Porcello pushed back in rotation to next weekend

With two off-days in a five-day span, manager Jim Leyland had a choice to make on shuffling his rotation. He wasn’t going to give Justin Verlander extra rest, since Verlander doesn’t feel comfortable pitching with anything more than a normal turn. He also worked it so that Phil Coke starts next week against both Seattle and Cleveland.

The result is that Rick Porcello will be skipped next turn through the rotation. He’ll start next Saturday against the Indians at Progressive Field, giving him nine days’ rest after his last start at Seattle.

The break will allow Porcello to get him some extra work done. He threw his regular side session today, and he’ll get another one Wednesday, which could include hitters in a live session. He estimates he’ll also get in a few extra long-tossing sessions, which is key for him to continue to build up his velocity.

“It’s slowly coming back,” Porcello said this afternoon. “It was a little bit better last time out, but again, it’s not near where I want it consistently.”


You realize, of course, that if that decision to run a gimpy Maggs and a lumbering Miguel on a 40-degree night had taken place in a loss, the entire world would be hollering for Leyland’s immediate dismissal. Just sayin……….
Expanded playoffs. Don’t see how this gets done. If it’s a one game play-in, you most likely have a deserving 90+ win club having to win a single game against an inferior opponent. This isn’t football. If you make it a more fair 2 of 3 series, the division winners have to wait around, and that’s not good in baseball. Again, this isn’t football. On top of this, what about tie-breakers? We have one almost annually these days, so when does that get played? Or do we create some idiotic statistical system to break the tie? Like they do in……….football. This isn’t………well, you get my point.

Nice to see the boys getting in the groove. Verlanders 97+ mph pitches in the rain, 42*, and after 100+ pitches was a pleasure to see.

As if they don’t already play far enough into November. More playoffs??
I don’t like it.

It’s nice to see Porcello’s lost velocity finally acknowledged. Honestly, he hasn’t been the same since game 163 if you ask me.

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