Zumaya rehab on hold again

Joel Zumaya’s throwing program is on hold again. He experienced discomfort in his right elbow again after he played catch on Thursday, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said this morning.

The next step, Rand said, is to let him rest the arm for a couple days and see if it improves. However, Rand said team doctors and Dr. James Andrews, who has been consulting on Zumaya’s situation for the last couple years, have a conference call scheduled for Monday to discuss what’s going on. As of now, there’s no answer whether Zumaya will be re-examined.


My question is how can Zumaya not have persisting discomfort with a screw still in the elbow? When will it be removed?

Is it supposed to be removed?

That is a good question.

All I know is that an internal fixation device e.g. a screw can be permanent or temporary. They are sometimes removed if they cause pain or other problems. The fact that Joel throws 100+mph obviously makes this a not typical case.

I think Zoom is screwed.

Must have been Historical Reenactment day at the ballpark. That was an excellent representation of the 2003 Tigers.
Bad hitting, bad pitching, bad defense and bad managing so far this season. 4 for 4. The golden sombrero of futility.
Way to go, guys.

3 series, 3 wins, 6 losses, 3 1/2 games out. Next is the Texas Terror (8-1) then a 7-game road trip wayyy out west.
The way they are playing right now doesn’t give much hope for a better season. I am beginning to believe Zumaya may never come back. Guillen’s return doesn’t give me much hope. Jackson is in a slump. Magglio hasn’t come around yet. Boesch is beginning to look like the last half of 2010 already. Raburn may not be getting enough regular playing time to get in a groove. And then there is Inge- just what we expected. Santiago and Wells are not playing much. Some of the pitchers are not in tune yet. JL says it’s too early to make judgments. I say it is 5 years too late in making a judgment on his leadership. The only time he seemed to take charge was back in 2006 when he reamed them out about poor playing after a Cleveland series.

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