Monday: Tigers vs. Jays, Scherzer vs. Bautista

I don’t usually get too much into individual matchups, particularly batter against pitcher. A pitcher can shut down a major part of a team’s lineup and still end up losing. Jose Bautista pounded the Tigers for the final two games in Toronto, and Miguel Cabrera had a pretty powerless series, and the Tigers still won.

That said, I’m going to be really interested to watch Max Scherzer pitching to Jose Bautista, and I would’ve been even if Bautista hadn’t homered three times yesterday against the Twins. Bautista has killed the Tigers over the last year and a half, and particularly tonight’s starting pitcher. He’s 4-for-5 with two doubles, a homer lifetime off Scherzer. Add in three walks, and it means Scherzer has retired Bautista once in eight career plate appearances. That one out came while Scherzer was pitching for Arizona. Bautista has six plate apperances without an out against Scherzer in a Tiger uniform.

On the Tigers side, Andy Dirks was in the lineup for Sunday’s rainout, and he’s in the lineup today. Lineup carries over,  except Ramon Santiago starts at second base in Scott Sizemore’s place.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B
P: Max Scherzer

  1. Yunel Escobar, SS
  2. Corey Patterson, LF
  3. Jose Bautista, RF
  4. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
  5. Aaron Hill, 2B
  6. Juan Rivera, DH
  7. J.P. Arencibia, C
  8. Rajai Davis, CF
  9. John McDonald, 3B
P: Kyle Drabek


Intriguing lineup, maybe even a good one. Don’t pitch to Bautista.

Amen to that. They say he sees the ball better than anybody in MLB and waits for his pitch and we all know he almost never misses.

The three guys behind Bautista are hitting .246, .229, and .209. Are you kidding me?

He plays in batters friendly stadium

Looking at Bautista’s #’s before last year, there is no way this guy is not on something, no way.

As a Canadian, I get exposed to a lot of Blue Jay baseball. Bautista has an excellent character. Beyond question.
He is a role model and a great community person.
If he is on drugs than I am too.

Darn! We had Drabek on the ropes and let him off the hook. I don’t know why they did not try to send Boesch before the DP grounder. Doesn’t make sense to me. You eliminate the DP, create another runner in scoring position and you already have the pitcher and catcher flustered with Jackson’s SB and poor throw. Leyland is not aggressive enough in situations like that.

Oh OH. Drabek is settling down. Scherzer is a HR machine and it is a matter of time before a Jay strokes one.
Gotta get some runs.

Well, now I’m mad. That error was costly, Miggy.

And, Rod is correct. Benoit has to get straightened out. Send him to Toledo, something………..

Was at the game just left, really annoyed by the effort tonight, not necessarily the loss. I said after stranding the runners in the first I knew that was the kiss of death. They should be embarressed tonight. Bemoit needs to go away till he figures somthing out. And nobody can tell me Bautista is on the up and up. I don’t care if he is a good guy, he is cheating somehow they just don’t test for whatever he is doing.

I believe he’s clean. The guy can just center up the ball and flat out hit. He has a sweet swing. With all testing, they would have picked up on something by now.

Since I ripped him last week, I better give him some minor props tonight – Ryan Perry looked good in the 9th. If he puts it together he could be an excellent reliever. Gotta strive for consistency.

Anybody get a load of that Indians score 5 th inning and 17 runs.

That one was lost in the first inning; bases full none out and our best hitters coming up. Like to see more than a sac fly there by Cabrera. After that, it was just a question of how we’d lose the game. I’m sure most of you felt the same. However………..we get such good starting pitching that there’s no law that says we can’t pull out a 2-1 win on a night like tonight, but we stuck with the inevitable outcome. Oh well.
Cabrera doesn’t look right. Just doesn’t look right.
Obviously Benoit is a massive problem right now. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a one-year wonder. This is throwing the entire bullpen out of whack and I don’t envy JL dealing with this one. I’ll only be ticked off if it’s discovered that he’s been trying to pitch over an injury.
Most extended win streaks don’t end with blowouts; it’s nearly always a frustrating loss.
We had a thunderstorm which temporarily knocked out the satellite so I didn’t get to see the hit by Dirks. I’ll have to look it up later.

C’mon—Bautista is a good hitter, a good ballplayer with a powerful swing who has come into his own. If anyone should be accused of being juiced it would be our on Miguel Cabrera. He’s huge and he has serious anger problems. Does that make him a juice freak?
Slays me how an opposing player who has found success is subjected to this kind of accusation.
I would take him on our team and gladly give up 3 players to do it.
Meanwhile, we have to be concerned with the 3 year contract given to Benoiit. The nature of relief pitchers is that often they do not have connsecutively good seasons. It’s not so predictable in terms of bad seasons. If he has a bad one we are stuck with him for another as no one is going to want his 2 years remaining. I hope he can find himself but he just does not look confident or capable right now. I was very surprised to see him smiling after the leadoff hit. Seemed inappropriate.
Peralta really tagged that HR on a cold night with no carry. He must be on something.

On a serious roll:>]

He always seems to be smiling even when he gives up a dinger. Maybe it’s just a disguise for nervousness. I’m wondering if he’s hurt.

Sorry Dan there is nothing to change my mind regarding Bautista, it’s not as though he was a young guy who had ever shown any real power. He a
Was a borderline big leaguer who miraculously went from 13 homers to 54??? I’m sorry I just don’t buy that kinda increase at that stage of his career. If he had gone from 13 to 30 but his kind of increase is all kinds of suspicious!

Benoit’s normal expression looks like a cross between a smile and a grimace. Wouldn’t read much into that.
It’s a shame that we’ve been put into a position of questioning every instance of sudden improvement in a ballplayer. This is not our fault. In the case of Bautista, I saw some video of him last year hitting the same pitch out of the park over and over again. Maybe no one took him seriously and the scouting reports didn’t take into account an adjustment he may have made. Confidence is an enormous factor in baseball, other sports, and life in general. Bautista is brimming with it. My opinion is that unless there are other players showing a similar degree of sudden improvement, I’m not suspicious. I seriously doubt that Jose Bautista alone has some secret substance that no one knows about. Can we find other players that match what he’s done lately? Guys who have demonstrated sudden and vast improvement?

The Tigers are now third in the AL in errors with 28.

well, the win streak had to end sometime, I am just glad Max did not get the loss, he did his job to perfection last night, we just couldn’t produce any offense. Good for Dirks to get his first hit and that walk in the first inning was great too, of course the pitcher couldn’t find the plate at that point, but still, to be patient and let it happen shows good signs.

I never knew much about Benoit before so I like when I don’t have any preconceived notions about someone other than knowing they were phenomenal last year. He sure has hit a rough patch and I was pulling for Al to come in last night instead of him but I suppose we have to keep testing him in games to see if he can pull out of it.

They made it a little interesting in the 9th, just not enough.

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