Saturday: Tigers at Indians

The Tigers are sticking with their lineup from Friday. No track records to go on for Detroit against Alex White, the Indians starter making his Major League debut.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Will Rhymes, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


I found this on the Freep:
STAT OF THE DAY: A total of 14 teams began play shortly after 7 p.m. Friday. That means at that hour there were 42 hitters manning the Nos. 1-3 spots in batting orders. Of those 42 hitters, six began the night with a batting average under .200. Three of those six hitters were the Tigers’ Nos. 1-3 hitters: Jackson (.167), Rhymes (.196) and Magglio Ordoñez (.172).
Opinions aren’t even necessary, just look at the facts. So we’ve got this, along with our history of trouble with hotshot call-up starters, combined with six innings from Porcello (hopefully), in conjunction with what’s become a very shaky bullpen, against a team that’s playing on cloud nine in a very hometeam-friendly ballpark. Heck, this one’s in the bag!
Is Al (believe in miracles) Michaels available to call this game?
And this is me being optimistic…………….

Your first paragraph says it all!

The same friggin lineup? Leyland’s not even trying anymore.

Why is the Tigers’ 3rd best hitter hitting 8th?? Shouldn’t you want to get your best hitters more at-bats? Leyland is nothing if not stubborn.

Still waiting on the bats to come around. Maggs and Ajax are out of place at the top of our lineup. Neither of them are hitting the ball with authority if they can even make contact. Avila at bottom is is dumbfounding. If they insist on playing the scab named Raburn have him lead off he has done it reasonably in the past.

1- Raburn LF
2- Rhymes 2b
3-Boesch rf
4- Cabs 1b
5- Avila c
6- Peralta ss
7- Maggs DH
8-Inge 3b
9- Ajax CF

I love fantasy lineups, because thats all they are a fantasy.
Better yet we should have Ajax, Rhymes and Mags hitting 3-4-5 maybe they would perk up their bats…UGH. I be watching later anyway, I’m a lifer and a glutton for punishment. Pretty bad when my hometown Mudhens are playing more exciting baseball then the big boys up north.

Alex Avila, C
Magglio Ordonez, DH
Miguel Cabrera, 1B
Brennan Boesch, RF
Jhonny Peralta, 3B
Wells , LF
Worth, SS
Santiago, 2B
Austin Jackson, CF

P: Rick Porcello

Jackson, Maggs and Rhymes have had 224 of the teams 876 AB’s (25.5%) for:
16 of 111 runs scored (14.4%)
7 of 103 RBI’s (6.8%).
Maggs sadly has 2 runs and 1 RBI from his 63 AB’s.

I don’t believe what I just saw!

Well just got home from my nephews high school play, just in time to watch the tigers strand the leadoff double of Cabrera, and to see villreal throw the ball away, load the bases and throw a pitch right down the middle to Orlando Cabrera. Yippie!

Another rediculous display of or lack of major league hitting by the Tigers. Magglio looks terrible at the plate. I am tired of the Tigers making every pitcher they face look like a world beater. Isn’t it time somebody saw that it is not the pitching they are facing, but the lack of hitting they have. They sure know how to make the opposition look great.

I didn’t want to walk Santana to pitch to O. Cabrera, as I thought Santana was the most likely strikeout candidate. I don’t think it mattered, however, because we were never going to win that game. Never.
0 for 6 for Ordonez and he never hit a ball out of the infield. JL with no plans to change his lineup. Okay Jim, you want to look like a total fool, be my guest.

Our business plan this year is to stay ahead of the Twins and Sox.
Right on schedule – a few games ahead and matching loss for loss.

Not that it would of mattered so much because it still would of been a sac fly, but does it seem to anyone else that Jackson isn’t getting to as many balls as he did lady year? A lot of balls are going over his head, and it seems like that wasn’t happening last year?

Yes, it’s true. I think he’s playing shallower, for what reason, I don’t know.

Happened to be listening to the Cleveland broadcasters on my way home from work. They too are stunned by the non production of Ordonez. They commented on his lack of patience and wondered how long JL could keep putting him in the 3rd spot of the order. It’s not just us wondering this!!!

On that final play, the outfield is drawn in for a play at the plate for the very reason you mentioned: hit it deep and it’s a sac fly anyway. That said, I thought Jackson got burned a few times in the Seattle series. I hope he isn’t carrying his hitting woes into the field with him. That’s a common problem with slumping hitters, but I’m sure he’s getting plenty of reassurance that his job isn’t in jeopardy. It’s another reason to move him to a less pressurized place in the batting order. The speed JL mentions is of no use if the guy isn’t getting on base and striking out a lot.

