May 13th, 2011

Magglio to DL, Dirks contract purchased

Magglio Ordonez’s move to the 15-day DL was not something that had been planned. According to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, Ordonez called him on the off-day, saying it was bothering him and it wasn’t getting any better with all they had tried. So they decided to shut him down for a couple weeks and try to get it right.

That doesn’t necessarily mean his DL stint is going to last just two weeks. Ordonez is headed to Los Angeles for a visit with Dr. Phillip Kwong, the specialist who performed the surgery on his ankle last fall. No plans necessary to do follow-up tests, since he already has had an MRI since the season started.

As for Andy Dirks, Leyland said he’s going to play him, but didn’t say much else. He’s supposed to get to Comerica Park at some point tonight. It isn’t a simple trek up from Toledo this time, because the Mud Hens are in Gwinnett, Ga. for the start of their road trip tonight. That tells you how unexpected this was, because if they knew this was coming, they would’ve held Dirks back.