Valverde, Cabrera battling stomach bug

The Tigers survived their trip from warm, sunny Florida to chilly New York last week, but their Sunday night trip here has them worried about a stomach bug.

Jose Valverde was the first to have it. He said he was awake all night and couldn’t hold down food Monday. Then American League MVP runner-up Miguel Cabrera came to the clubhouse feeling bad Monday morning. By mid-afternoon, he was coming back into the clubhouse between innings to throw up.

“He’s sick as a dog,” manager Jim Leyland said.

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said that was the known extent of it. However, Valverde said “at least three or four” players had it.

The belief right now is that it could be food-related. Valverde said he ate something on the flight to Baltimore last night and felt ill back at his hotel. Cabrera, however, said he didn’t fall ill until Monday morning. He was laying on the couch in the visiting clubhouse at Camden Yards a few hours before game time, but didn’t suggest anything was wrong.

Cabrera went 0-for-4 with a strikeout. If he feels the way Valverde feels, Valverde said, it’s no wonder he had a bad day.

“I feel [terrible] right now,” Valverde said.

Justin Verlander could relate. He had a nasty bout of food poisoning that confined him to his bed in his New York hotel room all day Friday, he said. His case, however, is supposedly unrelated, and he’s regaining strength ahead of his scheduled start here Wednesday.

“At least I know what it was,” Verlander said.


Well that explains a lot about why Miggy didn’t look good today! What everyone else’s excuse?

If Miggy was throwing up this afternoon, then why the heck was he in the lineup??? I understand he’s the offensive leader of the club but still…

Must have got poisoned in New York. Pitiful excuse.

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