What to expect in Thursday’s lineup

Brennan Boesch earned his fourth straight start Wednesday, and there’s a chance he’ll be in the lineup again for Thursday’s series finale. That seemed more likely before Wednesday’s game than after.

Before the game, manager Jim Leyland talked about using Victor Martinez as catcher Thursday and giving Alex Avila a day off ahead of Friday’s home opener. Then Avila went out and had a three-hit, five-RBI game that included a mammoth two-run homer, an equally impressive two-run double, and the kind of confidence boost he arguably needed.

“If I don’t catch [Avila] tomorrow,” Leyland said, “I’m sending a bad message. It would still be all right to go that way, really, because we’re going to catch him tomorrow night and then the home opener is a day game, which he’s going to catch. But after tonight, I’ve got to play him.”

Ryan Raburn will play for sure, Leyland said, because he hasn’t started the first couple games of the series. Ramon Santiago will get the start at second. Leyland said he isn’t sure whether he’ll start Magglio Ordonez for the night game before their day game in Detroit.


Good to see the bats come alive for JV. Unreal how he is maturing before our eyes to go with the rocket arm and talent.
Real glad to see Avila have a confidence boost, though just confirms he will be good, just not yet for a regular start.
Believe it not but Inge had not struck out before his three last night.
Penny still remains the key.

well knock me over with a feather – playing the hot guy? Now that is a concept!

Saw bits and pieces last night. Glad JV got his first W and the bats backed him up. I turned on the radio right after AA hit in RBI 3 and 4 for the night, couldn’t believe my ears. Good for him, he was probably feeling some pressure so kudos for a good night.

Love those back-to-back homeruns. OK boys, take care of business today and within a few days you have changed the feeling of the fans.

It is very important, and encouraging, to see VMart coming around. Even his two outs yesterday (one from each side of the plate) were loud outs.
JL tends to try and get certain guys their playing time. Ramon should be one of them. Kelly should get a little more too. Rhymes has dues to pay, and Inge’s offensive challenges should be able to provide some playing time for these guys. Inge’s defense is great but we are talking about a corner infielder who will have entire games where the ball won’t come his way. His playing time should not be engraved on a stone tablet that was brought down from the mountain. He can have a day off as easily as Ordonez, Raburn, Rhymes or Avila. Peralta can be subbed for by Ramon. Especially with those really tough RHP that have good lines against these guys.
I hope I am wrong of course, but I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling with Brad Penny.

Brad Penny warm and fuzzy?? Probably not. I mean he’s a respectable human being and all and his mother loves him I’m sure. However, he has not been in a Tiger uniform long and has never been mistaken for Curtis Granderson. Warm and Fuzzy…probably not…professional…yes.

I mean he doesn’t bowl me over as being an answer to the back end of the rotation. I am concerned he is as likely to be ineffective as effective. I do know he has had sensational results in the past. If he is consistent and can deliver a dozen wins and 15 or 16 quality starts I will be a very satisfied fan.

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