Wednesday: Tigers at Mariners

Ryan Raburn gets his second start at second base in three days. Jim Leyland said he’s doing it in an effort to get some thump going in the lineup, since it allows him to clear a corner outfield spot for Casper Wells. It’s mainly something he’ll only do against left-handed starters, but it says something about the need to get the offense going. Keep in mind, Raburn did not work at second base this spring.

Omir Santos, meanwhile, gets his first start behind the plate.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Brennan Boesch, LF
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Casper Wells, RF
  9. Omir Santos, C
P: Rick Porcello
  1. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  2. Chone Figgins, 3B
  3. Adam Kennedy, 1B
  4. Jack Cust, DH
  5. Michael Saunders, CF
  6. Luis Rodriguez, SS
  7. Carlos Peguero, LF
  8. Jack Wilson, 2B
  9. Chris Gimenez, C
P: Erik Bedard


I just don’t understand Leyland’s logic here. He wants to get some thump going in the lineup, so he moves Raburn to 2B? The same Raburn that leads the majors in K’s and couldn’t hit his own reflection in a mirror? He might as well put Santiago at 2B – he’d get a similar bat but much better defense. What about all the folks who said Raburn would get better at the plate with more playing time? He is what he is – an adequate MLB utility man. I still don’t see him as being an effective everyday player. I’d much rather see Casper play instead of him, but Leyland has some sort of unexplainable man-crush on Ryan.

Raburn aside, Santiago needs to be somewhere in the infield everytime Porcello pitches.
It takes JL a long time to make a move, e.g. Boesch last year and Jackson this year.

stuff i thought i’d never see…adam kennedy batting 3rd, playing 1b. if porcello can’t sink this m’s lineup…leyland will need to rethink his spot in the rotation.

There is a lot of thinking that needs to be done about this team. I am not ready to give up on Raburn quite yet, but I do realize he is really struggling right now. This isn’t typical Raburn, as I have seen him for the last few years. I will be really disappointed if they can’t do something with Bedard.

The SOC has no logic. Rest Jackson and Raburn. Santiago, Kelly, and Wells should all be playing. C’mon Ricky! Shut ’em down!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.🙂

Sorry, meant to post that under the post below this.

Ryan goes yard!

I thought Porcello pitched well in Oakland, Don’t see his job being in any kind of trouble.
Raburn is a power hitter. His strikeouts do not bother me as much. He just needs to start hitting, which he did in the 2nd half of last year.
AJax is lost. He might need to go down. Dirks is hitting well as is Clete.

Ichiro’s swing reminds me of a drag bunt in girls fast pitch softball.

Yeah, the SOC is gonna make AJ another BB.

4th inning – 2 on nobody out, what do they do? They do what they always do. STRAND ‘EM! Same old Tigers different day different year!

Bet ya Mariners won’t strand these runners in their half of the 4th inning!

you’re on

Good I was wrong!

What is the matter with Magglio? I know he is not 100% with the ankle, but he looks awful. This is more concerning than AJax. Does he need to go on the DL? He isn’t making solid contact.
On a better note: Boesch really looks to have adjusted this year and is looking good. Getting doubled off 2B yesterday was bad, but a clutch 2 out hit today.

I am glad to see Brennan is handling himself so well, his meteoric rise and fall last season could kill the confidence of a rookie but he seems to have worked through it nicely, and I do enjoy his enthusiasm he seems to have for the game.

Papa Grande made me a whole lot nervous! Porcello looked good, as well as Benoit and Perry. But other than Cabrera, Boesch there isn’t must consistency in this lineup. Nice to see Jackson and Ryan look a little better at the plate!

I thought Raburn was just slumping but I was (and maybe still am) quite concerned with Jackson. Austin looked better today. Seeing the ball better. Hope he’s turned the corner, but that’s yet to be seen. Sometimes these signs point to the end of the problem, and sometimes the player will go right back in the dump. Jacques Jones had a day like Jackson’s today and you remember how that ended up.
Porcello was very good today and it’s very possible that this is how we’ll need to win most games. I just don’t see this lineup producing on a consistent basis. I think we may still need to go into a more defense-minded mode with our personnel.
4-3 west coast trip is good no matter how it was accomplished.

It could easily have been 5-2 or 6-1, but I’ll take it. He’ll probably keep Ajax in there no matter what. Hopefully, he’ll
come out of it. My desktop crashed, so I’m forced into learning to use my laptop which has been sitting in a corner for more than 6 weeks.
Go Wings and Go Tigers!

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