Oliver pushed back at Toledo

I’m off for this weekend’s series at Toronto, but I decided to head down to Toledo tonight to get a look at Andy Oliver. Except …

It sounds worse than it actually is, apparently, but it still sounds funny. Oliver was messing around with a slingshot during the Mud Hens’ off-day Thursday, and while he didn’t have an accident or anything, his hand was sore today. To hear him describe it, he was using some muscles in his hand he doesn’t normally use, and they became sore.

Both Oliver and Hens manager Phil Nevin said he could’ve pitched tonight. But with the ability to push ahead their other starters without forcing them to pitch on short rest, they played it cautious.

“We’ve been wanting to maybe a skip a start and get some extra days [off] throughout the season,” Nevin said. “He could’ve pitched today.”

Instead, he’ll pitch Monday.

“I played catch and felt fine,” Oliver said. “It’s nothing. I’m not even concerned about it at all.”

That said, management relayed the message about off-field activities that impact his pitching.

“I think he realizes the ramifications of missing today’s start,” Nevin said. “But it’s part of growing up and realizing priorities. We’re not angry with him or anything like that. It’s not a huge deal.”

It’s also not a deal that has a clear ulterior motive. As it was, Oliver would’ve started tonight around the same time Phil Coke was pitching. Pushing him back a few days doesn’t foreshadow anything.


Cy Litsch is pitching tonight?

Bloops and bleeders. Looks like twins metrodome baseball

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This is very disappointing. Litsch is a 5th starter at best and they are making him look way better than he is. He is not a K pitcher and he already has 9. Gimme a break.
Coke had some tough breaks early. But he seems to throw alot of pitches over the heart of the plate. He doesnt seem to be able to hit the corners.
This looks like what Rich always eludes to. Taking the weak teams lightly. They seem very uninterested in competing tonight. Somebody needs to tell them they are stuck in my hometown all the way until Monday and that this is the first game of the series and not getaway day.
I am going on Sunday so I hope they get their act together by then.
— Bob

Weak hitting teams get ya every time. Seatlle, Oakland and now Toronto!

Does Coke have it???

‘Fraid so, Bob. They got all humped up to play NY then went to sleep tonight. Actually, it was pretty poor play by both teams. I’d like to think we’d win when that happens. This club is in dire need of strong leadership. I will say that they didn’t look happy as they filed out of the dugout, for whatever that’s worth.
I’m trying to remember them having any success against any starter this season. Anyone remember? Or have numbers?

I got disgusted in the 1st inning. Sending Brennan with no chance. It drives me nuts.

Lou Whitaker break dancing
His replacemet a motorcycle accident
Zumaya, Rock guitar heroe
And now a slingshot. When player will learn that their bodies put the food on the table?
It snot only Detroit , playing basketball and geting hurt is not smart eihter

If Sizemore turns that DP in the first inning, we’re out of there with no runs scored instead of three, and it’s an entirely different game. We have a team that doesn’t hit much, so defense is all the more important. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one with that viewpoint.
If it were up to me, the phrase “you have to tip your cap” would be worth a $1000 fine. I don’t want to hear that even if it’s accurate.

He’s prone to errors, so the hitting has got to make up for it.

Man, already hearing it from the husband on his blue jays. Rod Allen making excuses for the guys not playing on turf yet this year – Peralta has been playing baseball for enough years, I think he has played on it a few times and knows how to adjust. Isn’t that part of pre-game planning to know how to play a different field? I need a series win here fellas or there is no living at my house.

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Today’s lineup seems to ignore the statistical fact that lefties seem to hit Romero better than righties. I’m also wondering if giving Jackson Thursday off after he showed some life on Wednesday was a good idea. “Protecting him from a tough righthander” was the reason given. Which pitcher out there isn’t tough?

Rich … Phil Hughes … 3rd game of the year when home runs were flying out of Yankee Stadium like it was a Little League park. Other than that, I cannot recall another starter that we have jumped on early. There was the Home Opener with the 4 run first but after that they settled in for typical “polite baseball”. It seems like every other day the opposing team is scoring in the first couple of innings. Very frustrating.
The Tigers need an ACE today and hopefully JV will be up for the task. But my recollection is that he doesnt fare too well in the Skydome (I still call it that). I remember the Opening Day in 2009 when he didnt get out of the 4th inning. That was the game JL pulled the boys off the field late when the idiot fans were throwing things on the field at the Tigers. I was embarrassed of my fellow countrymen on that night.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Well, this is fun!

I thought they would throw away the 9th AB’s – bit difficult though if they can’t pitch over the plate.

Yes!! Man was he in sync. Funny though only 4 SO’s, among his lowest.

first game of the year where i have absolutely no complaints!


Ump should have given him the call in the 8th, he earned it!

Congratulations JV. I asked for an ACE and I got it. He was like a surgeon.
And we finally knocked a starter out early. It was a perfect game. Well, almost perfect😉.
I hope the bats keep going for my presence tomorrow.
Have a great night bloggers.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Missed almost the whole game, watched one inning, went grocery shopping, went for a run, watched the derby then switched it on for the 9th inning – imagine my surprise! I’ll have to watch some highlights – unbelievable. That guy is amazing. Congrats JV!

I had to DVR the Derby and just finished that. I thought JV should have gotten that 8th inning strike too. I also wanted Santiago in for Sizemore…..in the 6th inning. But it was a great day and one we’ll remember for a long time. Can’t find anything wrong with this one today, that’s for sure. The icy shower on Trevor Thompson just put the topper on it!
Anytime Verlander goes out there with all pitches working, he’s a no-hitter waiting to happen.

Forgot to mention: I was out of town and missed JV’s first no-hitter, I was away from home and missed Galarraga’s more than perfect game, but I was there for this one, start to finish. Finally.

Rich, I think I also missed all but the end of his other no-hitter, so maybe every once in a while it is good that I sit out most the game. Same with the almost perfect game.

Way to go. JV!

Kudos to JV and Avila. That was “Ace” stuff today. Hope we continue to see more of that kind of pitching this season. I think it’s entirely possible that Max can throw one too. His stuff can be downright unhittable as well.

I’m re-watching it ….very slowly, going over every play that I thankfully recorded on the DVR. I had a feeling about the 4th inning that it could be special and he sure didn’t disappoint. Great defense today, boys! Go Tigers!

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