Zumaya moved to 60-day disabled list

Joel Zumaya’s latest visit with Dr. James Andrews is scheduled for today, but the Tigers got the procedural portion of his injury out of the way already by transferring the hard-throwing but oft-injured right-hander from the 15- to 60-day disabled list.

For practical purposes, the DL move doesn’t mean much, other than to open a spot on the 40-man roster. Even if Zumaya was pain-free and cleared to begin throwing again tomorrow, he’d still be at least a couple weeks away from throwing in games, then would face a minor league rehab assignment. That would likely take him well into May anyway. Now that he’s on the 60-day DL, the earliest he can be activated is around the end of May.

For personnel purposes, the move opens up a 40-man roster spot, meaning Detroit now has the room to call up a non-roster guy if they so choose. Probably not a harbinger of anything quite yet, but good to know.


Call up Jacob Turner. I’m interested to see what he’s got. Give him a spot start or 2 and if he does well, move Penny to the bullpen.

Turner is not the answer. The Tigers have called up countless prospects way too early and have hindered their development.

But Leyland praised Twins for doing the same. And he has a Twins ex coach. So he will break another arm or two before been cut at the end of the season. Every pitcher but Verlander was in DL between 2007-2009

No matter what happens with Turner, or Oliver, I don’t think Penny will be moved to the bullpen. He has very little relief experience, and as a longtime starter, he takes a while to warm up, which limits his situations.

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