Six more weeks of rehab for Zumaya

The Tigers medical staff had a conference call Wednesday with Dr. James Andrews on Joel Zumaya, who opted to try rehabbing his ailing elbow again rather than undergo exploratory surgery. If he had opted for surgery, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said, his chances of pitching this year would be “remote,” based on the advice from Dr. Andrews.

“The timetable [if he has surgery] is not favorable for him to pitch in 2011,” Rand said, “so he’ll undergo another six weeks of rest, rehab, strengthening.”

As it is, Zumaya will be rehabbing for six weeks before he can throw again. If he feels fine after that, the throwing progression would be expected to take him well into June at least, if not July.


I will be suprised if we see Zoom Zoom this season at all. I hope we see him next year though.

I think you might have a better chance of seeing Zoom on YouTube than at Comerica.
BTW, Fu-Te ni is pitching pretty well down on the farm and I thought he did OK in ST too. Just sayin’. If Brad Thomas can’t do better than he has then at least there is a southpaw with some MLB experience and some success.

All we can do is hope for Zumaya even though it looks bleak.
Fu Te Ni: I saw him pitch at ST and from my seat behind the plate, I could see a lot more deception in his delivery than can be discerned on TV. I can see why he’s able to slip a less than overpowering fastball by hitters. I came away with a higher opinion of him. He wouldn’t be the worst choice in the world for a call-up.
Twins, White Sox, both lose again. The Central has gone crazy. We may have another 2009 on our hands.

I feel sad for Joel. Have the poster from 06 with him and JV on it. “The Untouchables”. As we have all said. when you throw that hard with a not so smooth delivery (unlike Justin). Zoom was so confident when he spoke at the Whitecaps winter banquet. Central gone crazy, and everyone picked Cleveland to finish last. Looks like rain this weekend. Go Tigers! –Dave

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still optimistic about his situation. team docs/consultants haven’t found *signs* of anything major wrong with his elbow…no nerve impingment, no torn ligament, no stress fracture. so take it slow and give his arm additional healing time. he may yet be able to contribute to a 2nd half playoff surge.

Looks like JL is to try going with Raburn at 2ndbase a lot more. Since I’ve advocated this for some time now, I certainly can’t disagree. Boesch and Cabrera are doing their impression of Mauer and Morneau, so Brennan has to be in there; he’s won the job for now. After that, Raburn is among the ones most likely to get some offense going, so he needs to play. His defense? It’s strange how many people say he’s terrible at 2ndbase when he’s rarely played the position in the big leagues. Perhaps their opinions come from when Ryan played on minor league fields, I don’t know. I think this is definitely worth a try. I will stand by my caveat from yesterday, however, that Santiago needs to be in the infield when Porcello pitches, and that was borne out when Raburn was unable to reach a grounder that may have gotten Porcello out of an inning. Ramon can be in at either short or second, just as long as he’s in there for Ricky P.
Speaking of Tigers that many have low opinions of, I was glad to hear that Bonderman visited the club yesterday. The dude’s been with the club since 2003, for heaven’s sake, and was one of the guys. Cut him some slack.
This an ANNOUNCEMENT for displaced Tiger fans who have an RSN package and have been unable to see the pre and post game shows (or Tigers Weekly) on FSD. There was something going on with MLB, but it’s been resolved. I know this because I sent an e-mail inquiry to FSD and, not only did they answer that within the hour, they also followed up yesterday, informing me that the shows were back. That’s good customer service by FSD, kudos.

I hope Bonderman comes back, I thought he looked allright at times last year. Remember, Bonderman is the only pitcher that went after Brett Garner after his dirty slide against Guillen. I always thought Bonderman would be a better reliever (2 pitches and a bull dog mentality).
Raburn does not have the range at 2B that most do. He can be hidden there, but I agree that Santiago should be on the IF when Porcello pitches.

agree about bonderman in a relief role. never could find an effective 3rd pitch, but we’ve seen with villarreal how a fastball/slider combo can be effective out of the pen.

