No nerve damage for Zumaya, but still no diagnosis

The good news for Joel Zumaya is that there’s no nerve damage in his right arm. The bad news is that there’s still no firm diagnosis what exactly is causing the trouble that has him again shut down from throwing.

Zumaya had another visit Monday with noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who conducted another battery of tests. This time, however, they added a nerve conduction study. Like all the other tests, it came up with nothing glaring.

“Nothing really jumped out at us any more than what we had already determined,” Rand said.

The test results are being forwarded to Tigers team physician Dr. Stephen Lemos. He’ll look them over and then join in on a conference call Wednesday with Andrews, Rand, Zumaya and one of his agents. Together, they’re going to decide whether it’s better for Zumaya to go through the strengthening and rehab process again or go with a diagnostic arthroscopic surgery.

The rehab process without surgery would probably take another six weeks. The surgery would knock him out for longer, but they might get to the bottom of the issue.


At this point- whats the point in all this? Its another lost year. I appreciate all the hard work and effort Joel has put in, but unfortunately some guys just are not built to pitch. Guy has a good heart, and a honest love of the Tigers, which is why he keeps giving it everything, but I just don’t see a way this guy ever pitches a full season without a lengthy DL stint.

Yes, that is sad about Zumaya. Makes you wonder how long the Tigers will stick with him.
The White Sox lost again tonight giving the Tigers another chance to get above Chicago in the standings. Will the Tigers score much, if any, against another starter? Last week they didn’t do well in that category at all.

Joel is very likely finished. Sad.
The lineup fiasco continues Leyland plugs Raburn in at 2nd and the silly thing is –he isn’t hitting either!!!!

He just seemed so healthy at the start of ST, so happy he was healthy and his arm didn’t hurt. I’ll always wish Zoom was in our BP. One of a kind!

Jackson and Raburn are just dead as far as getting on base. Peralta has been 1-for19 in hitting lately. They might have had 2 runs if V-Mart had been able to run. A man on 3rd for Avila’s fly ball might have been a sac fly. This one run may not hold up.

Scherzer has been garbage so far tonight!

Scherzer 72 pitches in 3 innings. He’ll be lucky to get through 5 innings. I believe that was the first homerun given up by Tiger’s pitchers in quite a while. If they don’t start hitting any better than they have been, this 2-1 game will be another loss.

Another deadly inning. A nice double by Avila with no outs but Inge, Jackson, and Raburn leave him stranded. They must be leading all of baseball in leaving runners stranded who are in scoring position.

This is one hapless hitting ball team right now. We have 4 guys in the starting lineup that are below or near the Mendoza line. Inge, Jackson, Raburn Ordonez and you can add Will Rhymes to the list. Combine that with the troubles Peralta and Marrtinez have been having—-well, I guess the problem is self explanatory.

Who the heck is the official scorer tonight? Whoa-one hopper to the shortstop is ruled a hit? Ball skips by Bradley after a tricky bounce off the wall and they give him an error.

Can anyone on this team get a clutch hit!
At least the Wings showed up to play!

Avila is one guy who is playing good ball right now. He took a lot of flak for early season wild pitches but he has saved his pitchers a ton of WPs lately. Great AB there in the 6th and he is hitting the ball hard.

Are WP our leading RISP stat??🙂

Nice 7th! Now hold them down! Go Tigers -Go Wings!!

LOL. I guess I did enough whining that somebody finally heard me. Of course the Mariners helped out with some pitches that got away. Peralta finally had a big hit. You could see his lack of fielding range on three of Seattle’s hits tonight. Oh, well, let’s hold them now.

JL is doing a Captain Hook tonight. Looks to me like he is a bit ticked off with things. Boy did Schlereth ever geit hit hard.

Scherleth at this point is a lefty specialist plain and simple, and those were righties that hit him hard correct?? I am so tired I don’t remember! A win is a win is a win!

I went to bed after we scored our 6 runs, nice inning taking advantage of the mess ups by their pitchers. I still think Raburn does better when he is a fill in, seems when he plays consistently his batting drops, but the stats I think prove me wrong. I like the guy but his strikeouts are getting to be too much. Jackson is a 2nd year rookie when it comes to hitting, a seasoned veteran in the field, geez that guy is quick and has good instincts.

Glad to see our score held up with just one add on run by the Mariners. I’ll take a win. Hard to believe Max is 3-0, it hasn’t been pretty but he only gave up a few runs so he did his job regardless of how many pitches or walks it took.

That game ran late even for me. I made it to the end, but just barely.
Good things: 5-6 road record is an improvement. If you’re among those who think KC and Cleveland aren’t for real, we’re ahead of Chicago and Minnesota. We aren’t giving up tons of runs and homers. We’ve had a multitude of issues but are 8-9 with only six home games played.
Bad things: injuries to key players. Ordonez and Martinez need to get rolling but injuries are limiting their time. Verlander throwing too many curveballs (imagine that being a problem). Scherzer getting too cute when he’s ahead in the count. Both of them probably should throw more high octane gas at these weaker lineups. Offense continues to be held down by starters. I’d think the starter is the one we have the most complete scouting report on? Do we have that or is it being ignored? Or is it no good? Can’t wait for their relief pitchers every night.
Bottom line: I’d like to see the guys on the current roster step up and get ‘er done so folks don’t think we have better players at Toledo.

Oh, and Max should just stop throwing to first to hold runners, it is downright funny watching that toss he does. A step off would be just as effective.

So who is getting called up to be the backup catcher? They have to do this, even if Martinez can come back at the end of the week. I guess the good news is we can DH Ordonez.
With Zumaya on the 60 day DL we have an extra spot on the 40 man roster for another catcher.

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