Your guide to Tigers reliever nicknames

And you thought the Tigers bullpen lost its character when Phil Coke became a starter.

Daniel Schlereth is out there, and as it turns out, he’s a character. So is Brad Thomas, and so, apparently, is Brayan Villarreal.

Schlereth announced today that he wants to be known by his nickname, the Alaskan Assassin. He was born in Anchorage, so that makes sense. He also has been nicknamed the Baby Black Bear.

I told him that could be quite a tandem, the Alaskan Assassin and Agent P, otherwise known as Ryan Perry, or the Platypus. But Perry has earned a new nickname in the Tigers bullpen. After his DL stint with an eye infection, he’s now known as Cyclops.

On down the line it went. Brayan Villarreal? He’s known as Zorro, Schlereth said, because of the hair.

Al Alburquerque? Schlereth didn’t have one for him, but Villarreal said he’s known as Avatar, after the characters from the movie.

Jose Valverde? They don’t really need a nickname, or at least they don’t dare put one of him. But when Big Potato was mentioned, Valverde nodded in approval.

Brad Thomas? Nothing. They just make fun of the Aussie accent.

Joaquin Benoit? Nothing yet.

Offbeat? You bet. But look at it this way: It sure beats those mohawk haircuts Tigers relievers had last year around this time.


My nickname for Alberquerque is “Q”.
Thomas is “10 Man” (For his ERA)

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Thanks Jason, always love these little insights into behind the scenes. I love Zorro, that one will stick with me for sure. So Papa Grande didn’t stick, that is what Rod likes to call him.

I do get a kick out of Rod, was that yesterday he was making fun of the name Earl? He gets a little slap happy in the booth from time to time.

Papa Grande means big potato in spanish

“Zorro” is perfect for Mr. V.

I like Zorro but I think it should be because he kinda dances around a little bit after he releases the ball kinda like he he waving a sword around!?,? I think papa grande is a name that Valverde has had for a long time.

Alberquerque should be Mex, short for New Mexico.

anyone who say daniel talk about his spring training beard knows he’s a character. Jamie Walker was the ultimate character tho -> he was colorful but also hated the AL Central opponents more than anyone else in the pen. For that matter, does anyone remember when Farnsworth speared that Royal player during a brawl?

While looking at some basebrawl footage, I saw Farnsworth use that move at least two other times. It was his standard mode of attack and should have been picked up by advance scouts. 🙂 Porcello-Youkilis was the best, though.
“Jersey Boy Wards Off Sasquatch Attack”

Speaking of nicknames, how about Mr. Snuggles, Chipmunk, and Puggly Wuggly. If you watch the games on FSD, you know of what I speak.

yes Rich, my kids love that commercial

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Should Benoit be Obi Ben-Wanobi?

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