Magglio to DL, Dirks contract purchased

Magglio Ordonez’s move to the 15-day DL was not something that had been planned. According to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, Ordonez called him on the off-day, saying it was bothering him and it wasn’t getting any better with all they had tried. So they decided to shut him down for a couple weeks and try to get it right.

That doesn’t necessarily mean his DL stint is going to last just two weeks. Ordonez is headed to Los Angeles for a visit with Dr. Phillip Kwong, the specialist who performed the surgery on his ankle last fall. No plans necessary to do follow-up tests, since he already has had an MRI since the season started.

As for Andy Dirks, Leyland said he’s going to play him, but didn’t say much else. He’s supposed to get to Comerica Park at some point tonight. It isn’t a simple trek up from Toledo this time, because the Mud Hens are in Gwinnett, Ga. for the start of their road trip tonight. That tells you how unexpected this was, because if they knew this was coming, they would’ve held Dirks back.


This is a good move. And the correct one, both for the team and for Magglio.

It’s about time. Maggs has been worse than awful, and has hurt the team all year. About time they brought up someone who might be able to contribute.

The team just got younger and more athletic. This may be the beginning of the Raburn platoon, and it will be with Dirks. Boesch to play everyday and hit third.
Too bad about Maggs, but maybe he can come back later. While there is something to the “weather affects the ankle” theory, it remains somewhat old wives-ey IMO. Changes in weather, yes, but not necessarily warm weather in and of itself.

Forgot to mention, sometimes orthopedic surgeons don’t get the fixation device exactly the way they want it. It happens.

That’s a little harsh, Don. I admit, Maggs hasn’t lit it up. But he wasn’t alone. There were certainly a number of others underperforming but at least it appears we know why Magglio wasn’t himself. Get well, Maggs.

Next move may be Brad Thomas.
Ryan Raburn may prove to be redundant but we might want to stick with his RHB. We need a RHB OF’er even more now with Maggs gone.
Magglio fans should be prepared that this may be “it” for their favourite guy.

Feel real bad about Magglio. Hope he’s OK, but it doesn’t sound good if he has to see the physician who did his surgery. He was so good last year right up til he broke his ankle. Something is obviously wrong.
Strieby. Just the guy I’ve been hoping to see. Of course, some of them can tear it up in Toledo. I’ll try not to expect too much but hope he can help the team.

Where I came up with Strieby is beyond me. Must have had him on my mind. Andy Dirks….he was good in ST.

What is really impressive about the club lately is the fact they have been winning without a significant contribution from MCab. When he starts to bang the ball again (and providing the rest of the guys keep it going), it could be kinda fun.

Bottom of 4 right now. Very important inning for the offense. They score a couple here and it is a major impact on the game.

We are fortunate to have 3 runs against Hocheaver. He is dealing right now.
Very important for the offense to keep the pressure on. Do not let Hocheaver get in a groove.

Kudos to the KC manager to run with 2 out and early in the count. He stayed out of the DP and johnny Vendermeer’s record reamains unbroken. Shame for JV.
I think the other JV has the record that will never be broken—N-E-V-E-R! I doubt it will ever be even tied. Forget about Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. Remarkable as it was –it will likely be broken. JV1’s will never be.
What a nice job by Justin but we need to go out and put up a crooked number and preserve a great effort. Too many times the Tigers have let their ace down. Can’t do it tonight. I am not liking the way we are succumbing to Hocheaver. He is getting into a groove. Cuidado!

Hate to say this but the cards are telling me that if we didn’t take advantage of 3 men on and a 2-0 count in that inning we might be looking at a little bit of consternation for JV these next couple of innings. He has had his balloon deflated a bit and if he were to turn it on and shut these guys down now I would be surprised and certainly extremely impressed.

I am completely impressed with Verlander tonight. To come back, in a close game, and throw like he did after a run the previous inning and a leadoff walk this inning was very impressive. There is a history with JV that he can fold a tad when things go wrong after going right. Not tonight..
No doubt he will be out there for the 8th, especially with the failure of Benoit to button down the crucial 8th inning.

More than impressed after the 8th. Now I want JL to impress me with having the courage and the foresight to bring JVIII in to save the game. JVII has pitched a gem and you should not jeopardize this as he is obviously tiring. The SOC is not a certainty to do the logical thing here. You preserve the outstanding outing by JVII and do not risk the chance of souring the effort.
BTW–JVI is Johnny Vandermeer.

Even if JVIII fails, this is the absolutely the right managerial decision to make. I certainly would not 2nd guess this move. Am prepared to give JL credit for this one beforehand.
Do I think JV is capable, yes, but he has had some trouble with Butler, so let’s see what develops.

Glad you cleared that up, Dan. I was beginning to think you were watching an episode of The Tudors instead of the ballgame. 🙂 So now that Vander Meer is safe, does he still remain JVI, or do Verlander and Valverde move up one?
Kidding aside, that’s about as close as we’ll see anyone come to Vander Meer. Two hits allowed to a pretty good hitting ballclub. I wish they hadn’t sent the runner in the 6th. But man, it was ON there for awhile.
We’ve moved into second place behind that magical crew from along the banks of the Cuyahoga.

Just got back from the ballpark. Verlander was simply spectacular AGAIN! I tell ya we were all starting to think good things again.
Way too many runners stranded, kinda got frustrated with that today.

And geez freaking Cleveland again??? Their luck has to run out sooner or later you would think??

Just saw the one replay of the out of Jackson at home plate and the last view they showed boy it looked like he was in there. It looked like he got his hand in there before Treanor tagged ’em??? I don’t know what did everyone else think??

Feeling real good about Jhonny – we need a good 6th hole man.

and feelin bad about maggs… does anyone remember how much Boras was praising Maggs health 5 months ago?

Sure nice to see our starters allowing us to take our minds away from the bullpen’s 5.4 ERA, easily ML’s highest. Holding late innings leads and converting save opportunities is the main game and they still do that pretty much as well as anyone even with Benoit’s struggles. JV the 2nd (3rd??) usually makes it interesting but is still a perfect 9 from 9 in saves. That said, I can always watch whilst Rodney in his final Tig ‘career year’ was downright excruciating regardless of his save stats.
This team sure is becoming ‘streaky’ with 17 of the 21 wins coming in four 3+ win streaks and 10 of the 18 losses in two losing streaks.
I am glad the SOC is living up to his name not pressuring DD to make a move with Coke and Thomas. Thomas can’t handle cool weather (lefties are hitting 400, longer in feet) and you don’t burn a starter without due cause to replace your #7 reliever.
The next two or so weeks will determine whether Schlereth continues to deliver, Thomas or Benoit improve and whether you can replace Thomas, if need be with a righty in Wise or a fast emerging Oliveros.

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