Leyland: Don’t try to factor in weather

The conditions at Yankee Stadium are really cold today. Temperatures might have crept under 40. It’s damp and it’s windy. Sounds like perfect conditions for two hard-throwing starting pitchers who can jam hitters inside, right?

Well, yeah. But that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be a low-scoring game, the way Jim Leyland looks at it.

“I found out a long time ago not to try to figure this thing out, because it just doesn’t work,” Leyland said. “Normally, you go into a game like today and you figure with the cold weather, maybe the pitchers have the advantage. You have two outstanding pitchers going. But I learned a long time ago, maybe an infielder gets a wet ball and throws one away, an outfielder slips with a couple runners on because of the wet grass or something. So I’ve never tried to figure it. It is what it is.”


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Well I’d like to day it is a great day for baseball, BUT! It looks like they are going to okay huh? I never would of thought that looking at the weather?

Nice here in MI. High 30’s, low 40’s and sun. Heck, I put my “spring” sign out in the yard yesterday. Walked my dog for an hour every day after work for 10 years…..rain, sleet, or snowstorm. Hope they can get the game in today, but tomorrow in NY sounds like they might have to postpone. Heck, it’s in the 40’s in NY. Brad better toughen up. Get your longjohns on and handwarmers in the dugout.

Time for the annual prediction.

We have more talent on the club than the previous two seasons at this time. Whether that translates into wins remains to be seen. Chicago and Minnesota are, as usual, the chief competition. We need to take those season series, or at least break even. We also need to stop taking KC lightly and put those series in the win column everytime. The same goes for Cleveland. Winning a division turns on these divisional games, and they loom much more important than any New York or Boston matchup.

We have a lineup of hitters that can make a pitcher miserable, but that same lineup can and will be shut down by any pitcher on any given day. Other than Victor Martinez, we have to demonstrate that we can get that runner in from thirdbase, as games turn on those kinds of things. We don’t manufacture many runs.

We have one superstar in the rotation, Verlander, and four other guys who can go either way. The potential is there, but it’s a question of when that potential is fulfilled. The back end of the bullpen should get the job done most nights, but other guys will have to step up and get a big out at times. It’s important that starters get into the 7th inning.

One possible downfall for the pitching will be our less than stellar defense. We have some veritable wizards on defense, but overall it’s not a strong one. We may very well end up having to exchange some alleged offensive punch for better defenders. With our type of offense, we can’t afford to give away extra outs on plays not made.

This team has undergone at least one prolonged funk every season, usually in the second half, and it’s usually a season-killer. When this funk happens, and it will, it needs to be brief. It’s too late for Leyland to change his ways, but he really needs to roll up his blueprint for a season and stick it in a drawer. It’s not enough to say that every game is important, you have to put those words into action.

For us fans, we have the prospect of a fun and exciting season to look forward to. Don’t take it for granted, as many fans out there don’t get this every year. For my money, Detroit-Minnesota is the best rivalry per game in baseball. Dombrowski has created a competitive atmosphere here in Detroit, and the days of Randy Smith are long gone. We have a group of really good guys that’s easy to root for. We couldn’t say that some ten years ago. Enjoy the baseball.

We have a club that can win 90+ games. I’m going to predict 85-77. Is that enough to get into the postseason? Depends on what we do in divisional games. As the commercial says, here we go.

Here we goooooo!!!! ;0) I am so ready for this! GO TIGERS 2011 -Stacy

Does anyone know where I can stream a radio feed of this game? I’m watching on Gameday, but I don’t have access to a TV right now

wish I could tell you Jessica, nothing for free other than gameday type stuff. I searched all the radio stations and they don’t stream it live. You can get it through mlb but it costs. My problem at work is my radio does not get good reception for the station so I listen through static or watch on the gameday.

come on guys – lets start it off right!

Thanks Tiger Girl, I found a couple stations that broadcast Tiger games with online streams but they are either playing music or offair.

I am literally giddy for today. I feel like a little kid on the last day of school.

Go here to watch the game online free

Go here to watch the game online free:

Do you think this umpire is on the Yankee’s payroll? Holy moly.

Well put Rich. The key as always is the Starters. I look for a nice year from Raburn (nice catch in the 5th) and a solid lineup. The youth is coming along so people will need to produce. GO TIGERS!

Dale Scott pick up your check after the game.

The 3rd strike on Perhalta was a ball as well. Yankees sure like to whine when breaks don’t go their way.

Grandy strikes again.

The Tigers better get going!

Ah Coke, what happened…

Verlander did a commendable job from what I can tell, shaky with the homerun obviously but kept us in the game. Relief pitching now not so much, so we need to settle down, get the outs and figure out how to score a few more.

I can’t watch.

Why is Coke in there! Isn’t he the fifth started? SOC!

Don’t understand why they put Coke in there. Sometimes I wonder about Leyland’s decisions. Also, Look at the stats: Tigers: six hits – three runs. Yankees: 5 hits – 6 runs – Hmmm!!! shouldn’t it be the other way around. Something not right…. Hope the only problem is the weather….

Well Coke went in because, he needed to pitch, and for the most part he was pretty good last year. I don’t think it was a bad decision it just didn’t work out today.

I wouldn’t have put Coke in there either. As soon as I saw him, I thought it was a mistake. He could get his work in on a side session.

tough day for the ‘pen. sending Coke out to face CG was the right move as we know CG doesn’t hit lefties, but it didn’t work out today. they need to find out sooner rather than later whether Perry and/or Schlereth can get the job done in important spots, so today a good early test for them.

good point! Now, we know.

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