitcher you are facing you may have already given up too many runs.

200 hitter—Why are they not bunting?

Does JL even know what manufacturing a run means?

Brennan!—Dump that big uppercut swing man. It’s awful.
I don’t think he is even going to put the ball in play against Beckett here.

That was weak. They are going to have to do something with Boesch. You can’t play dumb and pretend everything is going to be “absolutely fine”. He is struggling, he is out of sync and we know when things go south for him they tend to go “souther”. I think he has a world of potential but you can’t let it hurt your team. Last year they refused to send him down. That strategy did not help. This year if he keeps this going they would be well advised to consider another alternative.

#########!!!! More stranded runners??

Well, so as not to upset myself any more than I already am, I’m heading to the grocery store. Verlander is terrific!

Leyland OWES it to Justin Verlander to manage this game with logic and intelligence. Inge is probably the worst hitter on this team. Certainly in the lineup. Why do you not bunt with him? If you can’t even get him to contribute this way then you are saying you are pretty much willing to give away 4 ABs a game. I don’t think this offense can afford tht mentality.

This is one god-awful looking offense.

Boy Alex can look good and then just as suddenly, bad.
Granted I do think the strike zone on him his last AB was very liberal on the first 2 pitches.

Binge approaching the Posada line. boesch lost. Rabur 50 ks. Time to look for another hitter. By the time magglio Or guillen comeback they will be out of contention

Release Raburn

That was ball four like yesterday when he stranded 3

This is one dog-awful looking offense.

I agree Dan, I thought those frst 2 pitches to alex were balls. But oh well papi just hit a homer and it was unlikely we were going to get 1 run and now we have to get 2 just to tie……. not likely

Jv needed to be flawless today and he wasn’t. Not his fault, but when your team won’t hit then u have to be better. Not fair I know

This ump has been missing ’em the last few innings. JV struck Varitek out and fooled the ump with the pitch too.
Threw a good game but the long ball hurt him–3 times.
He doesn’t deserve to lose but he would be the first to admit the mistakes that resulted in it.
I guess I sound like the game is over–well with Bard coming in for the 8th and Pap for the 9th. I pretty much think it’s done.

My negativity must be working.
Prety nice to have your 3-4 hitters going deep.

Dirks was safe by a mile. Is that Jim Joyce? Speaking of…. Armando got designated for assignment yesterday. I always liked him, hope he can bounce back.
jkl – Is Raburn playing today or are you posts 24 hours late?

Well Dirks did beat that out (replay shown)
Wonder what Jl does for the 8th. I supect he will try to prove he is a genius by bringing Schlereth right back at it.

Gutsy job by Verlander. 3 straight curve balls to Adrian and the last one was in the happy zone–got away with that and a call at first on Ellsbury.

so without a single strike

24 to 6 for LOB………

I know this is a bit contentious but I am pretty disgusted with those ABs by the same 2 guys that tied the game for us last inning.
Cab’s was bad and Brennans was dreadful. BB is not out of the slump folks–he got lucky on a 91 MPH changeup.
No way we get away with shutting down the oppositions 3-4 hitters with the bases full. no way.

They did it again. This team should be ashamed of the inability to get runners in. Seriously pathetic they left the snorter off.the hok 2 days in a row

Disgusting—lead-off walk. We all know how this is likely to go.

At least JV wont be getting the loss….

I know what I would do with the bases full and no out
I would be bringing papa grande in.
He might be able to strike the side out.

only we strand lead off walks! Congratulations red soxs.

Leyland is content to give up and just watch the inevitable.

Bring in Papa Grande—you got away with that one Leyland.

Agreed. bring in papa and lose with your best. Why is Brennan not taking that first pitch with the bases jammed. Fire the SOC.

