No Perry roster move yet

Jim Leyland said Tuesday afternoon that Ryan Perry would be returning “very shortly,” but it didn’t happen after Tuesday’s loss to the Mariners. The Tigers had no roster move to announce in the postgame media session. They could still announce it Wednesday in time for the series finale, or they could simply wait until the Tigers return home Friday.

The original rehab plan that Perry discussed last week put him on track to be ready to be activated from the disabled list on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if Perry was in Seattle Tuesday night.


No disrespect to the late night posters but the ‘morning after’ deserves a new post.
I haven’t felt so down about the team since last season’s 4 game whitewash by the Indians post break.
Coke would have to be the luckiest pitcher to escape that debacle with only 2 earned runs with his ERA still a more than respectable 2.75. The rest of last nights pitchers are all on borrowed time.
Any talk of a contract extension or two going on???

Pretty ugly, glad I didn’t stay up for the whole thing. The seventh did me in when we had bases loaded an d no outs and only managed one run. Now I am really glad since Seattle got several more runs. Someone forgot to tell them they couldn’t hit. I know there are some around here that don’t like Brad Thomas, but this isn’t what he was last year? He was much better than this last year!

IMO, Brad Thomas is a marginal MLB pitcher. He gives up more hits than innings and walks as many as he strikes out. And that was last year, where I will agree, his numbers were not that bad in terms of Pct & ERA. But there were times last year that he made things worse when coming in to pitch to a LHB. Some of those times involved inherited runers to score.
This year, well it is self evident that he is not going to get the job done.
Schlereth is not looking very good either. They have some real problems in that bullpen and the frightening thing to me is that management trumpeted how strong the bullpen was going into this season.
They also thought our hitting was good enough.
I know that many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves and we can get, shall I say pessimistic, when our team loses. But when they play like they did last night it is very understandable. Meanwhile JL keeps saying everybody is “just fine, or will be absolutely fine, to tell you the truth. Next question.”

It was one of “those” games. What I took away from it is that we were again shut down by the starting pitcher. It doesn’t seem to matter who the starting pitcher is, either. I’d like to hear the reasoning behind this.
Win today and get a 4-3 road trip but the issues remain.

The games are too late for me and did not see any games the 1st week of April. Looking forward to watching the games at Comerica Park. Remember, Sparky said it takes 40 games. Some of us don’t want to wait. How many of the good teams stay with the same batting order? We ae not scoring runs because we have no production from the 1, 2 or 3 hitter. Now VMart and Maggs are hurt. It is a long season and I haven’t even cut my grass yet! –Dave

Gonzales needs to go, and Thomas’ leash just got shorter. There must be better alternatives.

Meant to add, are we playing polite baseball? Who is the leader on this team? When are we going to get mad and mean?

perry is a key guy for helping the rest of the middle relievers fit into their roles. they need him and villarreal to button down the 7th and maybe finish off the 6th if the starter gets in trouble. patience with schlereth as he tries to figure it out. the others can take the workload off the rest of the pen by soaking up the less important innings.

Leading the games off with 2-3 weak hitters (Jackson who is slumping, Rayburn who looks like he just isn’t seeing the ball right now, Rhymes who lets be honest should be a 8 or 9 hitter, Mags who just hasn’t been healthy enough to get the consistent plate appearances just sets the opposing starting pitcher up to get comfortable and get in a nice grove. When you only have to worry about 1 out of every 3 innings of pitching the game has to become easier.

Our bullpen is stronger then last year, except for the fact that we lost a strong innings eater in Minor. But yea, Gonzales, Thomas seem to have no ability to hold the team in the game. We don’t seem to have a reliever that can come in and bail another pitcher out of a jam (We Miss you Zoom).

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