Wednesday: Tigers at Twins

It’s an overcast morning in the Twin Cities, but as of an hour before gametime, the rain is holding off. It doesn’t sound like that’ll be the case all day, with scattered showers and thunderstorms expected this afternoon. In fact, the radar shows rain literally surrounding the area, with a hole right over Minneapolis.

Jim Leyland said last night he wanted to check on Miguel Cabrera, who has played every game this season and has been dealing with a sore back (insert puns about carrying weight of offense here). He checked again this morning, and Cabrera said he feels fine and wants to play. Thus, he’s back in the cleanup spot and playing first base today.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Scott Sizemore, 2B
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Ramon Santiago, SS
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B
P: Phil Coke
  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Luke Hughes, 2B
  3. Jason Kubel, DH
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Danny Valencia, 3B
  6. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  7. Rene Tosoni, LF
  8. Rene Rivera, C
  9. Matt Tolbert, SS
P: Scott Baker


Ryan Ryan. You keep that morneau hit to a single and he probably doesn’t score on the double. I know I am slow to catch on but you are becoming a serious liability in the field.

Not a fan of the strike zone today

Can we please give raburn a few days off???? If he isn’t going to hit he is just wasting space in my opinion.

Martinez is an absolute stud right now, and nice to see Miggy having a nice hit today. Let’s keep pouring it on guys.

I don’t know if Miggy said the f-word. However I think that while there pitchers walked several today, I thought the strike zone was crap today and there could of been 3 or 4 more walks.

It was the hand gesture that did him in. Rookie ump.

Well stranding a billion runners (Ryan Raburn) and a bullshit strike zone well it leads to no good. Granted alburquerque and Schereleth were not great but certainly weren’t getting some of the close pitches like for instance Perkins got against Cabby and Boesch. Does anyone else think it was lopsided?

Exactly, and that is why Miggy was so upset. An MVP player getting squeezed like that? Horrible ump, he will be back in AAA tomorrow.

The BP let us down bigtime. Not sure why Avila kept calling for the slider when it was hanging up.
Q is vincible after all. I do see the critique about not having command on his fastball (which by the way looks like it is being delivered by William Tell).
The offense has been sorry today. Too many left on again.
Hopefully they can do something in the 8th and 9th.

Boy, has Benoit ever been a disappointment so far.

Blew this one time and time again today in so many ways. Peralta gives you hope and bam. Pen a serious disappointment today. Bad plays in the field by Boesch Inge and Raburn.

Inge needs to make that play in the 8th, or else there is no reason to keep a .202 hitter on the roster.

This game is going into hour #3 in the 8th inning because this ump cannot figure out the strike zone (for either team). This is why people stop watching baseball.

Nice clutch-hitting by JP but then we can’t get the follow-up shutdown inning we needed.
Interesting game anyway. Not a particularly good one. Raburn is looking kinda helpless lately.

I think the most beautiful thing I saw today was the squeeze put down by Austin Jackson. He made a great effort to get that done and he did it.
I even give JL some credit for calling it!

I loved that too!

I loved that too!

Peralta have been the deal of the year after V. Mart.

Crazy old ugly game that you always seem able to win when on a roll.
Having speed ahead of Miggs and Victor is such a no brainer. Boesch and Sizemore don’t like throwing away their AB’s and will get on base more ways than one.
Crazy Raburn can’t hit early in the season and his defense is not worth having on the bench or joining the long queue at DH.

It just appears to me that the Tigers don’t get any respect from umpires. Does Joe Mauer get tossed there? Albert Pujols? Derek Jeter? I hope Leyland’s quiet discussion with that umpire included a lot of “son” and “up here” in it. I did not enjoy that game at all, and that umpire had a lot to do with it. I’ve always tried to defend the umpires but I’m coming to the conclusion that they are all incompetent.
Anyway, that’s an excellent road trip, 5 out of 6. 9 runs, 10 runs, 10 runs, 9 runs, pretty amazing. I know that Coke is under fire in some quarters but I think he’s pitching pretty well. He’s getting dinked a lot and his defense has let him down a lot; case in point – Friday in Toronto he should have had a first inning ending doubleplay and those three runs don’t score. I think the jury is still out on this issue. I don’t think he’s done anything to warrant being removed from the rotation yet. He is the number 5 guy, after all. I’m more interested in getting our bullpen guys more consistent. The talent is there.
This is the Victor I’ve been waiting for. Go ahead and pitch around Cabrera. You’ll pay.
Anyone notice we have winning streaks against both Minnesota and Chicago? The times they are a’ changing.

Forgot to mention Victor sure looks better running out the homers. Fantastic he is thriving at DH.
Scary thought – Maggs, Miggs, Victor and Carlos in a row running the bases.

The Venezuelean Virtuosos are certainly not known for their speed.

way to keep coming back at em today guys. Didn’t see any of it but was listening when the squeeze happened, will have to look online for the video – brilliant and kudos to Jim for the call and Austin and Inge for executing.

This was a nerve-wracking game to watch. Have to agree with thosIe who thought the strike zone was crazy. I wanted to slap that umpires face after he ejected Miggy.
Oh, well. I have to admit ‘ol Leland was pretty locked in on this road trip. Peralta gets benched only to pinch hit a HR. I was on the phone with a landscape co. and just stopped in the middle of my sentence and told the guy Jhonny just hit a HR to put the Tigers ahead. We went on to tallk about the great play of both the Tigers and Wings. The squeeze was priceless, executed to perfection.

oh my lord 14~0 what a freaking joke, completely unacceptable. Talk about Raburn and inge all you want, pitching is the problem on this team.

Second inning and I can already see this is waste of my time!

Kinda think Penny isn’t going to survive very long, I kinda though he got screwed a little bit in the 2nd, the 3rd ining he just looks horrible. I think they should get someone throwing in the pen.

Oh no, not Phil. Hopefuly I am wrong, but he just hasn’t been the guy he used to be.

Porcello doesn’t look sharp yet? Hopefully he figues it out his team needs him too do a lot better than he has shown so far tonight. He just has to do better. That will not do

Just heard about Albaquerque? Oh boy hope he is going to be okay. My guess from what they are saying this could involve a DL trip. This is not good for the Tigers but worse for him.

Oh no! :((

Hope somebody is warming up. Phil doesn’t have it today

Infante was out

Another botched dp

Boy Prince …………not freaking good. That forth inning is looming large.

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