Guillen slowly progressing

Out of popular demand (in no small part on this blog), I checked around for an update on Carlos Guillen. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said today that Guillen is now back to running sprints and began hitting again this week. Unless something changes, he’ll resume more baseball-specific activities next week, including running bases.

Long story short: He still has some way to go before we can start talking about a rehab assignment, but he’s making progress in that direction.


We want to know about Zumaya

Jason, thanks for checking on Guillen.

Won’t hear much on Zumaya for the next five weeks or so while he’s working out and strengthening his arm. Look for more news around the end of May when he gets close to starting a throwing program again.

Thanks Jason!

Thanks Jason, nice to know that this blog somewhat matters. GO TIGERS!

Boy Justin given an absolute gift by the home plate umpire and you serve up a cookie to Smoak! Justin can’t escape that one inning yet again!

JV certainly was not in the groove that 1st inning. That was pretty bad.

Great just saw that Jim Joyce is at first base!?!!?!

Ichiro is a hotdog! What a tool! Apparently Bedard is nearly unhittble tonight!

Patience hittters—patience. Everyone should not swing at the 1st pitch. Yes, guys like Cab certainly can but the rest of the guys would serve their club better by making Bedard throw some pitches.

5th inning so far very disappointed in the Tigers so far. In Justin and the at bats. By the way I don’t think thtcwas an error to Peralta, pretty tough error.

Wow Verlander made another weird throw?? What’s up with that?

Just today, I put a check in the mail for tickets to attend the May 29th game vs Boston. I don’t know, maybe I should just cancel. Can this team put together a string of wins?
Just not on the same together. Pathetic!

Well I sure would like to “feel” that it was possible for one of “our guys” to actually hit a HR.
No one seems very capable other than Cab. We need instant offense sometimes and we just don’t seem to get it much.

Boy that shortstop of the mariners is going to need a cortisone shot, for all the ground balls he has fielded!

They are just not clicking on all cylinders so far.

Raburn has to start hitting to stay in this lineup. We need some power and he needs to supply it. If he can’t JL simply cannot justify his presence in the lineup.
Thanks for the report on Carlos, Jason.
It’s too basd we have tendencies that keep coming back. JV with the tendency to have one bad inning, or a long 1st inning. Giving up the 2 or 3 run bomb that dtermines the outcome.
The tendency of our complete lineup to go into hibernation at any time.
The tendencey to play down to the opposition.
It;s gettin’ old and somebody will have to pay the piper eventually.

The look on Mr. Dombrowski’s face says it all!

Why waste Benoit in a game that is out of reach? Granted only 3 runs behind but no way this team is gonna hit today.

Brad Thomas for Benoit. I never thought I’d see the day.

Pretty pathetic all the way around! I have tons of thoughts, but why bother??? Waste of time watching this game, or talking about how terrible they look in all aspects of this game. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any easier, the best thing they can hope for is a rainout!

Oh, Lord, we could get swept at home. Brad Penny vs their new young “ace” tomorrow afternoon.
Well, Rich, I sure would like to hear what you think.

Bye-Bye Btad.

I mean Brad. Can’t see any reason to keep him on the 25 man roster.

I just feel sick.

As I’ve said many times, we have an offense that can be shut down by any given pitcher on any given day. We have no capability to create runs, and no homerun power to speak of. We need more hits strung together than can be reasonably expected. I will, however, point out that Victor’s absence is very damaging in this regard.
I thought the entire affair was poorly played and poorly umpired, and was a pretty big waste of time unless you’re a Seattle fan.
We’ve got a well earned .500 record because we play like a .500 club. The Tigers have played .500 baseball for the past four and a half years. “Not too high, not too low.”
Bad as things seem sometimes, I wouldn’t expect Seattle to sweep us at home, so I expect a win tomorrow. Then on to see this Cleveland outfit.

Are the 1st three batters in our lineup causing us problems?
Judging by the fact that Magglio has O-N-E RBI this season, I would venture a solid yes on that premise. How many lineups have we seen with Jackson, Rhymes and Ordonez batting 1-2-3? Every one of those guys is hitting less than .200
This has affected Cab’s RBIs too.
No HRs for Maggs, 1 each for Boesch, Inge, Peralta. All these guys were expected to provide SOME power.
Let me stick my neck out once again. How long can you leadoff with AJ?
How long can a hitter with the stature of Magglio be allowed to not hit?
How long can you support a LHB one dimensional infielder who is average on defense and is not hitting?
Somebody (who is our manager anyway?) needs to shake things up a bit.

too bad to have 2 bad games in a row after feeling so great after the weekend series. Baseball sure has a lot of ups and downs.

Thanks for the Carlos update – problem is, he is likely a candidate as a dh so how many dh’s do we need? Supposedly Maggs will be more in the field when the weather warms and VMart will be back soon. Now that AA is picking up his hitting I don’t see VMart playing much catch other than to give AA a break.

Maggs is tough – he has a proven track record to be a hitter, a good solid 3 hitter who can hit, but he isn’t performing yet. Leyland has to make the tough call of sitting one of his stars until he can contribute. Of course how do you know if you aren’t playing? This is yet another reason why I am not a major league manager – that and the whole female thing…

leyland should have jackson bunt. he cant hit and with his speed who knows.put brendan b in number 2 hitter put raburn number 3 cabby 4 alex 5 johnny 6 inge 7 mags 8 then you might get some runs.

leyland should wake up brennan boesch should be in 3 spot raburn in 3 should have alex at 5 spot you cant keep people not hitting in the lower order.wake up jim.

I guess what bothers me the most is that JV seems to pitch down to the level of competition. Look at his stuff. Top quality, but 2-3 with a plus 3.5 ERA. There’s no way he should allow a team like Seattle to beat him. Granted, he only gave up five hits, but is pitch count and walks doomed him. Only one comment here on the hitting. I don’t tend to agree very often with Dan, but I haven’t seen Maggs drive the ball hard one time. Those magical ropes to right center seem to be gone. We are approaching a point of having to decide that the magic might be gone. And that would be our sad event this year.


thanks jason! My feelings are a healthy Guillen after the ASB is better than a injured (e.g. not hitting) Guillen right now.

Can’t have enough bats – can’t do it with this squad (read hitting coach).

Guillen needs to retire. He is getting paid alot of money to be the Tigers designated injured guy.

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