V-Mart on track for return next week

With a gorgeous afternoon in Detroit, Victor Martinez hit the field to get in his first real workout since he went on the 15-day disabled list. The results were very encouraging for him to return from his groin strain once he’s eligible to come off the DL next week.

“I’m feeling great, man,” Martinez said. “This is the day that I can say it, because this is the first day I went outside and did something.”

Martinez did agility drills, played catch and hit, all without pain. He was among the many Tigers who came out to the ballpark early.

He’s eligible to come off the DL on Wednesday, May 4, the third day of their four-game series against the Yankees.

Around the same time, Rick Porcello was throwing his final side session before he jumps back into the rotation Saturday. They put him on the mound and threw some hitters at him, and he said the 45-pitch session went well. No radar guns that I could see, so unless you’re going on feel, it’s hard to tell whether Porcello was throwing harder.


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It will be good to get him back.

Well I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I hope not doing more when we were handed a gift in the first inning doesn’t come back to bit the Tigers in the butt!

Team sure is playing like they have had 2 days of in 5.
Still a chance with Avila up against Felix in the 4th and now over 70 pitches.

Whats apparent to me here in the 5th inning is that Coke doesn’t field his position. That Phil can’t keep down a very poor hitting team, you’d think it was the yankees for gods sake.

Oh ya will rhymes should not be in the major leagues, he was an asset last year, this year he looks out of place. Didn’t expect to win this game, but I was hoping for better competition than this. So glad I decided not to go to the game.

Wheels coming off the bus

I like Villreal. Goes after hitters. Live arm and a Canadian hairstyle (nice mullet)

A young whippersnapper. He sure looks happy out there on the mound and is fearless.

Man, oh, man, I hate to see the Tigers lose this one.

Please Ryhmes is killing me send him down, or play Ramon.

Rugburn just isn’t seeing the ball very well. Awful swings.

Not disappointed they lost, disappointed in the play. Pretty pathetic!

It’s hard not to comment on Raburn’s alley oop play. Not so much the event in itself but boy did RR ever look ridiculous flopping on the track and looking in his glove, the sky, and the earth beneath him afterward.
He’s an enigma. We know he can get hot and hit with the best of them but when and for how long? I honestly feel he is of more value to us as trade bait. I don’t think we can get much useful for him right now but perhaps a prospect or two?
The only place where I think you can hide him is at 3rd. And Inge has a lock on that. I do think Raburn would make a decent third baseman. He has quick hands, and if he doesn’t have to think about a play and just react to it, all the better.
I think it is a matter of time before he is riding the pine again. Just swap Rhymes for Sizemore and be done with it. Will is not going to help us right now. I think it is only common sense that they send him down to get things together or ….not.
We should be seeing more of Santiago at 2nd than Rhymes for sure. I can see them trying to get away with using Raburn there but his inconsistent bat just doesn’t warrant compromising a middle infielder. We are already compensating for Peralta.
All eyes will be on Coke his next start.

Raburn at 3B is a joke. Nearly everytime I’ve seen him play there he’s made multiple errors. As far as hitting, every once in a while he can take a ball deep, but the other 98% of the time he’s good for a K or a popup. JL has a man-crush on Ryan, so I doubt we ever see him traded and sadly, he probably won’t sit him either. The guy is a huge defensive liability.
If you want a replacement for Inge at 3B when his days in Detroit are done, look no further than Don Kelly or Danny Worth.

I’m on board with the mechanical man. Raburn is a liability wherever he is positioned defensively. JL insists that he’s a heckuva ballplayer but his play illustrates a different picture alltogether. His fielding pct is still in the 900’s somehow despite all of his misplays. He really has substandard outfield skills shown by his common inability to judge flyballs. Don’t get me wrong the squirrel known as Raburn has found the proverbial nut on occasion and the ball has found his glove. JL insists that RR is in his lineup every day to provide pop. Well he has gotten the at bats and has struck out 30 times in 77 abs. Relegate the man back to what he does best Pinch Hit give the guy with the better skillset (Wells) more at bats and field presence. I’ll cheer for the tigers either way but I don’t cheer for the clown that hits a homer after he flubbed 3 balls and singlehandedly spots opponents runs.

I’m not going to judge any hitter for looking bad against Felix, who only won the Cy last year. Ordonez is looking better at the plate, he’s about to get it going.
If Raburn had caught that ball, it would have been a very good catch. As it is, he becomes fodder for more poor attempts at humor. I’m sticking with him playing 2ndbase. We won those games.
Coke has got some work to do. I also thought he might have been more selective on who he pitched to. There were some holes in their lineup that he could have exploited. As it was, the RH hitters lit him up and he’ll have to address that.
Jack Hanahan hit two homers tonight for Cleveland. And if you’re looking for good game highlights, check out the final two outs of Yankees-White Sox. The Sox, by the way, have won two games in Yankee Stadium with a total of 5 runs scored.

Fodder? Now that is funny.
ALL humor aside, Raburn is a better infielder than outfielder.

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My guess is that Rhymes get sent down when VMart comes off the DL. I am guessing the will want to keep Omir and let Vmart DH exclusively after a groin injury. Sizemore will come up when Vmart can catch.

rough start when they had all those guys on last night in the first and only came away with one run. The bullpen did a great job last night, haven’t used a lot of those guys lately as our starters have gone deep, but I too am liking Villarreal, I like his hop to the side when he delivers.

Monday night Dontrelle Willis pitched against the Mud Hens, caught an inning on tv. A friend went to the game, she doesn’t follow baseball but she did say they noticed he threw a lot harder than the other pitchers. He pitched 7 innings, gave up 3 runs on 6 hits. Only 2 walks so maybe he is finding his range again.

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