Tuesday: Tigers vs. Yankees

As you probably heard, the batting order is getting a makeover of sorts once Victor Martinez comes back. He’ll bat fifth behind Miguel Cabrera, who will stay in the cleanup spot. Brennan Boesch will move up from fifth to third. Magglio Ordonez will move down for a stretch, probably to sixth.

Jim Leyland said Boesch can beat out a double play ground ball, which was a plus, but it sounds like a strange reasoning. Left unsaid is the idea that he’ll get more strikes batting in front of Cabrera.

“I prefer Boesch, as we look [as a team], probably in the third or the sixth spot,” Leyland said.

Sizemore bats second, as Leyland said he would last night.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Scott Sizemore, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Ryan Raburn, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Casper Wells, RF
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Brad Penny


Basically the same lineup, different day. Glaring holes in the 1,3, 5 and 9 spots. My early prediction is these 4 hitters combine for 6 K’s against Sabathia.

Funny thing is, I think Boesch has hit leftys better than righties this year. I guess Leyland liked that last line out by Ordonez last night, so he stays batting 3rd. Miguel, you won’t even need a bat tonight, you won’t see a pitch.

And you are right. Thats why JL sit him a put raburn 41 k and a brick for glove in the starting line up

Funny thing is i watched Boesch hit one out on CC last year. But Hey Raburn needs more AB’s.

(In my best Andy Rooney voice) Ever notice how Leyland rarely plays the same guys two days in a row yet his batting order always looks the same?
Don’t know why he’s waiting till tomorrow to move Ordonez. Maybe if he ever explained something we wouldn’t be questioning him all the time. The “track record” thing only goes so far. Of course, if Maggs gets some hits tonight, and I surely hope he does, JL will be rewarded for his patience, the seven losses in a row notwithstanding.
It’s strange and wondrous stuff…………

Typical Leyland TRASH!! I would sit Santiago after a 3 hit night (SMH)… Hate to say it but here comes 8 in a row, Keeping the streak alive. I would venture we lose 13-2 and the 2 is on the high end!!

He bats 600 , carrer,against Colon.still i liked him in the line up

The Tigs are without VV, Benoit, Perry and Villarreal with Coke available in the pen.

I would let Casper lead off, move Jackson to 9th.

Dave, where did you hear that about the pen? I understand Valverde, but is there something wrong (besides they have stunk).? Villereal didn’t pitch last night did he?

But he threw a complete game in the bullpen. he was warming since 5 inn.
by the way , the y´s at bat in the 9th were like 2=20 against Valverde.
Alburquerque is the one perhaps not available

As far as the lineup, all I have to says Whatever? Does really matter anymore? Nothing s consistent and nothing makes sense from night o night?

John Lowe’s Freep article. Who knows what they will do for the last 3+ innings.

Binge was pitcher in college. Thomas. and Schleret
No more 50 pitches for Valverde but 39 are ok

Regarding 3B, Sizemore has played the position and the SOC seems to see Raburn being able to play anywhere anytime.
If both are hitting and Boesch comes out of his mini funk, someone has to make room. Brandon to me is not the same defensively and his hitting has to improve.

Thanks Dave! And add to your list Albaquerue ( I am sure I didnt spell that correctly). Without all those guys available not that we already weren’t, but we are really sunk. I wonder what is wrong with Villreal?

Nothing would surprise me with Penny tonight. 3 innings or 8 but likely on the edge and running out of gas in the 6th.
If the game is on the line, the SOC may force DD’s hand based on how he uses Coke.

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The SOC definitely isn’t asking Maggs to hit a sac fly.

Seriously disturbed by the strike zone that Penny is getting, could he be squeezed anymore than he is?

I think Avila’s AB sums up the different strike zone – swinging on two (close) balls then leads to getting called out on balls.

Yep??? Look at Gardners AB – total strikes then Alex gets called out on a pitch that to me looked a little outside. That’s fine if you call it the same.

What I was trying to say is some umpires get their strike zone distorted based on how disciplined the AB’s are. Gardner laid off close pitchers to get the calls, Avila swung at the close (probably missing) pitches then didn’t get the close call for a third strike.

Go Penny!! Got a break with Grandy swinging away with one on no outs. With a bit of luck he could make it to 6 when 4 IP was looking likely.

What wears more on our pitchers – their hitting or our defense. Just when they are starting to swing away for easy outs, a couple of missed chances.

AJ and Maggs with 2 hits tonight! Corner being turned I hope?

And they win the most unlikely game, go figure! A win is a win and I will take it!

Funny how you can get a win when the odds least favour. Great to see VV willing to go.

I don’t know, we usually can knock CC around a bit, even when he beats us. We’ll have more trouble with Garcia tomorrow. We still missed opportunities to put the game on ice. I guess it’s like hockey; the more shots on goal, the more likely one goes in? If we increase our RISP hits per game by even one or two, it will make a huge difference.
By the way, anybody see Wells pop up that bunt in the 8th inning? That’s what happens when you have a non-bunter bunt.
The White Sox offense finally hit rock bottom, being no hit in their own yard by Liriano.
Shin-soo Choo gets a DUI. Get ESPN and Fox on it. Have Ken Rosenthal interview him so Choo can apologize to the fans, the United States, Korea, and the rest of the Pacific Rim. Get him some help, he obviously has a serious problem. We’re worried about him as a person, not as a ballplayer. And on and on. Didn’t those officers know who he was?

This is the first I have heard Choo, so this is the second Indian (Kearns during spring training) along with Crisp Derek Lowe and there is the dude from the cardinals who had his 3 rd in December! But the only one who is forced to apologize to the world and according to some shouldn’t even be playing ball right now is Miggy??? Ghats crap!

Auto correct “that’s crap”

Leyland drives me crazy with his double talk. He does it all the time. Now it’s the lineup that he says he has changed then remains essentilly the same.
“to be honest with you” means you can look for the other side of his mouth to be talking too.
Lots of nice arms in the farm system. Oliveros (who is actually on the 40 man roster) is throwing the baseball like a madman. Miniscule ERA and about 20 or 21 Ks in maybe 13 or 14 innings.
Some very good points on Raburn made here. He does have the power we sometimes seem to lack, but his shortcomings are unfortunately obvious to all–pitchers included.
I’ve missed the 2 Yankee games but judging from the highlight reels and box scores I would venture to say that Alex Avila is perhaps playing the best all around ball on the club.

golly I wish i could find an avila hater (maybe in a dark alley) these days…..seems like you couldn’t find anyone to stick up for him 3 wks ago.

Maggs is the new J. Damon….except he can’t run😦 I say play him 1-3 times a wk (RF and DH ONLY) until he is batting MUCH better. He already got us for 10M we shouldn’t let him fk us any harder.

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