Guillen to see Clete Thomas’ therapist

Clete Thomas had surprising success in his rehab program coming back from microfracture surgery on his knee. Now, the Tigers are hoping the same physical therapist can help Carlos Guillen bounce back from a similar procedure.

While the Tigers break camp and head north, Guillen is going to consult with Tampa-based physical therapist Jeremy Maddox, who worked with Thomas over the offseason after his surgery last summer.

“We’re going to go with a program very similar to that, hoping to get [Guillen] over this hump,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Tuesday morning.

It’s not as simple as looking at different roads back from the same surgery. Thomas had his surgery in early June; Guillen’s surgery took place in September after injuring his knee in mid-August. The injuries that prompt the surgeries are different, even if the procedure is the same.

The difference is that while Thomas was able to progress back with relatively little trouble, Guillen continues to have trouble with his surgically repaired left knee when he gets to a certain point. The Tigers aren’t treating it as an alarm that something has gone wrong, but it’s definitely a halt to the progress he had enjoyed coming into Spring Training and in the first couple weeks of camp. He took batting practice a few days ago and has taken ground balls.

“He had some increased soreness when we restarted [his program] again,” Rand said. “It’s just going to be one of those rehabs where you just have to treat him symptomically. The symptoms allow you to progress his activity. When you have to back off, you have to back off.

“It takes time, and nobody has a crystal ball as to how long that takes.”


beginning to think that tigers might be better off just putting Guillen on the 60 day DL and giving him all the time he needs to heal. if he continues to rehab over the next month and then takes a month working his way back into playing 5 days a week (his own version of spring training), it’ll be June 1st. also, since Guillen hasn’t played in a spring game, can’t they make his disabled list day retroactive to sometime earlier in March? if so, that would push his eligibility date to sometime in mid-late May.

Anybody get the feeling that Ryan Raburn is not going to come close to being the everyday leftfielder? Even on the Tigers’ homepage, it lists spring HR leaders as
1. Cabrera 4
1. Boesch 4
1. 3 Tied With 4
(yeah the third one is Raburn)

Guillen is done…just leave Rhymes at second..maybe make guillen batting coach..cant be worse than who we ahve..get something out of what we are paying him…cant be average fielder anymore….strictly a dh, if he can
stay healthy for that

Poor Carlos and poor us. A great guy, a good hitter, a slick shortstop but his day is done.
Cut your losses.
Forcing the situation is like putting a square peg into a round hole. Carlos is no longer an everyday, two way player. I’m not sure he could cut the mustard as a DH.
I think Rhymes will equip himself well this year. I don’t think he is a long term solution. Peralta would be better off traded if they don’t trad Ramon. Danny Worth can step in for the shortstop role or the utility role. I hope I am wrong about Peralta but he is just too limited offensively and defensively he is sure but not a game changer.
Every game (except today) that I have watched this spring Raburn has butchered a play in LF. Optimism withstanding, I just don’t think this guy will ever be reliable out there. He is a 3B man–mark my words. If not for us then someone else will put him there and he will be adequate—which is more than he will be in the field.
JL will infuriate many fans this year with his everyday insertion of Inge into the lineup, regardless of how little he contributes offensively.
Lots of question marks this year. AJ, Peralta, Inge, Avila. These 4 HAVE to contribute offensively.
If things go south this summer I’d like to see Illitch have the guts to turf JL and not keep going with the same horse that beats the same path over and over.
And please Jl, if you have guys like AJ and Will at the top of the order, for godsakes–let them run.

He better let them run because we won’t score enough runs on hitting alone. This is the kind of team that can get shut down three nights running then score 13 runs in one game. All or nothing. The only way to assure success is to have top notch pitching but, to have that, we need top notch defense. We don’t have that.
Wow, you can tell the euphoria of spring training is over.

You can’t run if you can’t get on base. Awful spring for Austin.

I fear I have seen the best days of Guillen come and gone, sounds like his body just doesn’t want to allow him back anymore. Rich, your assessment on our all or nothing hitting is dead on – has happened to be like that for far too many years.

Maybe I’ll get to catch a Mud Hens game when Carlos is trying to come back and see him a bit closer up.

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