Schlereth to return with an inning today

Daniel Schlereth sounded Saturday morning like somebody who had just been released from the hospital.

“It’ll be nice to get out there [on the mound] and stop sitting in the training room for five hours a day,” Schlereth said.
Saturday will mark Schlereth’s first outing since Feb. 28, when he strained his left hamstring trying to cover first base. He has kept his arm in throwing shape since, but he had to show he could move at a reasonable speed if he has to get off the mound and either field a ground ball or cover first base.
“I know I can get to the bag if I need to,” Schlereth said. “Should be all go.”
Schlereth is scheduled to pitch an inning Saturday. With about 2 1/2 weeks left in camp, he should have enough time to stretch out his arm and make a case for a spot in the Tigers bullpen.


Through 6 innings, pretty weak at bats by the Tigers again. Toronto minor leaguers definitely had the better ab’s today. Penny got a little lucky it sounded like in the fact that balls were hit hard against him yet right at people. He was unlucky in the fact that if it weren’t for a passed ball and an error they wouldn’t have scored upon him at all.
I say it every day but these bats have to start picking it up a lot. It is getting to the point in spring training I would expect a bit more out of the regulars.
Rich you were there I think, what were your impressions?


Runners left on in scoring position???? God grief. Somethings never change!?!?

I thought Clete Thomas had the play of the day when he hustled down to second and forced a high throw on a Toronto DP attempt. Instead of an inning ending DP, we scored the tying run on the play. That’s the inner game that is so important.
Don Kelly played three positions in three innings. Gotta love it.
Schlereth looked pretty good. Alburquerque had an interesting 9th, mixing a 94 mph fastball (on the ballpark gun) with some 86 mph slop, most for strikes. I don’t know how that would play with big league hitters, but it was intriguing. Penny didn’t look sharp but he was that close to pitching five scoreless innings.
Boesch is stinging the ball today.
We saw Austin Jackson get turned around on a drive hit directly over his head. Tough play, but it was surprising to see him not get it. He’s set the bar pretty high for himself. Darned good kid.
Peralta had two nice hits and got himself picked off secondbase on the “daylight” play. Wake up, Jhonny, DST doesn’t start till tomorrow. 🙂
GK, I thought the Tiger hitters were overly patient early on, but began to make some noise when they became more aggressive. Nothing looks worse than making an easy out on the first pitch but you also have to go up there ready to swing. The hitting pros and cons also always have to take the opposing pitcher into account, since they use so many in ST.
I hope I can come away with a solid opinion on the club after seeing them through the end of next week, but I’m not sure that will happen.

It must be nice….is all I can say:). Good report, Rich. Are you close enough to hear the players talking? Close enough before the game to get an autograph? Close enough to say, Hi? Close enough to yell at Leland?
It went back to being winter today. Ugh!
Jim is making up his mind who is going to be on that roster. Wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now.

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