Charlie furbush threw a 1 hit complete game shutout (7 IP) for Toledo today. No walks and 9 K’s.
Danny Worth made his 1st error of the season in that game.
Worth has been playing 3rd and Iorg short so far. Iorg, contrary to his brilliant fielding rep, has made a bundle of errrors so far this year. 5 or 6 I’m sure.
I think we will be seeing a few of these guys from Toledo this year.

To me, the logical place for Raburn is at 3rd. He has good reflexes and a nice arm. It is a great place to park a power hitter, which he has the potential to be. JL may be deeply in “affection” for Inge but let’s face it, Inge is playing his last year as a regular. He has proven he is not ever going to consistently hit. 3 years of low .200 averages should be enough to indicate that. Raburn eats up an OF spot for guys Dirks or Boesch who can’t play anywhere else.
I agree his range is limited at 2B. But, that is where he paid his dues for the most part, and he is neither spectacular nor good there, but adequate.
Much is said about Inge’s fielding. Well even this is showing signs. He has thrown away a few there, booted a couple and dropped a line drive right at him so far. MCab has saved his bacon already more than a few times. The argument for installing him there as an everyday fixture doesn’t impress me. He should be getting time off too. Especially when he is not hitting and against a good RH breaking ball pitcher.
Santiago’s bat has been weak but boy, when the guy plays he makes plays–no matter where you put him.
JV needs a good one tomorrow.

Don Kelly can play a good 3rd.

Omir Santos is tied in Home Runs with Magglio.

I have total confidence in Magglio as soon as he gets right. He wants to continue playing after this year, so you know he’s gonna give it all he’s got. I wonder where in the heck Guillen is and what is going on with him. We don’t hear anything about him.

Gammons said that Detroit is worried because the team is old. Beside Magglio and Guillen wich Detroit team is he talking about? 2006? or 2008?
Valverde , Raburn and Martinez are no kids but are in their prime for baseball.
Cabreara 27.
The rotation but for Penny is under 28.

Inge too is mature

Well we are more slow than old though it is clear a yout movement is on the way to replace Inge, Peralta, Ordonez and Guillen.
We have a strangely contradictory team. Big and slow generally connotes power yet power is something this team perennially lacks. Granted, Comerica Park is not conducive to power and causes hitters like Peralta, Guillen, Martinez, Sheffield to struggle for lack of being able to reach the fences.
But DD doesn’t seem to build his team to suit the ballpark. I like the uniqueness of center field but does this mean right center and left center also have to be Death Valley and Yosimite? Bring the power alley in left center in 15 feet, keep CF the way it is, and you preserve the uniqueness of the park, the luxury of a deep CF to placate your pitching staff, but you make the power hitting RHB exciting for the fans again.
That’s a whole other topic but the point is that they have failed to match the parameters of the ball park with a lineup that can perform within those parameters. Granderson was the exception to that. Cab can hit anywhere. But other than that, the idea of putting in lead footed sluggers is ill conceived. Offensively and defensively.
I don’t think we hear much about Guillen because it must be a little embarassing for management to have to admit they got the read on his injury situation so badly. I think the situation with Magglio is some of the same. They tried to assuage the fans’ with implied assurances that everything was peachy keen. Either that or they are so dense so as not to understand the severity of the injuries their players were dealing with. I persoanlly think it was a bill of good to the fans that all these stars were ready to rock and roll and were even being supplememnted by the recent acuisitions, which of course would make everything perfect.
Two years in a row we have been subjected to management claiming the new left-fielder and 2nd baseman would correct problems. 2 rookies are annointed as middle infielders and 2 infielders are annointed as left fielders. They just did not go out and fix those problems in the market, where they should have if they were really serious about contending.
Enough. Sorry. I just feel that the fans of this baseball team are too knowlegeable to be treated as ignorant.
Can we solve some of these problems this year? Not with Raburn at either position. Not with Rhymes, no matter how big a heart this guy has. We were stupid to let Placido go. We needed to go out and get a solid, dependable left fielder. Not invent one.
I expect we will see Sizemore soon. Perhaps Dirks as well. He has been leading off and playing CF for the Hens.
Furbush will be tried in the bullpen.
I suspect they will move Gayhart up to replace Furbush when that happens. The guy that goes will likely be Brad Thomas.
I think Martinez was a good acquisition. But not a complete solution. In fact he will creat a problem in that his age will relegate hi to being a DH for the rest of his very attractive contract. What does this mean for Ordonez and Guillen? It’s pretty clear I think.

