Back up and running

Sorry about the blog being down for the past few days. We switched to a new system and had some technical difficulties. Looks like we’re back up and running now. Trust me, the new system should be worth the initial trouble.


Yep, created some havoc with being able to access via “Favorites”. Also appears to have lost some comments.
This is more or less a test comment.

Working on comments. Some of them were in an approval queue for some reason, so I approved them. Also lost some posts from this week.

golly i sure wish peralta was out there gettin some quality hits, but jackson gettin those walks was niiiiiiiice

But we are going to have to deal with Inge and Peralta bogging down the offense all year.Pretty much EVERYONE has to have good year for this team to make it to the playoffs. We have a team that again, can’t support 3 or 4 weak links on the 25 man roster.

Dan, I agree about the 3 or 4 weak link comment. We need fielders that can both hit and field well. I prefer a lineup that has as few holes for opposing pitchers to capitalize on. Our division has a great deal of depth in pitching. In order for the Tigers to make any progress exploiting anything we are going to have to be really agressive on the basepaths. If we had 300+ hitters up and down the lineup it would naturally put pressure on the defense. If we are truly going to have a attacking offese like Leyland suggests at least we have some good young legs in the Minors.

Test test

@dan – I feel your anxiety about those hitters – but honestly I value defense/pitching more than hitting…so Inge breaks even in my book and 4 that matter I’d rather see Avila behind the plate [over Martinez + capable bat @ DH].

But Peralta needs to hit better than .250 with a .320 onbase% …as like an X factor; I believe he can and will do that (e.g. career stats suggest so) but so far he’s been struggling with the bat.

He did have a nice snag to start a double play today however…haha, maybe his defense is getting better :p

Agreed about Inge and Peralta. Although I think if Inge can hit 240-250 and hit 20 homers fine. Peralta is the one who has surprised me this spring and not in a good way

Inge looked incredibly tan today….although I’m sure he’s ready to be stopping by the A&W soon (i.e. home)

I almost started crying thinking the blog went down. We buried my mother yesterday. It was very peaceful and we are all relieved.
But now, we are back online. Loved to see Victor show some passion. A little temper.
And, spell check. Wonderful!


I like that your on wordpress now! It’s an awesome system I use it for my blog, Can’t wait for baseball!!!

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