Zumaya to see Dr. Andrews next week

Joel Zumaya has an appointment next Monday with Dr. James Andrews for a battery of tests, including an EMG test of the nerves, to try to finally determine what’s causing the inflammation in his elbow.

The appointment came out of a conference call Monday with Andrews, team physician Dr. Stephen Lemos, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, Zumaya and someone from his agency, Hendricks Sports.


thanks for the updates jason.
hard to believe they still don’t know what is wrong.

Take that Leyland! Ramon Lead Foot Santiago runs through the stop sign to tie the Game!!!

Ramon is showing why he should be playing.
Penny actually pitched well today.
DP on Borbon—MCab dropped the ball otherwise they would have had 2. Nice throw from Ramon but Cab must have taken his eye off the ball.
Villareal is going to get his shot at being the guy they need to make the 7th inning happen. I think he has the character for it and good stuff as well.

The hitting just is not there.
That may have been the 1st run benoit has given up in a Tigert uniform—ST included. Not a great time for it.
Had our chances. Gotta get through with a victory here.

Watch out for the bunt!

Man, it practically takes an act of congress to get one lousy win. I’ll take it. I burst out laughing when “Leadfoot” Santiago blew through old man Lamont’s stop sign. Ramon read the play and scored without even drawing a throw. Gino obviously didn’t read the play. Ramon comes up big again.
Raburn makes the great catch, drives in runs and draws an important walk. Gee, can Ryan be the leftfielder now, skipper?
I’m having doubts about Penny. Granted, he’s faced three hard hitting teams but that’s what we have over here in the AL. His defense bailed him out of an early shelling today. He’s slow to the plate, doesn’t hold runners, can’t field his position and doesn’t seem to realize he needs to cover homeplate on foul pops with a man on third. Plus he works irritatingly slow. I hope Oliver keeps up those good outings. Another one today.

Felt like I was right there at the game today as the weather here in MI is gorgeous just like at the park today. It had to be torture just to win 1 game, but it was a good game to watch.
Great catch by Rugburn. That was a beauty. The DP was nice between Ramon and Miguel. Miguel looks to be getting in shape. He’s lost weight and still needs to lose more. Great walk-off hit!

Who knew I would get so excited over one win, but you would have thought we won the series today I was so happy. Didn’t see the game, but the highlights of Raburn catch was terrific – he gets a lot of gruff for his errors, but credit where due – he saved us. Funny that Ramon blew by Lamont, am guessing we don’t win if Ramon listens to the old guy.

I don’t have it in me to look at the stats, but wonder if Raburn does better when he has something to prove? When he plays a lot I wonder if his average is better or worse? He is on fire right now – probably will get rested tomorrow – saved by the fact that Maggs won’t be playing.

Nice to see a lot of the team contributing by getting on base.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that Raburn does better when playing everyday. I can understand that; if I think I won’t see the field again for a week if I go 0 for 4, I’ll be pressing during those few chances I do get. Raburn is a good hitter, and I think that’s why so many have asked if he could play secondbase. I understand that comes up a lot. 🙂 Is it possible that it’s replacing the question of “whatever happened to Bobby Higginson?”?
I forgot to mention that bullet throw from Santiago on that relay that nailed the guy trying to get a triple. As bad as they looked on Sunday, they looked that good in the field today, minus the Penny covering home play. Nice turnaround.

Thanks Rich, I figured one of you guys could give me an idea, as much as I watch the tigers my attention to detail is not the best, which is why I love this site, it gives me the chance to look beyond what I capture.

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