V-Mart likely batting 5th upon return

The question came up this morning: When Victor Martinez returns from the disabled list this coming week, would he go back to batting fifth? Or would he bat somewhere else in the order.

The answer appears to be fifth.

“If he’s ready, I’ll probably put him right there behind Miguel right away,” Jim Leyland said.

That doesn’t seem to rule out moving him to, say, the third spot down the road. But it seemingly rules out an immediate change.

It’s an interesting conflict. Move Martinez to third, and it gives potentially a hotter hitter in front of Miguel Cabrera, not to mention a different look if the top of the order can get on base for the third guy. But that would remove the veteran run producing bat behind Cabrera, and we all saw what happened with that on Saturday.


SOC, what a joke. Kelly in the 3 hole and even Raburn second. How about Will, BB, Miggy, and AA to start off a game? Those are our best hitters to do damage in the first inning. Well, the radio will be on as it sunny and 65 in GR. Go Tigers, burn those brooms in Cleveland! –Dave

Sorry Ryan, I like you batting 6th. I meant Go Ramon in the 2 slot!

Tough break for Ramon (and the Tigers) on the hard-hit DP with bases full. Not his fault but another instance of what this team has become noted for. Not cashing in on opportunity.
Masterson is very likely to find his stuff next inning. Amazing what 1 pitch can do!

Oppositely—The Indians seem to take advantage of every oportunity.
BTW, did AJ bobble the base hit by Brantley? OCab was just touching 2nd base when he was bending down to field it. Thought for sure he’d be thrown out but not even a throw.

Not sure who’s fault it is then. It happens and it doesn’t make me think less of him, but it was him. In fact I would love to see Ramon get a lot more playing time. They just don’t cash in, nobody is consistent and can be trusted. And just like that with two outs Coke gives up a couple of bleeders and then a double off the wall. Already seeing how stranded MORE runners could do us in.

That’s stranding more runners. I must proof read!

It’s uncanny. And now, as I was afraid of, the saving grace of the hard-hit DP has turned Masterson into the pitcher he has been all year. It is going to be tough sledding from here.

Yep, he looked like a different pitcher that inning

And the next. Our hitters have done it again. They have once more let a starter offf the hook only to let him find his groove. Good teams do not allow that to happen. They jump on the starter with both feet.

Not a fan of the strike zone today!

Coke got LaPorta on a pop up. But where was Rhymes? He was running off the field instead of being a safety net on the play and backing up Cab. Cab Just about missed that pop in fair territory.

Plunking poor Ramon! Tool, it didn’t have to be at 97!

JL absolutely has to put Boesch in front of Cab. Can he not see that BB is in the beginning throes of a slump. The problem with slumps is they always get worse so do something about it dude.

Raburn looked awful in that AB. Just awful. I know that will happen but with RISP you gotta crank up the determination.

These guys look bad. Not running out ground balls or pop-ups. Getting called out on strikes with RISP, bad ABs, not backing up plays, kicking around base hits in th OF. They’re brutal right now.

Note to umpire- you have to call the same strike zone for both pitchers. Masterson has missed the strike zone a lot more than you have called it! Just for starters the last at bat to Avila to in the 6th. If you are going to be generous with one you must also give that to Phil you big jerkM

Masterson was helped again in that inning, by the ump. Have these umpires been talking to the officials revving the red wings games??

Well Phil is going to beat himself if he keeps throwing the lollipop. He was lucky against Brantley (who he had all set up for a high hard one).
Who will it be today? And I think you know what I mean.

Uh Oh. Jimmy is going to the 7th inning!!

Here we go. Ryan Perry always seems to choke in the the really important outings.

Wow what was that a sac bunt to get the guy over? Holy cow, imagine that? No wonder Indians are winners and we are losers?

He didn’t exactly choke but the truth is Alex Avila kept the Indians from scoring. He allowed Perry to throw the slider with impunity. Nice job Alex and good job Perry. Gotta give Perry credit for his throw to 1st too. How many times have we seen our pitchers throw that in the RF corner?

Yep! I don’t really think that he was throwing at Cabrera, but I bet you 8 billion dollars if it were the other way around, our pitcher would of been tossed. That happened once before to us and I remember it wound up causing a few problems.

OK–no way they want to hit MCab.
But now its dilemma time. They should (Idon’t really care if he can or he can’t) bunt with Boesch against the tough souhpaw. Yes, I know he has hit them in the past but this is a game situation. And Brennan is struggling, make no mistake about that.

He was in a 10 games hiting streak, now he is returning to the media. That is not struggling. Even DIMaggio eventually stoped hitting every day

Slow learner

Not bunting , again, i mean

For Pete’s sake–even Lynn Henning should have been able to prdict this K to Boesch. Leyland is fool. No way we eke a run out of this now. In fact I would almost predict another K or a DP

I happily stand corrected. Avila is becoming a very dependable guy in getting the run in from 3rd. He is a SacFly machine. I like his approach. He can make some mistakes AB but he knew enough that he felt he could get the ball in the air on that 1st pitch.. You get in the hole against Perez and that becomes far less likely. Nice job AA

If he hunted we have two runs that inning. Again, I cannot believe you as. Major league hitter, cannot bunt?.. And guess what if you don’t, then teach them.

Granderson on pace for 52 homers

NO GK–it’s not aboutg the numbers it’s about the moment. Boesch IS struggling right now. He also is having to deal with hitting behind Cab while he is.
We can have a difference of opinion on this but it doesn’t change the fact that JL should have had him try to lay it down—at least once.

I think we agree, he should of hunted and didn’t!

Boy–Benoit better get that ball down.

Blew it again!


