Postgame tidbits from Friday’s win

The stuff on the site, as one would expect, is all about Verlander. You can find it by clicking here and here. But I wanted to throw out some other tidbits before calling it a night:

  • Jhonny Peralta’s third home run in as many games marks the longest homer streak by a Tigers shortstop since Dick McAuliffe in 1966, which also was three. He’s now batting 13-for-35 in May with four walks, four home runs and 10 RBIs. And though it’s early, he has an .852 OPS going for the year.
  • Speaking of streaks, Victor Martinez has a base hit in 12 straight games thanks to his second-inning single. His streak of three-hit, three-RBI games ended at three, but his averaged stayed up at .333. Didn’t think that one day, the guy batting behind Miguel Cabrera in the Tigers lineup would get intentionally walked one day, did you?
  • On the flip side, Miguel Cabrera is batting 6-for-33 over his last 10 games. Half of those hits have come in his last three games.
  • Should be interesting to see Saturday who bats third in the Tigers lineup with Magglio Ordonez out. Brennan Boesch will continue to hit there against right-handed pitchers, but Leyland wouldn’t give an answer against left-handed pitchers. The Royals send lefty Jeff Francis out to the mound Saturday.
  • Leyland complimented former Tigers catcher Matt Treanor on his block of home plate that forced Austin Jackson to try to get around him and reach to touch home plate. “Great play,” Leyland said, “because he beat the throw easily.”


Boesch has hit lefties well so he’s the favorite to remain in the 3 hole. offense has been clicking recently so no need to overthink it. with the way he’s been swinging, could make a case for Peralta there but unlike Leyland to move a guy on a streak. Raburn seems like a longshot for that spot.

Boesch has 39 plate appearances against lefties which, I think, is a large enough sample to use for the current scenario. His numbers are on the astounding side: .375 BA, .462 OBP, .531 slg pct, .993 OPS. Factor that into his hitting third during our current streak and it becomes a no-brainer. Boesch in the 3-hole. As Woody says, don’t overthink it.
On that play at the plate that Gk asked about last night, the umpire made a good call on Treanor blocking Jackson’s hand away from the plate. He even pointed to it as he made the call, thus selling it. A super slow-mo replay showed that Austin may have gotten his hand down a split second before the tag but the call has to be made in real time with the naked eye. Good call.
Leyland’s explanation of why he didn’t send Verlander out for the 9th was clear, concise and logical, whether you agree with it or not. I wish JL would explain things in that manner more often, as he’d come across a lot better to us fans. Kudos to Jim, and to whoever asked the question.

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