Sunday: Magglio not in lineup

As expected, Magglio Ordonez is not in the lineup for today’s series finale between the Tigers and Yankees. Brennan Boesch gets the start at DH and the third spot in a getaway-day batting order that includes Don Kelly in right field, Victor Martinez behind the plate and Ramon Santiago at second base.

The lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Brennan Boesch, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Don Kelly, RF
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Max Scherzer

Casper Wells is the one Tiger left who has yet to get into a game.


“Casper Wells is the one Tiger left who has yet to get into a game”

–at this stage, not sure what’s best for his development…sitting on the bench in bigs or playing everyday at Toledo…tough to get him ABs unless Magglio continues to have ankle/leg problems or they move toward Victor as the starting C. he’s from NY, so hopefully will get into the game today.

Hey what time do the tigers play today? i’d like to show my support!🙂

@erica 1:05🙂

I shut the game off yesterday. Looked at the boxscore later and saw that JL put in Benoit then Valverde. Obviously to give them some work. Does anybody know the reason he took Valverde out and replaced him with Gonzalez?

Pitch count was up, Dan. Jackson had the error on the fly and prolonged the inning. I was glad to see JL come get him after that Boston fiasco last year. Then Gonzalez ends the inning with one pitch.

Make that two pitches for Gonzalez. Valverde had 19.
There’s no such thing as a must win in April, but you can have a need to win. We lose today then again tomorrow to a pumped up Orioles team on opening day and we’re 0-4 and everyone is talking about 2008.

Seriously can we keep these freaking Yankees from hitting all these home runs? Other than Penny I felt pretty good about the pitching, but every single one with the exception of Benoit has been horrible? What the heck!

Two more homers and another error fantastic! Miguel can’t do it all!

What was I reading about Max “fixing” himslef?
Whew. So far the strength of the rotation has not been real evident.

Again, I can’t get MLBTV or even the radio broadcast. Gameday is all I got and from what I can infer there this game looks as thougt the Yanks will find a way to win it.
All of a Sunday sudden it feels like the strenths of the team (rotation and bullpen) may be q

quite vulnerable

BB is having some darn good ABs. Right now he is doing what he said he wanted to. Trying to make it tough to keep him out of the lineup.

7th inning and another wild pitch, that leads to another run by the Yankees. The pitching, defense and catching atrocious!

With the game Boesch is having, I bet Maggs ankle gets better real fast.

Yeh finally won! Boesch and Miggy were huge, along with a couple of great cat he’s by Jackson and one by Raburn ( I do remember his error). Bats were going and balls were flying out of there. Yes we got 3 homers but at least they were true homers, Yankees had 2 and possibly 3 that were home runs nowhere other than there. Scherzer got the win, but he sure didn’t look great! Still happy for the win. Looks like KC and white Soxs are the class of the division so far!

Strange old game getting a win despite Max’s 4 homers given up. Glad we aren’t pitching there in summer.
Today’s game has sure given the SOC some headaches who to play. It seems only management saw Avila being able to handle catching way ahead of his time, ludicrous given his age and becoming a C at college.

It’s going to be quite warm in Baltimore tomorrow so that shouldn’t be an issue. There will also be 30+ mph winds blowing straight out to leftfield. Keep ’em on the ground, Ricky.
You certainly have to play Boesch now while he’s hot, no doubt. The 3-hole is a good spot for him (would be for Raburn too) since there will be good pitches in advance of Cabrera. I wonder if we shouldn’t move Magglio to another spot entirely?
I thought this issue might come up this season and it’s happening sooner than I thought; that is Avila vs someone else in the starting lineup. Victor behind the plate opens up a lot of possibilities. This will be interesting.
Santiago comes up big again. All these years later and I’m still wondering why he doesn’t start more games. I chose Rhymes over Sizemore but I take Ramon over any of them.
The defense is bad, good individual plays notwithstanding, and absolutely has to tighten up. That’s imperative.
I agreed with every move Leyland made today, so I guess that means he managed a good game. 🙂

Just finished watching the game. Had to love those HR’s by our Tigers. Still, too many errors and so many lineups.
Bengie Molina would have had my interest. AA could have honed his skills in AAA. Hopefully, he’ll get better.

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