Well he can’t and he has paid for it. Welll actually , DD has paid for it , Benoit has been a different beast than the one they signed.

He needs some re-hab, looks like to me. Lost his mojo. He was terrific during ST and the first few weeks, but probably caught the same disease the rest of the team has.

Is something wrong with Benoit?

I wondered WHO it would be today. Well it was Benoit.
He’s been a major disappointment so far.
Kudos to Raburn for hanging in there and giving his body up to make that catch.

Dan, I think we agree on Boesch bunting he should whether he has done it before or not!

I haven’t been commenting here lately because I am trying not to be negative about this team but it is so hard. Do we have to wait for 40 games to make any changes? Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. Guillen, Zumaya, Ordonez, Martinez, Rhymes, Inge, Jackson, Raburn, Verlander, Benoit. Boesch is beginning to look like the second half of 2010. How long can Avila keep it up? Cabrera will miss the 100 RBI mark for the first time in 8 years because there is nobody on base to drive in.

I concur, illinoisfan. It’s inexcuseable. We can argue about lineups and what should or shouldn’t be done, but the fact of the matter is we are underperforming and have been doing so for the past 5 years.

Swept by Seattle, kicked by Cleveland. What’s next? Canned at the CoPa.

Brennan is out of whack and I have no idea why he swings at the 1st pitch with a man on 3rd. You take a few and be selective, you let the pitcher throw one in the dirt, the catcher miss it. Anything. Not the 1st pitch. If you are banging the snot out of the ball then OK. But not when you’re not.
I’d love to blame this one on Leyland but instead I will have to blame it on the Leyland atmosphere.

Well can’t beat the Mariners, can’t beat the Indians. We were in line to win two of the games, but couldn’t pitch and couldn’t get the tack on runs. Well what hope do we hold against the Yankees? Have tickets to two games, and well I am afraid I am going to be disappointed.

Better not be any contract extension for Leyland. At this point it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. It has become the “atmosphere” as Dan has pointed out. Jackson or anyone could be sent to Toledo to brush up on his hitting but he returns to McClendon and falls back into bad habits.
Last year Scherzer and Porcello were sent down for pitching help and they seem to have come back. Why does Toledo become the “rehab” center? Where are the Detroit coaches? While I am at it, what do you do with Maggs? I doubt he will go to Toledo. Sitting on the bench won’t help him break out. The only thing left is lower in the batting order or a release.

I may have more later, but on the Boesch bunting bit, there is about a 95% chance, IMO, that he pops it straight up. And there was no one on the bench capable of laying one down since they were all in the game already. All that taken into account, I have to shut my eyes and hope Brennan does something productive, even though I doubted he would. It’s just a fact that there are a ton of big leaguers that don’t know how to bunt. Just being realistic here.
The “atmosphere” is something that we’ve all talked about for years. That’s why we fans watch the game as if the proverbial sword of Damocles is hanging over our heads.

So the fishing buddies keep making the moves together. I wonder who had the brainwave for some change – Lynn or the SOC?
Didn’t expect our 3-0 in one run games to even up so quickly.
Still 2.5 games ahead on management’s season game plan.

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Get rid of this fool now.


I haven’t commented this whole Indian series and can’t take the time to read the comments. We are going down a slippery slope of bad playing and they need to right the ship quickly before the season is lost before it started. Was so pumped after the White Sox series but 2 sweeps in a row shows we have some serious problems.

Avila is turning out to be a nice mr dependable and wish we had 3 more Miguel’s – that guy can hit like nobody else when he is given anything to hit. I like how he can get a basehit out of a ball pitch just to do something.

Have had some great pitching by our starters for the most part lately – our offense needs to produce more than 2 runs per game – amazing. Victor can’t return fast enough, as much as I love Maggs there is something wrong there that he can’t hit at all, they can’t keep running him out there ahead of Miguel so he can continue to get out.

Not much to say about today’s game, other than it was again lost, in the 2nd inning this time, when they didn’t capitalize on sacks full and one out. After that, it was just a question of how the deed would be done. Today it was Benoit. Pretty predictable stuff.
Strange start to the Central season. If you subscribe to the idea that Cleveland and KC will fade, we’re ahead of the other two teams. More than likely, Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit will all start winning at the same time.
I noticed with that Henning article about change that he didn’t include JL in any of it. For those of us who think that the problem lies at the top, it was wasted reading. It’s impossible to quantify how many wins and losses a field manager causes. If you look at things like Huff hitting 5th for the final six weeks of 2009, or Inge being run out there everyday on two badly damaged knees, or Boesch being left to twist in the wind and hitting 5th the entire second half of 2010, if you look at things like that, it could add up to a lot. There are a lot of perfectly capable managers out there and it’s strange that so many feel that Leyland is the only one who can lead this club.
I fully expect the Tigers to pep up and play better ball while splitting the upcoming NY series. It will get their attention like intra-division games (or JL) never can.

Grandy will be back in town. While he was a fan favorite, many people were criticizing his diminishing skills especially at the plate. He’s had his struggles in NY, but is absolutely mashing and thriving. He will probably get a standing O which he deserves and missed out on last year due to injury. Now, folks are calling for Austin to be sent down to Toledo. How can they possibly do that when Boesch was left out to dry last year and we had to watch that absolute train wreck along with cruddy fielding for 3 months? How come Lynn wasn’t opining about Boesch being sent down to a more relaxing atmosphere in Toledo to gather himself?
I just don’t know how Austin would feel about that. Maybe Grandy can give him a pep talk, because God knows he needs one and Grandy can relate to that.

Tiger Girl\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\;

Nice Post Tiger Girl. Nail on the head.

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