Martinez: Pitch wasn’t “with good intention”

Just finished talking a little bit ago with Victor Martinez, who didn’t want to say much about the inside pitch from Jose Valdez that prompted him to shout at him. But while Martinez didn’t get into what was said, his views on the pitch were pretty clear.

“It was a pitch that I don’t think was with good intention,” Martinez said. “That’s it.”

Valdez apparently said he wasn’t trying to hit anyone. But given this late stage of Spring Training, the last thing any hitter probably wants to see is an inside pitch that could knock them out of opening day. So when that pitch comes after a Miguel Cabrera home run, nerves get a little frazzled.


Victor also had somewhat of a questioning look out at Rodriguez following a tight one during a previous AB. If he’s going to hit behind Cabrera, he may see some of this and he probably knows it.

You know, if Peralta only hits like .250 with 15 homers, we’d be better off with Worth at shortstop. That would give us a pretty energetic infield.

Leyland loves Peralta and thinks he is a better hitter than most give him credit for. I agree with Jim. Big year for Jhonny.

I’m not worried about Jhonny. He had a couple good ones the other day and has made some nice plays.

statistically he SHOULD do better than .250 with 15 hrs….. not to mention i’m pretty sure this is the best team he’s ever played on….

I’m not saying Peralta will hit .250 with 15 homers, no way of predicting that. I am saying that if we were getting that kind of production, we’d be better off with a superior defender at the position. There are many ways to put runs on the board and they don’t all involve homers and doubles. I’d love to see Jhonny have that big year and he does have it in him.

Thought he over reacted just a bit?? Sorry Victor!

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