Maggs has always swung early in the count when he’s going good. When he’s going bad, it unfortunately makes him look worse. I just wonder why he continues to top fastballs over the plate.

JL complained that the hitters displayed a lack of patience, concentration, and discipline and were swinging at 55-58 foot pitches. I agree, but the old fool continues to run them out there in the same order. Does he not understand the concept of accountability? Even professionals have to have a fire lit under them from time to time. That’s true in our own jobs, I’m sure.

Maggs is a mess. He first pitch outs on just about everything now. 0-6 with one hard hit Attem Ball to short. If he is unable to play out in right when Martinez gets back, as much as I hate saying it, He needs to be let go outright. Alburquerque pitched like a man possessed. The bullpen did quite well in general. I wonder if JL called the pickoff attempt or if Villarreal has free reign.

Jackson i think is starting to get worried about not hitting and his position on the team and is partially affecting his defense as well now.

There are no quick fixes for this team the slumping hitting seems to be contagious. Losing breeds losing attitudes and right now the Tigers are close to zero confidence level.

All we can do is hope the slump ends and the worm turns, I will be at 2 of the Yank games this coming week. There is nothing more I would love to see than a good ol fashioned Yank whoopin. I can wish can’t I?

Same Ol’, Same Ol’.
JL want s to prove the theory of insanity. (Doing the same thing over and over again to see if it will work).
The top 3 hitters a rekilling us and when the middle guys aren’t hammering the ball (Boesch today) to make up for it –it makes for another loss.
I left in the 7th—told my wife it was OK to go out because the score was tied and the tigers were going to find a way to lose somehow.
Does look like “Q” had a good game though. Nice to see in the box score.
Missed the late innings but I bet we squandered opportunities and had a man on 3rd with less than 2 out at least once.

Intentional walks from the get go and Boesch’s bat goes cold. Coincidence or 2010 deja vu?

The last time Maggs had a t slump, his wife was ill. Maybe there is something going on we don’t know about. I just don’t believe his skills just suddenly disappeared for no reason. He was raking last summer, before the ankle. No big HR numbers but plenty of hits.
How come Miggy stayed on second when Rugburn hit that one out to no man’s land?

2B Rayburn
RF Wells
LF Boesh
1B Cab
C Avilia
SS Peralta
3B Inge
CF Jackson
DH anybody who is hot

I know this looks strange hitting the DH at the bottom but our DH men are lame so far…put that up to somebody, anybody who is making contact and leave it at that. Also, I believe that the problems in the pen can be corrected by good hitting.
We just need to really start stroking the ball….all the time. I remember batting practice where when the hitting gets good you don’t feel tired at all….or rather ….like your on top of the world. Don’t beat yourself up boys…kill baseballs.

Be interesting what the SOC’s lineup look like tomorrow night. There ar no options. Everybody on the bench is aslame as the regulars. Except Ramon but everyone knows (we’ve been informed by the SOC) that Ramon can’t play everday as he will break down and that he can’t run very fast.
Gotta love having that for your skipper. Criticizes you in the press!
What is scary here right now is that we are going to see Leyland run Maggs out there (and probably in RF too) until Guillen comes back when he will say that Guillen coming back is a bonus, like getting a good player in a trade without having to make one. Blah, blah,blah.
It is disappointing to see Maggs play like this and also sad. I was not happy when they signed him and really felt that they lost an opportunity to improve their club by simply letting him go.

Someone mentioned bringing Clete Thomas in to play CF. That he can play and hit. Well–he is NOT hitting, not at all.
The only options down on the farm are Furbush (perhaps Oliver), Dirks and Sizemore.
Enrique Gonzalez is tearing up the league since he was demoted. I think he has retired every hitter he has faced and only 1 of those guys hasn’t struck out. Go figure!

It doesn’t matter, Dan. Apparently we can’t call anybody up. JL’s lineups are etched in stone.

Miggs is .455/.581/.682 for RISP and .556/.636/1.0 for Late & Close. Amazingly 31 of his 96 AB’s have been in this situation – feels like you can count them on one hand.
He is on track for 150 BB’s and IBB’s this season.

