Would Porcello bring back curveball?

Rick Porcello tinkered with a curveball along with his slider for a decent part of Spring Training. He shelved it near the end of camp in order to focus on commanding his slider. By throwing the curveball, he has having problems getting a consistent grip on his slider.

Two starts into his season, he’s struggling to get over a consistent pitch to get hitters off his sinker. So could he bring back the curveball? After all, if he can’t have one great secondary pitch, wouldn’t it be better to at least have multiple show-me pitches?

Sounds doubtful. But Porcello didn’t rule it out.

“I was having trouble with my slider, finding a consistent release point,” Porcello said after Sunday’s game. “I haven’t been throwing a curveball, just to make sure that I’ve been staying in the same arm slot with my slider. But it might be something that I’m going to bring back and start throwing, because it might be another effective pitch, another weapon, just something a little bit slower, just giving [hitters] something else to think about.”

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