Tuesday: Tigers at Twins

Back to work for me at Target Field, where the trees are gone from center field and the scoreboard space is more numerous thanks to a new video board in right field and something called the Twins Tower.

Lineup is out today, and it probably is worth mentioning one particular decision. Though Jim Leyland sits right-handed hitter Ryan Raburn and plays left-handed slugger Brennan Boesch against Twins lefty Francisco Liriano, their histories against Liriano are different than you might expect. Raburn is 4-for-15 with a home run off Liriano, but Boesch is 3-for-6. Small sample size? Perhaps, but I suppose we’ll find out.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Scott Sizemore, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF (10-for-26, 2 HRs off Liriano)
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (7-for-20, 2 HRs off Liriano)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, LF
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Alex Avila, C
P: Rick Porcello
  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Matt Tolbert, SS
  3. Jason Kubel, DH
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Danny Valencia, 3B
  6. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  7. Rene Tosoni, LF
  8. Luke Hughes, 2B
  9. Drew Butera, C
P: Francisco Liriano


Both this year and last Boesch has put up much better numbers against left-handers. Maybe it is a fluke but let’s, as you say, find out.

Never liked the lefty righty idea. You are a starter or not. One in a while you might have that position. Are we at 40 games yet? Glad to see AJ hitting. He must have read our blogs about sending him to the minors. Miggy’s shoulders are tired from carrying the team. C’mon Maggs, your turn. Looking forward to being able to watch the game tonight.

The Twins Tower? Okay…………. What always strikes me is how steep those rightfield seats appear.
Actually I was surprised that Boesch sat out both weekend games against those lefties. I suppose they wouldn’t let us use a DH for Inge, who is 4 for 31 off Liriano. Now that’s a sample. On the other hand, Miggy and Victor tear this guy up. Forget the split, let’s get both games.

The steep pitch of those seats reminds me of Cobo Arena. Anyone remember that? One false step and you don’t stop rolling and bouncing until you’re on the arena floor. Strange to watch a guy shoot a jump shot from almost directly above him. And the Jimi Hendrix show………never mind.

I wonder if Porcello (or any other Tiger pitcher) can hit better than Inge.

Is there anyway to find out where the Tigers will stay while in Pittsburgh? My family and I plan one road trip per year to watch the team play out of town. I don’t, usually, have trouble staying in the team hotel…Pittsburgh is giving me trouble. I know this is a bit unusual but I promise that I am not a “stalker”. I’m just a long time fan and season ticket holder that loves to support my team.

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry I don’t know

Rich – your not kidding when we went to target field last year, I was shocked at the steepness of those seats. I tell you I am not afraid of heights, but geez upper deck there anywhere I wouldn’t want to sit there. Lower bowl was great!
Also thinking of going to Pittsburg.

Can’t help you there Liane, but if you figure it out I’d be curious to know. My dad and I are making the trip to Pittsburgh as well. I’m pretty excited as I hear great things about that stadium!

Sorry, guess that was Christian not Liane… can’t read a blog apparently.

I would just like to see JL follow through with what he says for once. Maggs was supposed to be hitting lower in the lineup which he did fine with at 6th. Boesch was supposed to bat 3 or 6 now he gets 2 days off and plopped at 7. 2006 was the last time we had very few lineup changes we know how that ended up. Every year since more tinkering and more mediocre finishes.

Leyland is a double talker. Don’t expect any different. He is not about to change.

I’m in misery for Magglio. Sure wish he could get it going.

Well they are going to have to actually make a decision with Magglio.
He is contibuting nothing and is stealing a prime batting order spot from others who could benefit from it.
Inge is not doing a whole lot better and these are 2 important areas of concern for THIS year, not just thinking they can limp through this year and hope something happens by spring training 2012.
VMart is on a roll right now and it is time to insert Boesch in the 3rd spot.

V-Mart is worth every dollar paid for him. Soon there will be no more intentionals walks for Cabrera.If Magglio recover his swing, Detroit will be the runs machine promised in 2008

BTW:Binge is two point below Justin Morneau in BA

VMart sure is doing an amazing job after his injury stint, am impressed with him right now. And am glad to see AJax heating up as well. Avila has been probably my most pleasant surprise at this point. I too thought Magglio would stay lower in the line up – what, was it one or two games he was lowered? Sure, he gets a few hits and they throw him right back in there? He is floundering and I thought for sure hwe was coming back with a couple of those good swings. I hope he can, would love to see us squeeze a bit more out of him.

Another terrific effort. Crazy hail last night wasn’t that?

He ain’t the SOC for nothing.
I am sure he got a 1000 lineup cards printed with Maggs at 3 and Miggs at 4.

A Red Wings and a Tigers win! Pretty sweet!

Well JL almost has to do something with Maggs. Maggs has hit into too many inning killing DPs—even if he does get on, he clogs up the bases ahead of the 2 slugs behind him. You can’t afford to have 3 guys in a row that simply can’t run.
What do you do with a DH type (because he should not be playing defensively) like Magglio if Guillen comes back? I actualy doubt guillen will return to Detroit and figure he will either be finished here because of injury or trade.
Boesch is on the verge of becoming a bonafide MLB slugger. Any help his manager can give him (such as putting him into a position to see better pitches and batting him 3rd) is ony the intelligent thing to do.
At the very least you have 3 guys hitting ahead of Cab and VMart with base-running enthusiasm and some skill.
The Tigers may have wond 4 of their last 5 but there are some issues they need to resolve in order to contend.
First, I would give the OF job to Boesch and let him hit against LHP (as well as to keep batting him 3rd).
Inge’s contributions are over-rated. I would give Raburn a chance to play 3rd with Brandon available as backup and as 7th inning defensive replacement. I would call up Dirks, platoon him with Wells and divest ourselves of Magglio.
These are radical ideas I know and not withstanding the Tigers winning, there are major areas of concern that need to be addressed in order to contend.
They have to inject some speed to the lineup. Especially at Comerica where gap hitters and speed are rewarded.
The starting pitchers have been very kind to Tiger fans. Coke gets tested once again today and if he seems uncomfortable in this role as a SP, then they should tighten up the bullpen considerabley, by waiving Thomas and calling up either Furbush or Oliver.
I do feel that Coke would be better off there, as would his team.
Back to Raburn, if he can’t do the job at 3rd, they should get rid of him too. And by doing the job I mean producing offensively so much that that in itself compensates for defensive shortcomings. I still maintain, this would be the best position for him (if he can play it) on a MLB basebal diamond.
Maybe-but this team still has issues that need to be fixed.

Raburn at 3B is, and always will be, a joke. He’s a mediocre fielder… period. It doesn’t matter where he plays, he’s a defensive liability. And his offensive numbers are not worth playing hiim everyday. He and Inge are a wash, offensively, so I’d rather have Inge’s glove at the hot corner. Many people here said Raburn would produce more if he was just given a chance to play everyday. He’s had that chance this season and has failed to produce. Yeah, he’ll hit a HR now and then, but even a broken clock is right twice per day. Cut him and Magglio loose and play Boesch and Wells everyday with Dirks available off the bench.

He would be a kind of mechanical man out there I’m sure. But, he really can’t play anywhere else IMO. And there are no real optins to replace Inge at this stage.
Do I thinkit is a good move? No, but it would make a more imposing lineup (providing he hits better than he has shown so far. I must admit much of my opinion is that I am very negative about the abilities of Binge and Ordoñez.

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