Zumaya checks out OK, rest another week

An examination from Dr. James Andrews found no major tructural damage in Joel Zumaya’s right elbow, bringing no doubt a sigh of relief from the Tigers reliever. The recommendation was at least another week without throwing in order to strengthen the arm.

The results reinforce the initial results taken last week, after scar tissue broke apart from the surgically repaired area of the elbow. What was expected to be a few days of rest has now gone more than a week, as inflammation hasn’t completely gone away. Zumaya won’t be cleared to throw until he’s completely pain free.


We got blessed on this one. Take care, Joel.

Good news indeed! Like I said yesterday, he is a guy with incredible talent, and really has had the oddest injuries? You just gotta root for him to stay healthy! It has got to wear on his psyche.

It is a shame about Zoom. He is one of those characters that come along only once in a while and you have to wonder “What If?” with him.
It is with great regret that I say it may be best for fans, and perhaps for Joel too), not to place too mamy expectations on recovery and return to form.

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