Sunday: Tigers at Indians

The two lineup moves that were clamored about most online last night happened today, with Austin Jackson moved down from the leadoff spot and Magglio Ordonez getting a day off.

Both moves, however, are temporary, at least for now. Jim Leyland said this morning he wanted to stack left-handed hitters up in the order against Justin Masterson, which explains the Rhymes-Santiago-Kelly trio.

As for Ordonez, Leyland said, “I was planning all along to get Magglio off.”

The Rhymes-Santiago-Kelly trio up top is an effort to load up with left-handed hitters early against Indians starter Justin Masterson. His numbers are great this year, but his splits are extreme: Right-handed hitters are just .138 (8-for-58) against him, while lefties are batting .290 (18-for-62).


  1. Will Rhymes, 2B
  2. Ramon Santiago, SS
  3. Don Kelly, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Austin Jackson, CF
P: Phil Coke


I don’t understand Leyland’s choice of line ups right now. There aren’t many guys hitting or getting on base, so put the guys in the appropriate order to put a string of hits together (particularly 2-5)
1. Rhymes
2. Rayburn
3. Boesch
4. Cabrera
5. Peralta
6. Ordonez
7. Avila
8. Inge
9. Jackson

I don’t think anyone clamored for Kelly to hit third. 🙂
Whatever, probably doesn’t matter at this point.

The way I look at it is that you gotta try something. If Magglio can’t get it done, try something else. This is something else.

Man- what a dolt. Boesch back at 5 when he could really benefit from batting 3rd. He can have Raburn and Avila after Cab.
Kelly batting 3rd is ridiculous.
Hasn’t this guy ever heard of Mantle/Maris. Kaline/Cash, Mays/McCove? even Bonds/Bonilla/ etc etc.

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