No firm decision yet on Guillen return

One of the questions that came up in manager Jim Leyland’s session this morning was whether he hoped to have Carlos Guillen in games next week. Next Tuesday will mark the two-week mark for what’s left of Spring Training.

Leyland was noncommittal at this point.
“Can’t answer that just yet,” Leyland said. “I mean, there will be a point that you reach where you say, ‘Well, he can be ready or he won’t be ready.’ But I’m not sure exactly what that is. We’ll come up with some time frame.”
Leyland said they have a plan ready to get him as many at-bats as possible if and when he’s ready. Since he likely won’t be able to play the field for several days in a row starting out, they’ll have days set up when he can serve as the designated hitter in minor-league spring games.
Guillen was markedly upbeat this morning, so if he’s lagging in his comeback, he isn’t showing it. He ran the bases successfully Tuesday and will likely do that a couple more times this week.


Carkloi, Magglio, Victor, class.
When is MCab gonna learn? He obviously has a great deal of difficulty reconciling his personal, his real and his professional lives.
A shame.
The guy has some real demons that he needs to expel. It is incumbent on the Tigers to help him with this. He has a good personality, is well liked and is an incredible talent. Fix him. You owe to to the team, the fans and to him as well.

Oops–meant Carlos not Carkloi!!!!!!!

Not saying it didn’t happen, ( it probably did) but I find it weird that this comes out many weeks after is was said to have happened?

agreed, those 3 fellas seem to have solid lives outside of baseball, at least their actions seem to imply that. Just wish Cabby can learn from them, you would think it would be natural for that to happen with them spending so much time together during the season, but maybe the problem was when after the season ended and everyone went home for a few months of normal that Cabby’s old normal returned.

who knows – Carlos – still your number one fan and hope you can be a good dh for us. I know you want to play the field though and your baseball smarts in the field would be tremendous but your body just doesn’t want to work for you anymore. Keep that good switch hitting bat in your hand for the whole season, don’t try to steal any bases, and let’s have a terrific season.

Actually, Carlos was run out of Seattle over a drunk driving convicton–that was a big part of why they let him go that cheap.

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