Zumaya relieved, also a little concerned

Just talked with Joel Zumaya, who said he’s in relatively good spirits after the diagnosis from Dr. James Andrews yesterday in Birmingham, Ala. He’s relieved that there was no structural damage found after an MRI, a dye injection, a CAT scan and x-rays. But he admitted there “some concern” that they haven’t been able to pinpoint what’s causing the inflammation in his elbow.

“We’re still trying to trigger what’s causing it,” Zumaya said this morning. “Initially, they thought it was scar tissue.”

Part of the problem figuring it out is that they need to get the swelling down more.

The timetable is a little longer than what was initially reported. Zumaya said he was advised not to throw for two weeks, which he’ll follow. He’s going on a strengthening program for the next couple weeks, and they’ll check him out after that. If he’s still having problems, they’re going to go back.

What that means for his readiness for Opening Day, while nothing official, obviously isn’t good.

“I don’t really know, man,” he said. “It’s already seeming to me like I’m not going to be there.”

But if he has to miss the first couple weeks or so to get his arm right and give himself the best chance at pitching the rest of the season, he’ll take it.

“I’m not even worried about it. It could be a lot worse,” Zumaya said. “I could be ticked off. I could be not talking to you guys. But I’m really positive. They say it’s a little hump you have to get over.”

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The game isn’t even on radio. Darn. Have to watch gameday. The Marlins are supposed to have a good team.

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