Monday: Tigers at Mets

I’m back in Lakeland today, but the Tigers are on the road at Port St. Lucie to meet the Mets. Magglio Ordonez and Brennan Boesch are not on the trip, held back another day with a sore hamstring and back respectively. They worked out with the rest of the non-traveling team Monday morning.

I wouldn’t take their absence as any sign it’s more serious. The Tigers are like a lot of teams on this: When there’s any sort of nagging injury, it doesn’t make sense to put a player on a bus for close to three hours one way. It certainly won’t help the injury.

Interestingly, Don Kelly gets the start at second base today. Both Will Rhymes and Scott Sizemore are back here in Lakeland working out this morning.


  1. Clete Thomas, RF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Brandon Inge, 3B
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Don Kelly, 2B
  8. Casper Wells, CF
  9. Scott Thorman, 1B

P: Brad Penny


Penny looked pretty good today. At least today it looks like JV jr. A guy that that foul a lot of pitches off. Feel good about it so far. But I promise you this if Andy Dirks wasn’t hitting the Tigers wouldn’t be scoring any runs. He is the only one that is hitting, a lot more weak outs?

Penny looked pretty good today. At least today it looks like JV jr. A guy that that they foul a lot of pitches off. Feel good about it so far. But I promise you this if Andy Dirks wasn’t hitting the Tigers wouldn’t be scoring any runs. He is the only one that is hitting, a lot more weak outs today?!?!?!?

Would have been interesting if they didn’t show the trust in Raburn with his winter contract. His lack of self confidence (at least for MLB’ers!!) no doubt would have played on him leading to another slow start.
Have to say the offensive depth looks the best for many years.
Can’t help feeling we are one reserve SP short before having to turn to the young guns sometime during the season. No doubt an opportunity will present itself when rosters are being cut and players are out of options
I am really feeling for Zoom – Kornacki’s article in MLive does not look good.

Ya Dave, I read the Zumaya article as well. I just feel so bad for him, he just can’t seem to catch a break. Now hopefully this s jstvwhat they think which is scar tissue falling off. I always root for him, I don’t know how you can’t?!? I was at the game in Minnesota last year when he was hurt. We won that game and were in 1st place after that win. A lotwent downhill fast after that game. It was a domino effect after that!

Zach Miner would look good about now, right Dave? I think we’re pitching thin. Zumaya was never really an option in my mind and we’ll need spot starts even without injuries. This is the potential achilles heel of the club this year. I think we can absorb injuries to many of our position players. Surprisingly, we’re suddenly strong in that area. By the way, my best starting lineup has Victor catching, Guillen at DH, and Rhymes at second.
I’m looking forward to seeing Jake Wood on Wednesday. I remember his rookie season well, and was too young and dumb at the time to realize he was a pioneer for the Detroit club. I think the last time I saw Jake in person was probably in May of 1965 when he started a game at firstbase in place of a slumping Norm Cash.
We’ll be at the next seven games in Lakeland.

Seven days of heaven, Rich. Can only listen to the radio broadcast since we won’t have another game televised til March 16th. It’s been alot of fun watching the young kids play this year. Some of them are going to be terribly disappointed. I wouldn’t want to be in Leland’s shoes when he has to make the cuts. Millions of guys play Independent ball for years or linger in A or AA for years and that’s it. At least in Toledo, they have a fan base and have favorite players, but for the players it probably feels like a crumb when you want the whole cookie.

Jason, I enjoyed your story on Jake Wood. I’ll copy what you said Rich. I was too young to understand and appreciate what players like Jake Wood meant to the game. What they had to go through. What struck me is that his last year playing was 1967, so he missed being on the World Champion Tigers by one fateful year. Very sad. And I cannot believe that he has never been to a World Series game. That’s really sad. I have to ask, why? He sure looks great in the picture. If I didn’t know I’d guess 62, 63. Jake Wood, there’s a Tiger baseball name from the past.
So Rich, you’re going to have to make the effort to meet him. I would think he would be pleased with the recognition and would be available for some handshaking.

I remember Jake Wood. That article brought tears to my eyes to think in the 60’s the players had to go through that. I remember Jake Wood being fast and if the Tigers were behind and needed a lift, we’d be yelling “put Jake Wood in.”

The Tigs are doing another class act with the 75th celebrations and have to encore the thanks to Jason for the side interviews and articles.
Can’t agree more Rich about a Miner needed in the wings, heck the thought of Brad Thomas for long relief is average at best. Going to 7 games required 7 long articles and we will all be counting.
Under a month to season start always max’s the positive vibes. I just hope the aligning planets don’t end with the SOC’s extension sometime in June.

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