Friday: Tigers at Tribe

No bus ride for this reporter, but still a drive down to Toledo and left onto the Ohio Turnpike for this series. Still one of my favorite trips, in part because it’s so easy to make.

Worth noting that Will Rhymes is 3-for-3 off Jeanmar Gomez. As long as he needs a spark, it’s worth a shot. I know a lot of folks are asking about how long the Tigers will stick with Jackson and Rhymes while they’re struggling. I think they’re going to show some more patience to see if they can come out of it.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Will Rhymes, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B
P: Max Scherzer
  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Carlos Santana, C
  5. Shelley Duncan, DH
  6. Orlando Cabrera, 2B
  7. Michael Brantley, LF
  8. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  9. Jack Hannahan, 3B
P: Jeanmar Gomez


When is Victor due to get off the DL?

I think Wednesday.

Leave Comerica and hit homers.

My gosh Raburn–at least stay in a rundown to get the runners into scoring position.
And Sir Inge (syringe)-ya gotta be more patient than that.
Tough break for Avila–he missed a 2 run HR by very little.

Awful, Awful, Awful. Inge no patience and Rhymes looking like he doesn’t belong. Too many runners stranded.

Poor Magglio hit his second weak ground ball in the infield. He is officially starting to worry me.

I think Magglio is beyond worry. He is to be deeply conc erned about. it is not working.
And Rhymes either. Yes he got a hit. But 2 other times when a hit would have been productive he flattened out.
JL will go with these guys till they get injured I’m afraid.
(Austin, Rhymes, Ordonez.)

Well Magglio hit a couple of hard balls to right the next inning even if one of them was barely foul. I was just saying the same thing about rhymes he is lofting the ball instead of just trying to drive it!

What’s Austin supposed to do? Two of those called strikes are obviously outside.

Not much? All the stranded runners???????

Austin has to quit striking out. It’s pretty simple.
Rhymes is destined for Toledo and Magglio’s last AB was unforgivable.
This game is not a given. Scherzer gives upo the long ball every now and then and all it takes is one.
I must admit, I have been down on Magglio for 2 years now and I will not let up on him with the kind of ABs we are seeing from him.

Oh man, I hope the above post is not a premonition.

Well it might of been? Good job! Haha. Regarding Magglio wasn’t he batting over 300 last year when he got hurt?

Damn, Duncan–of all guys. Max probably should have been able to handle him. Then Inge almost throws the ball into RF Whew!

I’d let Max pitch the 7th UNTIL a guy reaches safely.
Nice job by Boesch and Avila again. In a way they are carrying this team.
Why are they not bunting with Raburn?
C’mon Leyland. Smarten up. You got away with that but should have done the RIGHT thing.

OK—now you pull him. Max should be taken out immediately.

Get him out.
He almost walked Hanrahan. He looked bad against Sizemore.
JL leaves him in. No way. No way.

Good move leyland and Scherzer! Congratulations, what a waste of freaking effort!

Good move leyland and Scherzer! Congratulations, what a waste of freaking effort!

Why? Why? Does Jim Leyland not have a clue/ I could see this happening from the moment LaParta hit it out.
What a xxx!!!. Leyland cost us this game. He got answer back runs from his offense and his fear of the 7th inning reliever has reared its ugly head and cost Max a fine outing and his team, quite likely, the game.
I just can’t see how Leyland gets away with this year after year. It does not take a genius to see what should be seen.
Pretty disgusted with Leyland. I think he is the most over-rated manager in the game. Lynn Henning might be impressed but perhaps his baseball knowlege equals his writing ability.

And now AJ looks like he just gave up his Ab at the plate. This is horrible.

While Max is ultimately responsible for throwing one right down the middle, Leyland is the manager and should of known better, especially since Cabrera had already gotten on base twice against him. Those stranded runners are all coming into play here!

Leyland has to manage for his starter’s effort too. He has a lead in the 7th and he could have preserved a fine outing for his starter. Instead he gets greedy and runins the whole bloody thing. I don;t understand how a guy who is close to his players and on the field with them doesn;t have a “feel” for a very likely outcome. He prevents this and Max walks away with a brimful of confidence. He misdiagnoses and he leaaves his pitcher with a hole in his heart.
I won’t call him a name, but he is one.

Agreed, but Max threw the pitch right down the middle and cannot be absolved. Believe me I was yelling for him to get him out of there after the first home run of the inning, and certainly after the walk.

This BLOG serves as a sounding board for me. Especially since I live on the west coast and in my circle, many people haven’t even heard of the Detroit Tigers.
I hat to whine but games like this happen all too often with Jim Leyland at the helm. Games that could be much different if the game were managed differently and really, logically.
This guy has got to go. He is sucking the spirit right out of Detroit baseball.

Nice game Leyland. I doubt you will manage a game 163 this year..
That was the year they should have turfed this guy. It was the most ridiculous managing done a home stretch as I have ever seen.
Leyland lost this game and shot his #2 pitcher down at the same time. Smooth.