You know what, unless this team figure out how to hit collectively they are going nowhere. they have such a disconnected lineup and offense. There is no flow to it all. Just guys hacking and moving up a base and standing around on 3rd. So far this team has got one stinkin’ hit with RISP in about 20 ABs in these two games.
Time to do something about the lineup and something about Boesch. I hate to pick on him but he does not deserve to be hitting 3rd.
I look at this team and it is so frustrating. The starters are good and pretty much everything else sucks. I would like to blame this one on Leyland and the truth is he could have bunted a couple of times. And he should have had Papa Grande in the 9th. What’s with this guy? He takes relievers out with no one on and 2 out but goes to the wire when an unproven rookie leads off the inning with the dreaded base on balls.

well our best hitters let us down at critical times. Victor screwed up big time in the second inning. Again Miguel and Brennen can’t come through when it counts. They can get hits we just don’t seem to be able to get them in the right order today. I m very frustrated. That second inning run turns out to be big as I thought it would be, not to mention the 8 billion.other runs they stranded. You know what they say its not who you play its when you play them. .
Did it get on anyone elses nerves whem Mario sounded happy when Miggy struck out?

What we really need is a late inning replacement for jim Leyland. Perhaps Brookens can “close” the game for him.

that is good. maybe guillermo hernandez is available!

Well, unfortunately as I guessed that run that Victor cost us in the second comes back to haunt us. Although if anyone on this team could get a clutch hit it wouldn’t have mattered a bit. I know everyone will again not want to put this on the guys on the field, but they had every opportunity to win and didn’t,
Did it get on anyone else’s nerves when Mario sounded giddy when Miggy struck out?

Heartbreak Hotel.

Unless Mario has a bookie in Vegas I can’t see why he would be pleased with that. I wasn;t watching that network. But it sounds weird.
I certainly blame the guys on the field. More than I do the manager. Still doesn’t mean I like his management. And I still think he loses games strategically as well as with the atmosphere he creates.

It isn’t an either/or question. The job of the field manager is to put the players in the best position to succeed, and the job of the players is to succeed. Neither is doing their job well. And beyond that, it’s the job of upper management to hire managers and players who can succeed. That job is being done marginally at best. That’s why these things are called teams.
I suppose it’s the job of the fans to suffer through this garbage night after night.

Remember the reason we got Miguel? Wouldn’t it be nice if the cat could play 3rd?
Especially in interleague?

The streaky Tigs continue, now 31 of 43 games in a 3 or more game win/loss streaks. Amazingly 18-13 win/loss each with a 7 game run.
It sure feels the other way.
Surely we can do over the Pirates, but last years series aganst the Indians keeps coming to mind.

i root for both teams, lived in both cities. pirates are improving, they should not be taken for granted.

Glad I missed the highs and lows of watching yesterdays game. About 3 weeks ago a coworker mused that the Tigers would be all streaks – 2 weeks of terrific play, 2 weeks of bad play and so on. Looks like he is correct. I feel for our starters, they are all doing their job and right now our offense is flailing. Too bad.

I don’t like to complain about individuals, but if I had my way Lamont would not be anywhere in that field helping out. Usually I am opposite of what he is telling his players to do. Can’t comment on yesterday since I didn’t see it, but it seems we don’t challenge the fielders nearly enough at times. Not every throw is going to be on (as proven by some of our outfielders who shall remain nameless).

Gosh I want Boesch to get his stroke going, he seems like a good kid, wants to do well, starts to do amazing, then gets himself all muddled up in the pressure of hitting in front of the big guy. That 3 spot is when you miss the bat of a veteran in Maggs or Carlos. We don’t really have that right now, our oldest veteran on the team is barely hitting .200.

I would be playing Ramone over Raburn right now, Ramone won’t hit the power but he usually can get the ball in play and RR just isn’t doing it right now. I like that guy too but geez, the writing is on the wall right now.

Maybe Mrs. Leyland is making a home cooked meal for the boys to get them going again.

I left the TV on during my trek to the store and came in the door to see Leland’s face and knew right away that we lost. Of course, I already knew we’d lose which is why I left. VMart was asked if Lamont held him up and he replied “yeah”.
Well, on to Pittsburgh. They actually have a pretty good team this year. Maybe we can win at least 1.

