Magglio doubtful for Sunday with sore ankle

The Tigers were down six runs to the Yankees by the time manager Jim Leyland lifted Magglio Ordonez Saturday. But it was more than a matter of resting regulars in a lopsided game. Rather, Leyland said, it was soreness in Ordonez’s surgically repaired left right ankle.

Leyland called it “very non-serious,” but when asked about Ordonez’s chances of playing Sunday, Leyland sounded concerned enough to not take chances.

“I would say doubtful,” Leyland said. “You have to be careful. I’m not saying he won’t play. I would say, right off the top of my head, doubtful for tomorrow.”

Ordonez fractured his ankle on a slide last July, eventually leading to season-ending surgery. Though Ordonez missed time in Spring Training with tightness in his hamstring, he gave every indication his ankle was fine. He hopped on his leg one day to demonstrate his health to a reporter who asked.

He appeared healthy Saturday when he ran down a Russell Martin drive to the warning track at near full speed in the third inning. At some point after that, he apparently mentioned the soreness to the team medical staff, which relayed the news to Leyland.

Part of the concern comes out of the weather. While temperatures are forecast to reach a high of 57 on Sunday, it’s still much cooler than the conditions Ordonez enjoyed throughout Spring Training in Florida.

“This early in the season and in the cold, we just didn’t want to take any chances,” Leyland said.

Leyland said he already had planned on taking Ordonez out of the field Sunday and using him as the designated hitter, with Victor Martinez getting his first game at catcher. Even as a baserunner, though, Leyland would rather not take chances. If Ordonez doesn’t play, Leyland said, Brennan Boesch will likely start at DH, with Ryan Raburn in left field and Don Kelly in right.


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His left ankle? Thought that was his good one.

The cold weather can make that repaired ankle bark. I’m somewhat more concerned over Magglio’s hitting right now. Other than a handful of ABs, he hasn’t looked too good in spring training and now. I would normally expect him to ramp it up soon but, at his age, you just never know when the end is coming. Know what I mean? I’d hate to see that happen.
You’re seeing the kind of play that caused my spring training reports to be less than glowing, although it’s become more sloppy the first two games. It’s just bad baseball in all facets of the game, including mental. Leyland’s decisions continue to baffle me.
I think the first order of business is to tighten up the defense, whatever it takes. Good defense puts a spring in a team’s step and livens things up. They can’t keep giving away extra outs to the opposition.
I hoped for 3-3 coming back to Detroit. Here’s hoping Max has ironed out his problems. Another remedy for poor defense is a bunch of strikeouts.

Jason, after reading your Twitter page, Sam Elliott plays Jim Leyland in any production. It’s a “no-brainer.” 🙂

You’re right. Right ankle. Thanks for catching that.

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