Workout day at Yankee Stadium

It’s a beautiful morning in New York — cool, but not cold, and plenty of sun to go around. Great day for players to work out and get used to the northern climate again as they adjust to leaving Florida, where it was the upper 80s just a few days ago.

The forecast for tomorrow, on the other hand … yikes. We might find out why they schedule an off-day after the season opener, just in case they need to postpone.



Statman, I agree, SOC. Dan, “Huge” always has his opinion. Rich, defense, pitching, hitting. 45 and sunny in GR. Saw some kids out playing baseball on my way home.
90-72? How many wins will we get in the second half with the SOC at the helm? Go Tigers 2011 –Dave

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The SOC not commenting about his contract would go close to his longest comments on anything. Me not worried.
One things certain Dave, the season will turn to mud the moment he gets an extension.

At 66 and with 20 years in, wouldn’t one be thinking of retirement?

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