Me too! How does that game turn into a 9-5 loss? I would like to say unbelievable, but at this rate it really isn’t! I need a break, I usually don’t miss a game, but tomorrow, I don’t think I will be watching!

You’ll be watching. So will we all. And the fans will fill the seats next home stand. Illitch will be a few days older and no closer to his dream of a world championship. Maggs will be batting 3rd. AJ will be leading off. And, perhaps most importantly, Jim Leyland will be going to work with his belligerant attitude and his pack of Marlboros.
Same Ol’ Same Ol’
Leyland can’t see the obvious from the dugout and DD and Illitch can’t see it from the press box or the mansion in Gross Pointe.


Yep! But I won’t be watching tomorrow, just made a plan to go see my new he’s play. But I do have tickets for Monday and Thursday! So I will be there for our 7th and 11th straight loss I suspect.

When you can’t score a run on 2 doubles and a single in the same inning, you know your team is destined to lose the game. I am sobbing tonight for the old English D. It was a great ride Maggs.


Yep! The hits were all in the wrong order all night.

JL should take a page from his mentor/ mancrush/ hero LaRussa and manage the game to win. He is not comfortable enough with our garbage bullpen to yank Max when all signs say to do it. He could have ended the suspense earlier and let Brad Thomas come in. Oh well maybe we can get one back tomorrow. Doesn’t really matter to Leyland he seems to think everyone is playing around 500 ball right now and winning or losing is never a big deal. Do us a favor JL and walk away from the game got your 1500 wins. Grrrrrr

I watched and knew we’d lose. He’s lost the team, imo.

Bad running by Raburn ( who else?)
And the usual fails by Leyland. Boesh stealing? Scherzer too long in the game,
Rhymes to AAA to make room for Martinez
Santiago in second base
Keep Santos
Desigante raburn

I don’t agree with all your assessments, but more playing time for Ramon is definitely in order.

Well, it was finally a sunny day after so much rain so the wife and I went fishing (caught a bunch of sunfish). Listened to the game on the way home in the seventh. Heard the score was 5-3 and hear Max gets Hananan and then walks Grady. The SOC visits the mound and what, tells Max to throw it right down the middle? Captain Hook would have pulled him. Then AJ up to bat and we need a runner. Can you say strike out? Maybe a bunt and you have a chance. I get home and see the manager with his hands in his pants! Thanks bloggers because we see it and Mr I doesn’t. Fire Leyland! Go Tigers! –Dave

Well let’s see. We got a two-run bomb from Miggy, a nice grounder to the right by Peralta to move the man to third, followed by the first of TWO sac flies from Avila, and a boatload of other hits, capped off with a dominant performance from Scherzer………..and still lost. Even when we execute, we lose. All Cleveland does is hit a few homers and that does it. Simple……….I guess.

So mad my head hurts!

For 5 years we’ve underperformed.

Rich, you said it all. The power of the HR is unmistakable. Until we are able to put the ball out of the park as much as the other guys do…we will lose.
And if Illitch really wants to see things change—pull the fences in in the powwr aleys—at least in left center.
If we had the doubles and triples guys like Polanco, Granderson and even Monroe OK, but we have slugs on the base paths with insufficient power to change the course of agame with one blow. Comerica Park has a big factor in assembling the propr lineup to win consistently. Somehow management has never figured out how to build a team for this ballpark.
So for all the venom I hear (deserved) for Leyland, DD is culpable as well.

Now we have to change the dimensions of the ballpark and still keep the same manager. Do you really believe results would be any different?

It’s time to start some public opinion that is heard regarding Leyland. I like the old coot. But not as a manager. He has lost his bearings and unfortunately, the respect he is given far exceeds the ability to fashion a winning basebal team.

No. The dimensions of the ballpark have never fit the predominantly RHB lineup that the GM has assembled. That does not justify JL’s managerial deficincies. I would like to see both changed. Manager first. Next week would be fine with me.

Leyland is adamant on supporting Raburn and Ordonez, and said, “If Magglio Ordonez doesn’t hit, I’m an idiot. If Raburn doesn’t, I’m stupid.”

Can someone make this man accountable for what he says?
I read that they are thinking of carrying 3 catchers. well, how freakin, dumb is that?
Seems like Leyland feels encumbered by not being able to pinch run for Avila in the late innings. The guy runs better than all the Venezueleans, and as good as Peralta or Inge. I am actually impressed with him on the base paths and the effort he gives rounding the bases. I do not want to a bench totallly devoid of power. Santos, Santiago, Kelly and Raburn are not going to cut it.
Nothing surprises me anymore with the roster selection. It is all about saving face and not admitting mistakes.
It is all about the fear of making a controversial decision (Jackson being one)
Even the SOC cannot justify keeping Rhymes around. He’ll be gone forthwith.
Bad time in Tiger Town. What really bugs me is that the problem is correctable but the perpetuation of it is slammed down our throats year after year.

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