Lamont holding Martinez on that sac fly says more about this club than anything else. They play timid and they play not to lose, rather than going after it. This has been a trademark of this team for several years. New players come in but they all digress into this mindset. I don’t know if it comes from Leyland, or maybe they just get the wrong kind of players, or what. You decide. I’m just saying it’s there. You see it on display most nights.

I found Dave’s presence in the booth with Mario and Rod to be interedting. On and on he went about the pitching. It was like listening to a soothsayer. Meanwhile, we did score a run and then Inge hits the fly ball. Even Rod remarked that Victor should have gone home. I hear the guys in the radio booth said even more.

Lamont is usually aggressive, do you really think that he made the decision to hold Martinez??? I think from the look in Victor’s look as though he knew that HE screwed up? And regardless Victor has been around for a very long time and should know better than that. I think he got caught between going and not and didn’t react fast enough got caught there. Just my opinion. But regardless of that situation they stranded a billion more runners with GOOD opportunity to score runs.
Its tough just when you think that they are turning it around they go cold again. I just don’t know what to think about this team. I guess if I can’t take it for what it is which is a sport, and can’t enjoy watching a baseball game win or not placing so much importance on it well….
I didn’t mean to actually imply that I thought that Mario was actually happy when Cabrera struck out, but I wish the inflection in his voice didn’t sound the same as when our guys strike somebody out.

Actually, Lamont is rarely aggressive. There have been several times so far this season where he’s tried to hold a guy at third (coming from second) and the runner ignores him and scores easily (Santiago was one). The staff as a whole is conservative and plays to not lose instead of playing to win.
The inflections in Mario’s voice don’t bother me much. I know that both he and Rod are “homer” announcers, so if they seem excited about a play the other team makes, I don’t mind. If you’ve ever heard Ernie talk about his broadcasting style, he said he always tried to be impartial and not use terms like “us” and “we” when talking about the Tigers. I heard a recording of the end of a broadcast he did when Nolan Ryan threw a no hitter against the Tigers and almost set an AL single game strikeout record, and Ernie sounded a bit excited. I’m not saying that last night was on the same level as Ryan’s run at history that game, but I can understand why announcers who love baseball can get excited about games, plays, etc. that don’t relate to their team.

I would imagine he’s {Mario}just as frustrated as the rest of us and perhaps it was just out of exasperation that he sounded that way. The ridiculousness of it all.

Boy I have seen Lamont get lambasted on this very blog for running us into outs at home for several years.

Lamont makes some bad decisions both ways. Each will be lambasted accordingly.
A .500 team is the most frustrating to follow because they always seem capable of doing better.

I saw a woman in the store today with a Tiger jersey and asked her what was happening with our Tigers. She said “up and down” as long as they stay around .500. I wanted to slap her face. Is she satisfied with her kids getting C minuses when they could be getting A’s and B’s just so they don’t flunk. I can’t accept that kind of attitude.

🙂 I think most of us would agree with you, Pup.
About Mario: it was a huge event in that game and deserves a strong call. “Aw shucks” wouldn’t have been good. Actually, if you listen to him closely, there is an inflection he gets when something goes awry for the Tigers. It’s subtle, but it’s there. I also think he’s one of the best TV play by play guys in the business. Sure beats Josh Lewin.

he beats a ton of guys and I like him a lot. I had the MLB package for a while last year and watched several games here and there of other teams, and while Rod and Mario can get on my nerves I would say they are better than 95% of what I have heard. If I had to listen to Hawk in Chicago I would poke my eardrums out.

Our 3-0 start for 1 run games has now gone 3-4, much along with the bullpen failing trying not to fail.
The pen is now 4-9 including Cokes opener and 1-7 over the last 20 games. Of the 4 wins, 2 came after blown saves and Villareal giving up three yet still getting the win after our 7 runs in the 10th.
Management might not get out on the field but their personna sure does.

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