Turned the game on when it was 2-1 Tigers. I think Rick pitched good. Went to bed after BB popped up on the first pitch when Miggy was on second. Coaching, don’t you put your arm around Brennan and say, take the first pitch and we MUST advance the runner? We will be complaining all year with the SOC at the helm. AJ is playing too shallow. If you are playing another sport and you continue to NOT produce, you are benched. It is a simple swap. Dirks and Sizemore for AJ and Will. What have we got to lose? Maggs should bat 8th. Someone said BB lead off. Try it! Miggy 3rd, AA 4th. GK, I hope you are wrong about the sweep in Cleveland, but…….

Judging by Masterson’s splits JL will probably be running out ALL of our lefties against him today. Ramon at short and Don Kelly and 3b should be shoe-ins. Here is the Lineup JL will most likely field today

1-Ajax CF
2- Rhymes 2b
3- Maggs – DH
4- Cabs 1b
5- Boesch rf
6- Raburn LF
7- Don kelly 3b
8- Ramon ss
9- Omir Santos C

But don’t be surprised if Kelly hits third(Wink, Wink).

If JL insists on playing maggs, it makes more sense to put Boesch’s speed ahead of Cabs in the 3 hole. 3hitter gets better pitches which Maggs can’t seem to hit now and i’m already tired of the Intentional walk parade beginning on Cabrera. C’mon Marlboro man get your ducks in a row, light a fire under your players before the bottom completely drops out.

The fact that Ordonez can’t hit batting in FRONT of Cab is disturbing. We would be far better off batting Boesch ahead of Cab. Someone who can do some damage when pitched too. It should be a MLB player’s dream to hit in front of a guy like that.
If JL continues to pressure Boesch by hitting him after Cab then he an “idiot” and “stupid” as he expressed the other day. All he will do is ruing BB’s confidence like he did last year.
Even Lorne Henning has opened his eyes and now sees the light (or more aptly, the dark cloud). He seems to be the official Jim Leyland apologist but his article this morning indicates (and keep in mind everything was almost peachy keen in his opinion) he has had a dramatic overnight reversal in assessment of this team.
He even went so far as to suggest they turf St. Brandon. Talked about trying to get David Wright from the Mets to bolster offense. (Fat chance of that). They might actually be better off getting Reyes from the Mets and installing Peralta or Raburn at 3rd. Though I am not convinced Peralta will hit much. All the talk about guys being “absolutley fine” (like Ordonez and Jackson) menas nothing. The only guy that is struggling somewhat now that I think actually can turn things around is Raburn. They simply have to find a position for him to play. I think his strikeouts are a product of bewilderment and instability becasue he never knows if he is playing, where or even what his status is as being a bench player or regular. Put him at 3rd. Shake things up.
Put Santiago or Sizemore at 2nd. Shake things up.
Give Dirks a shot at playing CF until Jackson learns how to hit. How many times must we hear about lifting and placing his front foot timing to we have to be subjected to. Just fix it. They’ve been yapping about this since last year. He’d be better off batting LH and drag bunting for Pete’s sake.
I would give Coke a couple more starts and if he doesn’t look like he has transformed himself then put him back in the pen and jettison Thomas. Heck, jettison Thomas anyway.
A pen with Coke, Villareal, Q, Perry, Benoit and VV looks good on paper anyway.
Ordonez? It is insane to keep batting him 3rd. Just insane. I know that JL wants to make this work but that has always been a trademark of Leyland. To stubbornly force things that clearly are hurting the team. EVERY loss is an important one. There are no Phyrric victories to be offered in a 162 game season.
The best change of all would be to say “thanks” (tongue firmly in cheek) to Jim Leyland and send him off to Pittsburgh to spend time with his family. Maybe he and Patrick can do some fishing together.

I’m monitoring our intra-division record since I made it a point of emphasis on opening day. It’s gone from a promising 4-2 to 4-4 now. Still a small sample, of course.
I’m also looking to see how some scernarios play out. If we sleepwalk through today’s game then come alive during the Yankee series, it’s pretty good evidence that we are taking some teams too lightly. Hate to say it, but this is exactly what I expect to happen.
Granted that I react much more quickly than JL, but I’d get Boesch out from behind Cabrera starting today. Manny Acta, who by the way is one of the managers I had listed to replace JL, will not pitch to Cabrera and we’ve got 2nd half 2010 all over again. I don’t care who he hits 5th, but get Boesch into the 3-hole and leave him there for awhile. This is absolutely a move I make immediately. Don’t blow more games waiting around.

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