Zumaya, Guillen formally ruled out for opener

Not breaking news by any stretch, long suspected, but now pretty much official: Joel Zumaya and Carlos Guillen will not be ready for Opening Day. Manager Jim Leyland made that announcement this morning.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Guillen confirmed his left knee has been sore for the past few days. It was better today, but still not completely clear. There was something going on in the back of his leg, he said, but it wasn’t the knee injury.

Zumaya said Tuesday morning that he’s feeling improvement in his elbow. Still, they’re most likely going to give him to full the full two weeks before trying to get him throwing again.

Both Zumaya and Guillen will stay back here after the Tigers head north. They’ll be part of extended Spring Training and open the season on the disabled list.

By stating the expected now rather than later, the Tigers not only end the speculation, they head off any risk of one of them trying to rush back to action and re-injuring himself. Neither of them sounded likely to rush, having been through enough injuries and re-injuries the last few years to know better.


Seriously gets on my nerves everyone and their brother hits matsusaka, the Tigers are always stymied by him. I just don’t get it????? I wish somebody could explain that to me, is it the same weakness we have towards the AAA call up when we face them?

Another hitting onslaught by those tigers hitters? And let’s face it not the elite Boston pitching. Pitching by tigers good. But my lord the hitting has a lot to be desired.

Well, it sounded like he brought his A game to Joker Marchant today. We have one of our own “aces” who has had a less than stellar spring.
The regulars weren’t in for the entire game as Jim is still looking at position players and pitchers. I think we’ll be OK.
It seems like every time Justin pitches, the opposing pitcher upgrades his game. It’s still early.

Perhaps we’ll see Carlos and Zoom later down the stretch. I hope both of them can regain their health.

Get used to life without Zumaya and Guillen.
You can hope forever at contriving the perfect team but it will never happen. If Guillen plays he is a DH, he is not a position player at this stage of his career. And there are better DH types around than Carlos. We may have to simply accept that this is the end for him. You can’t keep revising parameters to allow him to play in the field. He is not a shortstop, nor is he an 3B, LF or 2B—not to mention the ill-fated attempt at first.
Zumaya was a lightening bolt who threw with such mechanical excess and carelessness that he was an injury waiting to happen. Management has known this and have attempted to compensate by the signings of Valverde and Benoit–they see the writing on the wall.
Zumaya may have rewritten the book on closing. Guillen was always a better than average all around player. But—we must get used to the evolutiion of the Tigers as we have alwlays had to in the past.
I think we will see the trading of Boesch or thojas or Wells or Stieby this spring. My guess is that Thomas will attract the most attention because of his defense and LHB–good for us because Boesch could develop into a gem that would haunt us much more if he were to be traded. Strieby has little future in the organization. Wells has more going for him in terms of his skill set.
Iorg is the ShortStop of the future, not Worth.
Too bad about Jeremy Bonderman. Baseball careers have to be cultivated and not taken for granted. Not saying his unusual physical problem is a result of that but I am saying this guy had major talent and minor pitching intellect. Who knows what might have happened if he had taken the time to learn a 3rd pitch.
Kudos to Rick Porcello for recognizing the brilliance of Roy Halliday. He (Rick) is a keeper.

While it’s nice to be down here enjoying baseball in this beautiful weather, I’ll have to confess that these games are dull. I like a good pitcher’s duel but that’s not what we’re seeing here. We’re unable to hit anybody.
Record crowd today over 10,000, which I can do without. It didn’t cause us any problems but that’s only because we know where the best restrooms and exit roads are. 🙂
Cabrera’s homer couldn’t be described as majestic because the dude ripped that sucker. He got all of that one. What a hitter.
The Tigers will need to snap out of this hitting funk soon or it will carry over into the regular season. Today, Jackson and Raburn both made first pitch outs which left Maggs to take some pitches so Verlander didn’t have to go back out there so quickly. We need to form some better hitting habits going forward here.
Three members of the 1984 Tigers threw out the first pitch. Rod Allen and Tom Brookens we see all the time, of course, but it was good to see Larry Herndon again. Larry is a very good guy.

Hitters are more like the kittens and not the fierce TIGERS! But I agree Rich they had better get it going! Dickerson and Price were saying that this has been very unusual that we haven’t had any big scores, typically you have some blowouts! And they are surprised how the bats haven’t got it going yet, and they are saying they had better get it going. Again does this go back to the hitting coach. Bad approaches consistently throughout the years!
On a different note, I was watching MLB tonight and they had there rookie of the year watch, and our very own Casper Wells was on their list.

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