Leyland: Cabrera getting into baseball shape

The off-field stuff with Miguel Cabrera is obviously in the headlines, from the just-released investigative report to the news that he and the Tigers have agreed on a companion during the season to help him through his program. Meanwhile, on the field, Cabrera singled — an opposite-field line drive — and scored in Wednesday’s loss to the Phillies, but stands at 4-for-23 so far this spring. He has had some solidly-hit drives to right field that have been caught.
Before Wednesday’s game, manager Jim Leyland said Cabrera is still getting into baseball shape, and it’s going to take some time for him to get there.
“I think what I’ve seen in his at-bats is what I normally see,” Leyland said, “except he’s not ready. He’s still in the process of getting himself in baseball shape.”
When Leyland was asked when he’ll know Cabrera has gotten to that point, Leyland said, “I would say probably real late in the spring, he’ll be right on queue.”
Cabrera has gotten a pretty steady diet of at-bats since beginning game action last week. He is not on the travel roster for Thursday night’s game against the Marlins in Jupiter, but he is scheduled to make the trip there for a Friday afternoon game against the Cardinals.


“steady diet” is the key phrase there, Jason. Put him on a diet, Jim, and run his butt off to sweat and get that poison and fat out of his system. Get him addicted to exercise.

I am just so sad for Cabrera, he obviously has some deep issues and unhappiness in his life if these accounts are accurate. I think we all know it isn’t just that he is a party boy getting his drink on. I obviously don’t know him, but I just feel like I am looking at a little boy in a big man’s body who can’t seem to find his way. That makes me sad for anyone like that. I hope his companion for the season is good for him – wouldn’t that be a different job?

Enough about this – come on season, I am ready for you and the warmer weather that should accompany you!

I wish he’d plead guilty and admit he’s an alcoholic. He’s dangerous when he drinks not only to himself but to others. This is a person who should never let another drop of alcohol enter his body.

Kinda neat that Fu Te Ni has hung in there after being passed off as chopped liver. He is throwing well and there is something about him that is good.
Man it is hard to stay away from this MCab thing. I am starting to wonder if it is actually a good idea to stick with him or actually entertain trade offers. It might be better for him to undergo a change and obviously the Tigers could end up with several high qualiaty players and prospects.
One positive to glean from all this stuff that has happened this year and in 09. MCab has never really been downright violent. He has engaged in very agressive talk but when the feces hit the fan he has not gone over the top. I’m looking for positives here. I hope things work out well for him and his team, but Illitch should not tolerate this any further.
Zumaya’s absence means Gonzlaez and Ni have a slight chance to make the roster. I don’t think Oliver or Furbush will ride the pine here. Better off they get the work on the farm.
This whole affair with Miguel has made me wonder how much of team player he really is. I’m thinking that he may be too self-absorbed to really understand the concept. There I go again, it’s hard to keep away from this devastating event.
No way Caper wells makes this team—he is a RHB and they need a LHB very badly. Boesch would seem to have the inside track.
Trade winds blow for Wells and Thomas.

Well, the latest on Cabrera is of course just further details on the same event, an event that still carries the same bottom line: this man should never ever drink. That’s all there is to it. At this point, I’m drawing a comparison to something that’s drawing a lot of coverage here because the person involved is local. Brendan Merriweather of the Patriots was involved in a shooting and the victims may be claiming that he was the shooter. At least Miguel only threatens to shoot people without having a gun, which makes him not only a mean drunk but a very stupid one. I can’t fathom that one.
These kinds of things have happened plenty over the years but the electronic media magnifies it. Seeing the police video on line would have been unheard of just a few years ago. I’m reminded of Ed Delahanty, a star ballplayer at the turn of the last century. Ed got drunk on a train near the Canadian border and become so disruptive that the conductor put him off the train, a common solution in those days. The last anyone saw of Delahanty, he was walking across the railroad bridge. His body was found days later down below Niagara Falls. He had fallen, jumped, or been the victim of foul play. Think of the media coverage that would create today. There would have been security video of him on the bridge, the conductor would have been skewered, and there would be outcries for change in railroad procedures, along with a month of coverage from ET and all the Enquirer type publications.
The comments from the officers on “celebrities” they had busted were laughable. Molly Hatchet?

This really for the most part isn’t new information. Espn and others are unfortunately treating it like it is, my guess to just get more hits and ratings for tv shows. Now let me preface what I am going to say next by I in no way shape or form approve of what he did. Like Rich said this is a man however you want to label him should not drink.
I really have been disturbed by the coverage of this matter. Most probably don’t even know that Miguel was 1 of 4 MLB players arrested for the very same thing in the last few months. Whether Miguel is a bigger star or whatever you would expect a little air time on these other players. One of them actually said like Miguel “do you know who I am?”. Miguel has been crucified for saying that. I have not seen their mugshots on tv or the Internet. I have not heard ex- ball players and analyst putting in their two cents on their diagnosis and that they are alcoholics and should be put in rehab. Heck yesterday espn had the article up all day about Cabrera and these supposed latest revelations at the restaurant but in the evening rehashed the same article with a new headline that read something like Carbrera out of lineup after new allegations! Instead of using their brains seeing that the game was 3 hours away and that the big guys usually wouldn’t make that bus trip especially when the have another game at one. But the insinuations were there. And yes I question this restaurant issue, seems a little suspicious to me that it came out 4 weeks later. Not say it didn’t happen but it just makes me wonder?
Anyway that’s my two cents

Leland finally steps up to the plate and silences the media. Good for him!
Bet Rich is enjoying this game. A full house, according to the commentators. The weather has been wonderful during this spring training but we are having a bit of spring weather here in MI. Blue sky, breezy and just a little cool. Feels like spring, though.

I’m not at today’s game, Pup, we didn’t make the trip down to Jupiter. We will be at Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday games, all in Lakeland.
One last thought on Cabrera before I drop it again: I’m among those who think the officers acted in an unprofessional manner and they may have damaged the case for the prosecution.
I wonder why Clete Thomas’s name is missing from so many discussions of who makes the team. Is he a lock already? Strangely, I have more time to follow Tiger doings when I’m at home rather than down here.

I listened to the game today while I was working, it was the cardinals broadcasters. It sounded like Miggy had a better day at he plate – Magglio not so much, before he was hurt, he was squaring up the ball a bit, he has been miserable since his return. The pitchers, (at least ones we will be counting on) were pretty good today. Ryan had a bad day, but to be honest, I turned it off the radio and was watching CNN and some news regarding that horrific tragedy in Japan. The cardinals pitchers were having a hard time throwing strikes so I think it was hard to dig in and really hit. Something like 15 walks they issued. Although the broadcasters seemed to think that there was a tilted strike zone that favored the tigers pitchers, and commented several times how pitchers were being called strikes for us and not for them. They also complained quite a bit on how slow Benoit was. It was a very slow inning. But the bats picked up a bit for Miguel, hopefully that continues and no we just need to get Magglio going,

Rich I actually think Clete is probably a front runner, Dickerson and Price were also going that way, but thinking we were becoming left handed heavy! Can you imagine that, it used to be the opposite!

I was hoping Danny Worth would get a hit today. He hit two of them pretty good, but they got caught.
My gosh, we have so many players jockeying for a position. Seems like it’s been years since we had so many on the farm almost ready or ready for the show. There have been a few rumors of a possible trade. I’ll believe that when I see it. Jim seems to be giving all the guys an opportunity to show what they’ve got.
Yea, the announcers did nothing but complain about the pitching zone. They were respectful when Miggy came to bat and only talked about what a great hitter he is….and he showed it today.

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