Yes, the teams do seem to be getting younger and perhaps, imo, because of the strict drug testing. Just my theory, though. The better teams have speed or like NYY, have huge thumpers, and last, but not least, good starting pitching and a good BP. You gotta have good pitching.
Yes, I do see Sizemore is tearing the cover off the ball in Toledo. He’s probably dying to get back. He has committed 3 errors….not a felony, but maybe a misdemeanor. Personnally, I like Rhymes, but I’m not sure he can last. Jackson, well, I just cringe every time he has a poor at bat. Poor guy. But like Boesch (I was so wrong about him) you can’t very well let him go to Toledo when he was almost ROY. He’s gotta get his confidence back and start seeiing the ball better, make the adjustments. He’s got the young and and fast legs you need out there in CF especially if Maggs is playing RF. Victor getting hurt sure didn’t help, either. But, other teams have to deal with the same problems. We have a good team if they were all on the same page every day.

jackson could be demoted…he’s got options left. his D will keep him around while he tries to find his stroke. it may not be long before he’s in the 9 hole though. there’s only so much a manager can do to jumpstart a hitter…bench him, have him work with hitting coach, move him around in the lineup. red sox are doing the same with ellsbury who started season in leadoff, now 9 spot, with JD Drew as unconventional leadoff hitter. Tigers don’t have too many other leadoff options…could consider Peralta.

Yes, Detroit fans are knowledgeable. I hear this all the time on why we do not have players that fit Comerica. We will be watching and telling the same stories until management changes. I do not like calling DD, Dumbrowski, as some do, but has he done more harn than good? Does Mr I really care about his Tigers this time of year? I just want to watch good baseball. –Dave

Some forget where the Tigers farm system and organization was at when DD was hired by the Tigers. More harm than good, I think I good answer any harm with many more positives. Many of the young Tigers had to be rushed to the majors in the past ten years due to a lack of talent. It takes time to build a minor league system and the Tigers have more talent in the system now than at anytime in the last 30 years. Most High Schoolers are not going to reach the majors for 5-7 years and the College draftees normally take 3-5 years. If the Tigers do note resign DD, he will be hired by another organization. He has a proven record.

Here is all you need to know about this season….

1. 4th worst pitching staff
2. 12th worst hitting staff
3. 11th worst fielding staff.

Your not going anywhere if you don’t fix a whole lot of things. Boesch and Cabrera are the only consistent hitters. There is not consistent pitching (including Verlander) Verlander pitches great 6 or 7 innings, but he always has one inning were he is giving up 3 or 4 runs. With a team that isn’t hitting a lot you have to give more. Although Porcello is looking better. Fielding is hideous.
This is not a recipe for a winning team.

Yet we’re 9-10. But I see us as 7th in runs and homers and 8th in avg. 13th in runs allowed, ERA, and walks allowed. 6th in homers allowed (surprise). 9th in fielding pct but 13th in doubleplays. These numbers would indicate a club that hits okay but has a bad pitching staff. As usual with statistics, they don’t add up. The W-L column is the only one I’m interested in.
What I see so far this season in general is pitching is dominating hitting everywhere. We have a pretty good staff, but it seems everyone else does too. Maybe when it warms up that will turn around. The jury is still out. This is not the personnel you’ll see in August.
If it’s the White Sox, there has to be doubleheaders. Looking iffy tonight.

Well heading down to the park soon, it is raining pretty good right now, I can’t imagine this game is going to get played. Now remember I also thought that about opening day??? Probably wouldn’t even go down at all but I want that Austin Jackson figurine that is the giveaway today! Yes I know I am a child. But seriously crappy night to play baseball.

Looking forward to the basball coming up right across the division and should reveal whether KC and the Indians are pretenders.
I suspect our series against Chicago will just continue to muddy the waters with both struggling teams with issues and likely to balance each other out with a mix of good and frustratingly ugly baseball.

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